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Grandma's house


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Contemporary Literature year four, poems taken from Anthology of Poems year four kssr

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Grandma's house

  1. 1. Contemporary Literature Year Four Anthology of Poems Suggested Activities and Worksheets By: Asmah Hanim Che Ani SISC+ Perlis Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Perlis.
  2. 2. Anthology of Poems Year Four No. Poems title Duration 1. At the Playground 2 weeks 2. Clap Your Hands 2 weeks 3. Woodpecker 2 weeks 4. Holiday Memories 3 weeks 5. Sand Castle 2 weeks 6. Grandma’s House 2 weeks 7. Noisy Food 2 weeks 8. Sounds Like Magic 2 weeks Total weeks 17 weeks
  3. 3. Grandma’s House Suggested Activities Week 1  About the poem.  Pupils play ‘I Spy Rhyme’ by spotting words that have the same ending sound. Teacher can use whole class approach, groups or individual.  Pupils pick 3 stanzas and recite in groups with actions. Week 2  About the poem.  In groups, pupils make a model of grandma’s house using modelling clay and label the items.  In groups, pupils recite jazz chants.
  4. 4. Day: ____________ Date: _____________ Grandma’s House Can you find words in the poem that end with the same sound? Group the words in the boxes below. Enrichment activity: What are other words that rhyme similarly? Group them! Day: ____________ Date: _____________ Grandma’s House Recite this jazz chants with your friends. Be creative with the gestures. ds ds ds ds
  5. 5. Bedroom, hall, Bedroom, hall, Bedroom, hall, kitchen Kitchen, hall, kitchen, hall Bedroom, hall, kitchen Grandma’s house, Grandma’s house, Very small, Small house, small house Pretty small house