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Fall 2012 newsletter final

  1. 1. UPCOMING PROGRAMS FALL 2012Wine + Art Holiday Party: Thai Handicrafts. December 6, 2012Young Professionals Group: “Asia Creative Collective Trunk Show.” December 12, 2012Film Screening/Discussion: “The Revolutionary.” With Sidney Rittenberg. Feburary 3, 2013PCSI Annual Forum: “Tomorrow’s City Today.” February 18-20, 2013 (Hong Kong)Meet the Author: Gretel Ehrlich, Facing the Wave: A Journey in the Wake of the Tsunami.February 22, 2013Policy: “A Regional Path to Peace: Two Koreas and Northeast Asia in a Time of Transition.”February/March 2013California and China, A Long Time ComingAn Asia Society Special Report A new Asia Society/ former U.S. Secretary of Commerce. Both events Rhodium Group re- featured a range of leading experts in the business port entitled Chinese and policy community who gathered to discuss the Direct Investment in report’s findings and recommendations, as well as California finds that assess what needs to be done to create a more open Northern California has attract- investment climate in California and in the United ed more Chinese in- States more broadly. vestment deals than any other U.S. state, but remains fifth in A Chinese-language version of the report was also released at events in China: on November 15 in California the nation in total in- vestment value. Neg- partnership with the American Chamber of Com- merce in Shanghai and in Beijing on November 16 Center ligible before 2008, in partnership with Caixin Media Group. The eventsChinese investment in the state is growing at triple- brought together leading business and policy lead-digit levels and could reach $60 billion by 2020, ers from the U.S. with their counterparts in Chinabut only if the state and private sector do a better to discuss the myths and realities of investing in the Newsletterjob working together to attract Chinese capital. The U.S. and California at a time of growing competitionreport was launched at a series of conferences in between the two countries. 500 Washington StreetCalifornia and in China this fall: on October 10 in Suite 350San Francisco and October 11 in Los Angeles; and The report is sponsored by Silicon Valley Bank, San Francisco, CAon November 15 in Shanghai and November 16 in Wells Fargo, Citibank, New Enterprise Associates, 94111Beijing. USC Marshall School of Business, and through the support of Jack Wadsworth. For more information Phone: (415) 421-8707The new report is the most comprehensive study to and to download a copy of the report, visit Fax: (415) 421-2465date of Chinese investment in the Golden State and AsiaSociety.org/ChinaCAInvestment.in the U.S. overall. It finds that the potential gainsfor California and China are enormous but that suc-cess is far from guaranteed. U.S.-China relationsremain tense and protectionism is a serious threat.At the state level, California has had a mixed recordof promoting its economic strengths. The report ASIA SOCIETYurges policy and business leaders in the state to WORLDWIDE H O N G KO N Gstep up their efforts to attract Chinese investment, HOUSTONand out-compete other states and nations making LO S A N G E L E Ssimilar efforts. MANILA MUMBAI NEW YORKThe San Francisco conference featured a keynote SAN FRANCISCOspeech by San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee. In Los An- SEOULgeles, the keynote was delivered by Michael Kantor, SHANGHAI SYDNEY WASHINGTON, D.C.
  2. 2. 2 News from the Center Asia Society Northern California News Fall 2012ASNC Expanding Programming Footprint Abroad For the past five years, ASNC has pro- Kong. This will be PCSI’s fourth year. The forum, “Tomorrow’s City duced at least one program in Asia annu- Today,” will be an invitation-only event bringing together leading ally. This year, we will be producing three. urban sustainability experts from the U.S. and across Asia. The The first two programs in Asia complete forum will be co-produced by the Urban Land Institute, a multi- the rollout of our report on Chinese di- disciplinary land-use forum based in Washington, D.C. and with rect investment in California, produced offices around the U.S., Asia, and Europe. by Asia Society Northern California in partnership with the Southern Califor- These programs place new demands on our small but dedicated nia Center. By the time this edition of staff, and underscore the dramatic impact that the Northern our newsletter reaches your mailbox, California Center is having in so many areas. we will have launched the report at conferences in Shanghai on November Even as ASNC expands its Asia presence, we will continue to 15 and in Beijing on November 16. strengthen our local programming exploring the politics, art, food, and culture of Asia and Asian America. The support of our membersThe Shanghai conference is the latest in a series of events co- and the Bay Area community makes all of this possible.hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, withwhom ASNC has a strong and growing relationship. A number ofNorthern California Advisory Board members participated in theseconferences, including Co-Chairman Jack Wadsworth, OrvilleSchell (Director, Asia Society Center on U.S.-China Relations), GaryRieschel (Founder and Managing Director, Qiming Ventures), andKen Wilcox (Chairman, Silicon Valley Bank). Rieschel and Wilcoxboth live in Shanghai and provide us with a strong link to China.In February, we will take our Pacific Cities Sustainability Initiative N. Bruce Pickering(PCSI) offshore to our beautiful new Asia Society center in Hong Vice President for Global Programs & Executive DirectorChairmen’s CornerAsia Society Northern California has grown substantially in the Society’s policy-related projects in the last several years. Pleasenine years that we have served as Co-Chairs. The ingredients for welcome him and congratulate Bruce and Wendy the next time yougrowth—an active board, community support and leadership, as attend an Asia Society event!well as capable development and program teams—have created astrong presence for Asia Society in Northern California and beyond.The Northern California Center now routinely assists with programsoutside of the region—including major conferences and workshopsin China and Hong Kong. Chong-Moon Lee & John S. Wadsworth, Jr.This evolving role for our Center has challenged the small staff, Co-Chairmen of the ASNC Advisory Boardbut has also created significant opportunities. In light of this, weare pleased to announce that Executive Director, Bruce Pickering,and Development Director, Wendy Soone-Broder, have both beenpromoted to global positions at the Asia Society. Bruce now servesas Vice President of Global Programs and Wendy as Director of Follow ASNC OnlineGlobal Corporate Relations and Strategic Partnerships. Both willcontinue to focus on growing the Northern California Center, while asiasociety.org/northerncaliforniapursuing global assignments. asiasocietync.blogspot.comTo assist in leading the Center, Robert W. Hsu has been appointedAssociate Director. Robert, a native of San Francisco, spent four @asiasocietysfyears at Asia Society’s headquarters in New York as AssistantDirector of Global Policy Programs, where he oversaw many of the facebook.com/asiasocietync
  3. 3. Program Highlights 3 Asia Society Northern California News Fall 2012Pacific Cities Sustainability Initiative PCSI is additionally heading to Asia for the first time. ULI will play a major role in PCSI’s first Annual Forum, which will be held in Hong Kong on February 18-20, 2013. Entitled “Tomorrow’s City Today,” The Forum will host 50 to 60 leaders from various cities throughout Asia and North America. Delegations from each city will present case studies identifying their challenges, attempted solutions, and areas for assistance. The conference will explore features of a livable city – including sustainable transportation, technological innovations impacting urban life, and a triple bottom line investigation of urban sustainability (incorporating social, environmental, and economic perspectives). The Forum will take place at the Asia Society’s new complex in the heart of downtownThe Hong Kong skyline (Photo: Flickr) Hong Kong.The Asia Society’s Pacific Cities Sustainability Initiative is PCSI’s guiding principles are to showcase and share solutionsexpanding and moving forward! We are excited to announce a emphasizing livability for urban citizens, to ensure today’s andformal partnership with the Urban Land Institute (ULI), a major tomorrow’s cities are designed, built, and governed around theplayer in the field of real estate and land use policy with extensive needs of all their inhabitants. The Forum will connect globalexperience in issues surrounding urbanization, conservation, and leaders from academia, government, business, and civil societysustainable development. ULI brings a deep knowledge base and in to foster dialogue and share best practices in addressing urbanan extensive network of new contacts. We look forward to a fruitful sustainability challenges around the Pacific Rim.collaboration.Asian America Now Programs Look at the 2012 Electionsand Community GivingAsian Americans are the fastest growing minority group in the among first-generation Asian Americans in particular is oftencountry and now comprise almost 6% of the U.S. population. private, through family, fraternal organizations, and home-countryDespite its growth, how much political influence does the communities, and not reported to government or tax authorities.community really have? Are Asian American social norms different There is relatively less giving to large, established non-profits likefrom other minority groups, particularly with regards to community the United Way, though that is changing rapidly among American-engagement and philanthropic giving? Can the diverse range of born Asians. It is clear, however, that there is a significant “gettingAsian American communities be seen as a single entity, one with gap,” where Asian American communities benefit from only a tinyits own distinct interests? share of community grants and services.To explore these questions, ASNC organized two events in October The Asian America Now program series is a key program priorityas part of our continuing Asian America Now program series. for ASNC. It provides an open forum to explore the latest trends,On October 24, ASNC convened a panel of leading academics, issues, and debates facing the Asian American community today,writers, and activists to look at the political influence of Asians and topics span arts and culture, business, politics, and society.and to assess whether this year’s Presidential candidates were Southwest Airlines is the official sponsor of the series.adequately addressing community needs. Panelists stronglyagreed that neither the Romney or Obama campaigns were doingso.However, the problem isn’t simply that the campaigns wereignoring or taking for granted the Asian American vote. A significantchallenge has been the community’s diversity. While survey datashows broad agreement among Asian Americans on a number ofkey issues, many Asian Americans do not even label themselves“Asian American,” regarding national origin as more important.On October 30, leading foundation and fundraising expertsgathered to discuss new trends in Asian American philanthropy Panelists discuss Asian Americans and the U.S. Presidential election.and whether there is a “giving gap,” where the community is (Photo: Asia Society)giving less than it could or should. Panelists noted that giving
  4. 4. 4 Program Highlights Asia Society Northern California News Fall 2012Lucky Miracle: Burmese FlavorsNaomi Duguid and Alex Ong discuss the evening’s menu. (Photo: Carolyn Dawei Fish Soup from Duguid’s new book, Burma: Rivers of Flavor. (Photo:Jung/FoodGal.com) Asia Society)It is often said that the best way to learn about another culture is through its cuisine. After traveling across Burma and sampling its food andfoodways for more than 20 years, James Beard Award-winning writer Naomi Duguid has gathered her favorite recipes, memories, and photosof the country featured in her newest book, Burma: Rivers of Flavor. On September 25, Duguid with Alex Ong, ASNC board member andExecutive Chef of Betelnut Peiju Wu, came together in partnership with ASNC to host a one-of-a kind intimate dinner and conversation atBetelnut Restaurant, the latest in the Asia Society’s popular Off the Menu series on Asian culture and cuisine.Exporting California Wines to ChinaA guest enjoys the evening’s wine selection. (Photo: Carl Sturgess) Experts talk about their wine business. (Photo: Carl Sturgess)On September 27, Asia Society Northern California hosted a program at the famed Ferry Building examining the challenges and rewards ofexporting California wines to China. Moderated by Tempe Reichardt, founder and CEO of The California Place, the panel featured Jay Behmke,Managing Director of Yao Family Wines (Yao Ming’s Napa winery); Mark Bright, Partner and Sommelier of Saison; Jack Duan, founder andCEO of Gliding Eagle; David Duckhorn, President of Via Pacifica Selections; and Loren Trefethen of Trefethen Family Vineyards. Followingthe discussion, guests enjoyed a wine reception featuring selections from the panelists’ cellars, as well as a Cowgirl Creamery cheese boardprovided by the evening’s host and sponsor, Coblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass LLC.
  5. 5. Upcoming Programs 5 Asia Society Northern California News Fall 2012ASNC Young Professionals Film Screening: The Lady. Asia Society Northern California’s Young Professionals Group (YPG) continued its programming series with two events in the spring and summer. April featured a screening of film director Luc Besson’s The Lady, a biopic about Burmese activist and chairperson of the National League for Democracy, Aung San Suu Kyi. Co-hosted by the Red Lantern Asian Cinephiles, attendees enjoyed happy hour at the Pig & Whistle pub before heading to the historic Bridge Theater. Thursday Night at the Asian Art Museum. In July, the YPG hosted upwards of 70 guests for an evening of wine, hors d’oevres, and conversation at the Asian Art Museum. Following a reception in the museum’s beautifully appointed Peterson Room, attendees What’s Next? Following the departure of some key Council Leaders were able to tour the featured Phantoms of Asia exhibition. of the YPG to pursue job opportunities and MBA’s outside the Bay Area, the group held a recruitment meeting to bring interested Winter Trunk Show. Mark your calendars for December 12th, as members onto the Leadership Council. The new team held its first the YPG will host its first-ever trunk show at the B. Mori & Co. planning meeting this fall, putting several events on the calendar showroom in the SOMA district of San Francisco. Featuring indie for the coming year. Keep an eye out for a New Year’s cocktail, designers from Shanghai and San Francisco, the event celebrates speed networking, Asian Food truck fest, film sneak peeks, and the 30-year SF/Shanghai Sister City relationship. Perfectly timed an Asian beer tasting event in 2013! for holiday shopping, the event will also raise funds for charity.Our Website Has a New Look! ASNC is pleased to launch our new center website with a fresh new design. Please visit us at AsiaSociety.org/Northern-California and tell us what you think!ASNC Welcomes a New Corporate Member!ASNC is delighted that DLA Piper has joined as our newest of both local and internationalCorporate Member. considerations.With 4,200 lawyers in more than 30 countries, and nearly 80 From their 11 offices acrossoffices throughout the Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East Asia Pacific, DLA Piperand the Americas, DLA Piper is a global law firm positioned to provides an extensive rangehelp companies with their legal needs anywhere in the world. of legal and business services to clients operating in the region and around the world. ForIts clients range from multinational, Global 1000 and Fortune more information, please visit www.dlapiper.com.500 enterprises, to emerging companies developing industry-leading technologies. As one of the largest law firms in the For more information about Asia Society Corporateworld, DLA Piper is designed to serve clients wherever they Membership, please contact Kate Ryge (kryge@asiasociety.do business − quickly, efficiently and with genuine knowledge org).
  6. 6. 6 News from the Center Asia Society Northern California News Fall 2012 Meet Our New Staff Robert W. Hsu is Asia Society Northern California’s new Associate Director, where he will oversee program development and planning for the center in the areas of policy, business, art, and culture. In this role, his focus will be to ensure that the center’s activities align with organization’s strategic planning and fundraising goals. Previously, he worked at Asia Society’s headquarters in New York as Assistant Director for Global Policy Programs, where he developed and managed a number of policy initiatives focused on security and development challenges in Asia, including on Afghanistan, Burma, Central Asia, India, Iran, and Pakistan. He also oversaw the department’s environmental sustainability initiatives aimed at seeking regional solutions to address growing water scarcity and food insecurity in Asia. Prior to joining Asia Society, he was Program Coordinator for Global Policy Programs at the United Nations Association of the USA in NewYork, where he coordinated policy projects aimed at strengthening U.S. engagement with the U.N., particularly in peacebuilding andpeacekeeping operations, environmental governance, and U.N. reform. Born and raised in San Francisco, Robert received a Master’sdegree from New York University in Politics and a Bachelor’s degree in History from San Francisco State University. Meet Our InternsAsia Society Northern California is fortunate to have a great team of interns year-round, whose help is invaluable in allowing us tocontinue expanding our reach. Interns at Asia Society take on a wide range of projects, from researching and planning their ownpublic programs, organizing special membership campaigns, and managing our social media strategy. We are pleased to introduceyou to our Fall/Winter 2012 interns: Anna Castagnozzi Bush is a Bay Area native and Catherine Wright received her BA in Sociology graduate of Occidental College. She holds a BA from Georgetown University with Minors in in Diplomacy and World Affairs with a Middle Mandarin and Economics, and focused her East emphasis and a minor in Chinese. She studies on Urban Sociology. For one semester spent time in China as an English teacher and at The Beijing Center, Catherine studied a student of Chinese, and moved to Shanghai Chinese economic reform since 1978, Chinese where she served as Marketing Director for literature, and Chinese political philosophy. the Community Center Shanghai. While at After graduation, she moved to New Orleans to the Center she organized China’s Regional teach English with Teach For America. She is now pursuing herSpelling Bee, in partnership with the EW Scripps Spelling Bee in interests in urban planning and Sino-U.S. relations through herWashington, D.C. She is presently providing marketing, outreach, internship with the ASNC’s Pacific Cities Sustainability Initiative.and research support to ASNC’s Development team. Robin Narciso is originally from Italy but spent Yunee Choi is currently an undergraduate at many years living in Indonesia. He graduated UC Berkeley, pursuing her Bachelors degree in from the University of Venice in 2010 with Political Science with a focus on International a B.A. in East Asian affairs and Japanese Relations and Asian Studies in China and language, and a focus on the discrimination South Korea. She is specifically interested in against Korean migrants to Japan during China’s recent economic development, and WWII. In the U.S., Robin pursued a Master’s how this has paralled Korea’s modernization. degree in International Development with an Yunee joined Asia Society in August 2012 toAsia focus at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, gain a higher-level understanding of business and policy issuesand joined ASNC to promote his further understanding of Asian surrounding China and South Korea.identities and cultures in the U.S. Stella Zhu is originally from China and recently Ruizhi Li is a Master’s student in Asia Pacific graduated from the Monterey Institute of Studies at the University of San Francisco. International Studies, where she earned a Originally from China, she is devoted to master’s in International Environmental Policy learning about Asia from the Western with a concentration in energy and climate perspective as a way to promote cultural change. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in understanding. Through contributing to Asia economics, which she received from Zhejiang Society in the areas of media outreach, event University in China. As a Program Assistant at planning, and research, she is gaining first The Offset Project, she built a strong interest hand non-profit experience. With interests in East Asian cultureand passion for non-profit and program management. She aims and art, Ruizhi also serves as a storyteller at the Asian Artto promote U.S.-Asia relations through her internship at ASNC. Museum of San Francisco.
  7. 7. Asia Society Global Headquarters New York 725 Park Avenue Members Asia Society Northern California News Fall 2012 7 New York, NY 10021 Asia Society is grateful to the following individuals and organizations for their support: Ronnie Chan Henrietta Holsman-Fore Global Corporate Leaders Dianne Feinstein Susy & John S. Wadsworth Kaustav Chaudhuri Lilia Sanchez Co-Chairmen, Asia Society BNY Mellon Four Seasons Hotel San Ruth & Kenneth P Wilcox . Paul Chen Mia Segura Chevron Corporation Francisco Jay Xu & Jennifer Chen Kevin Chiu Joann Sun Tom Nagorski Franklin Templeton Gump’s Richard Yorke & Wendy Jack Duan Ivane Tat Executive Vice President, Investment, Inc Inglenook Vineyard Chan David Duckhorn Charles Thor Asia Society KPMG LLP Julina Togonon Fine Arts Mike Duffy Irene Tieh Morgan Stanley JW Marriott Union Square Sustaining Members Ginny Fang Stanley Truong Sony K&L Gates Louis D. Belden Michael Fernandez Angel Wang Northern California Center C. Richard Kramlich William Fuller Henry Him Phillip Wu Corporate Contributors La Mar Cebichera Joan & Tim Kask James Hong Spencer Yee 500 Washington Street PG&E Hanson Li David W. Lyon Stephen Horowitz Andy Yen Suite 350 Wells Fargo Liuli Gongfang Toby Rosenblatt Nina Kwan Wen-Chih Yu San Francisco, CA 94111 tel (415) 421-8707 Wilson Sonsini Goodrich McKinsey & Company Marsha Vande Berg Paul Lee Yiyi Zeng fax (415) 421-2465 & Rosati Moreno BHLV Sparkling Kyung Yoon Jason Ma Wine Ying Ma Student/Teacher Members Advisory Board Corporate Supporter Nixon Peabody Contributing Members Douglas MacLellan Robert Ferguson Ceyuan Ventures Parducci Mark Beckford Steven Minchen George Lee Honorable George P Shultz . DLA Piper Peet’s Coffee & Tea Mark Chandler Michael Minkus Joseph Lee Honorary Chairman HSBC Bank USA, N.A. Quince Restaurant Almira Coronado M. Emily Onglatco Pai-Li Lin Mr. John S. Wadsworth, Jr. Huawei San Francisco Business John Cu Shahin Shahabi Mark Musto Co-Chairman & Trustee Newport Asia LLC Times Richard Dasher Anatol Shilapnikoff Pauline Tang Silicon Valley Bank San Francisco Symphony Susan & Frank Dunlevy Roger Snell Frank Yee Mr. Chong-Moon Lee Beth A. Schnitzer Niels Erich Steven Suen Co-Chairman & Trustee Corporate Donors Southwest Airlines Thomas Gold Xia Teng Senior Members Bay Area Council The Ritz-Carlton, San Quentin Hills Philip Ting Christopher Bowen Stephen Beal Deloitte Francisco Hotel Katherine Koelsch & John Lorenzo Trefethen Keith Brown Richard C. Blum Levi Strauss Tributary Whitewater Tours Kriken Michael Wu Barbara Bundy Daniel A. Carroll Jack & Susy Wadsworth DeLisa Leighton Hongxia Xiao Terry Cerrato Carmen I. Chang Program Underwriters Yang Ming Partners/Mark & Mark Levine Colin Chin David A. Coulter ARUP Andrea Ohlson Alex Ong Young Professionals Mary Connors Mark Edmunds Cardinal Health China Members Yank Sing Restaurant Joy Ou Michael Di Pretoro William P Fuller . Dan Beaman Citibank Suzanne Siskel Ayame Flint J. Robert Garrett Ashitha Bhagwan Coblentz, Patch, Duffy, & Presidents Circle Members Lisa Spivey David Gjerdrum Buck Gee Chloe Byruck Bass LLP Carola M. Barton & John Mee Mee Wong Nancy Hawes Thomas B. Gold Anna Castagnozzi Bush Deloitte Supan Carole Hughes Naren Gupta Gale International Richard C. Blum & Senator Dual/Family Members Asahi Choi Andrew Moss Jeff Heller Heller Manus Architects Dianne Feinstein Michael Benjamin Jennifer Chou Brenda Shank Mary Huss Huawei Carmen Chang Bernard Burke Jennifer Chu Gary Stevens Bakul Joshi Kohn Pederson Fox David A. Coulter & Susan Jerry Carroll Anji Clubb Moe Woo Sydnie Kohara C. Richard Kramlich Associates A. Weeks Giles Conway-Gordon Adam Collardey Mark D. Levine Morrison & Foerster LLP William H. & Phyllis C. Maggie Cox Adam Friedman Associate Members David W. Lyon New Enterprise Associates Draper David Narsai Tiffany Fung N. Lynne Fix Rebecca Macieira-Kaufmann Silicon Valley Bank Michelle & Mark Edmunds David Dwelle Marc Galindo Wilfred Hsu John McQuown Southern California Edison Barbara Edwards Kate Fickle Gabrielle Holburt Christopher Ratto Lenny Mendonca UCLA Anderson School of Suzanne & Bob Garrett Rizal Kartadinata Karen Jackson Alexander Ong Management Buck Gee & Mary Hack- Jing & Kenneth Kay Aaron Kao Honorable William J. Perry USC Marshall School of Timucin Kip enbracht Almon Larsh Jennifer Povlitz Stephanie Ko Business Daniel P Getty . Riffat Qadir Gary E. Rieschel Rochelle Kopp Jack Wadsworth Vinita & Naren Gupta Nicholas Sarkisian Wade Rose Christina Lamontagne Wells Fargo Jeffrey Heller Orville Schell Sanjiv Sanghvi William Lee Orville Schell Wilson Sonsini Goodrich Mary Huss James Tewksbury & Rosati Usha & Bakul Joshi Claire Tomkins Ruizhi Li Dr. Kenneth P Wilcox . Sydnie A. Kohara & George Tessa Wilcox Mark Liang Jay Xu In Kind Contributors Laplante Michael Zielenziger Joey Liu Kyung H. Yoon Art+Farm Wine Pamela and C. Richard Sam Maslin Richard Yorke Asian Art Museum Kramlich Dual Senior Matthew Mausfield Staff Jay Behmke/ Yao Family Reiko T. & Chong-Moon Lee Alexander D. Calhoun John McHale N. Bruce Pickering Wines Jonathan Mi Leslie & John McQuown Tom & Bobby McChristyExecutive Director & Vice President Paul Mills Global Programs, Asia Society Betelnut Restaurant Mary & Robert P Morrow . Rosemary & Gurbachan Book Passage Claire & Richard Mueller Virk Rene Moreno Wendy Soone-Broder Books Inc. Suno Kay Osterweis Laura Ohlson Director of Global Corporate Mark Bright/Barrel Club Carolyn & Richard K. New Individual Members Leslie Ooi Development, Asia Society Cathay Pacific Palmer Donald Ao Thompson Paine Maggie & Rob Cox Jennifer & Robert Povlitz Yat-Pang Au Edward Pearce Robert W. Hsu Jessica Pfeifer Associate Director Dalla Valle Vineyards Yucca & Gary E. Rieschel Brad Baker John De Luca Caren & Sanjiv Sanghvi Richard Beckman Pamela Phan Robert Bullock David Duckhorn/Duckhorn Charlotte M. & George P . Jay Behmke Wesley Radez Assistant Director for Programs Vineyards Shultz Mark Bright Kate Ryge Maria Scarzella Thorpe Program Associate Kate Ryge Preparing Asians and Americans for a shared future. business, education, arts, and culture.Corporate Development Consultant Founded in 1956, Asia Society is a nonpartisan, nonprofit educational Laura Ohlson Asia Society is the leading global and pan-Asian organization working to institution with offices in Hong Kong, Houston, Los Angeles, Manila, Development Associate strengthen relationships and promote understanding among the people, Melbourne, Mumbai, New York, San Francisco, Seoul, Shanghai, and leaders, and institutions of the United States and Asia. Washington, D.C. Daniel Tien Simon Emily Peckenham Sustainability Program Managers We seek to increase knowledge and enhance dialogue, encourage Asia Society is on the web at www.AsiaSociety.org. creative expression, and generate new ideas across the fields of policy,
  8. 8. Non-Profit US Postage PAID San Francisco, CA Permit 1492500 Washington Street, Suite 350 San Francisco, CA, 94111 www.asiasociety.org Please circle your membership level:Yes! I’d like to join Asia Society! Student/Teacher ($40) Contributing ($250)° New °A gift membership from Renewal ° Gift to the recipient below. Senior ($40) Associate/Non-Local ($40) Sustaining ($500) President’s Circle ($1,000+) Young Professional ($45)Name ° Mr. ° Ms. ° Mrs. ° Dr. All memberships are 100% tax- Individual ($65) deductibleName on second card (Benefactor only) Dual/Family ($120)AddressCity/State/Zip ° Yes, I would like to subscribe to Asia Society’s free Weekly Events Digest email. ° Check enclosed made payable to Asia Society.Company/Affiliation ° ° Please charge $____________ to my Discover ° AmEx ° °MC Visa Card Credit Card Number Exp.Date Signature Security CodeCity/State/Zip ° I would also like to donate $_________ to Asia Society.Daytime Phone Evening Phone ° I would like information about including Asia Society in my will or estate plan.Fax Does your company have a matching gift program? Check with your Human Resources Department to see if you can increase your support of Asia Society.E-mailPlease mail form to: Asia Society, 500 Washington Street, Suite 350, San Francisco, CA 94111 or fax to 415-421-2465. For more information, call415-421-8707 or visit asiasociety.org/northern-california/support/membershipAsia Society is a nonprofit section 501(c)(3) corporation. ASIA SOCIETY and Leogryph Design are registered trademarks of Asia Society, 725 Park Avenue, New York, New York.