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アセンブラ短歌「流れ星」 坂井丈泰


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Published in: Technology, Education
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アセンブラ短歌「流れ星」 坂井丈泰

  1. 1. アセンブラ短歌 「流れ星」 Assembler Tanka “Shooting Star” 坂井 丈泰 Takeyasu Sakai Feb. 16, 2014 @AVTOKYO
  2. 2. アセンブラ短歌 「流れ星」 Assembler Tanka “Shooting Star” • Fully functional program with just 31 bytes. • Run on CP/M + Z80 CPU !
  3. 3. 実行結果の例 Sample Response • Right after execution, the program waits for your input. • Give your wish, then the program will repeat it three times – Young Japanese say this means a way to make a wish when you see the shooting star. A> cpm-10 Atarikuji Atarikuji Atarikuji Atarikuji A> Your Input Response: Repeat your input three times.
  4. 4. 鑑賞のポイント Appreciative Points Begin with light letters (‘0’ to ‘9’) for the first half Use 0x2C (INC L) instead of 0x23 (INC HL) for the strength at the center of ‘Tanka’ Smooth flow with small values Terminate with big values representing ‘The End’ Place heavy letters (‘A’ to ‘F’) at the end of lines • In many cases, you can adjust the order of instructions so that the codes look nice. • I believe the order here is the best for this program.
  5. 5. グラフにしてみました Viewing Codes on Graphs 第1句 第2句 第3句 第4句 第5句 0xFF 0x00 0xFF 0x00 0xFF 0x00 0xFF 0x00 0xFF 0x00 各句ともだんだん盛り上がる様子ですね! Each line gets strength gradually and terminates.