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  • kutti k bachay yahan study ki baat ho rahi hai to apni maa hard lay aa beech men
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  • Hai
    I have two hard disk capacity per each 160 GBs but both are not working how to repair in this one is bad disk showing option not formating also and another one not connecting the cable how to fix tall me solution please.fixing or any software or any tricks or etc
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    I have 500 GBs hard disk but that is read / write very slow moving coping etc in thsi bad sector is their witout any damage data how to remove bad sector i trid error and fixing option in propreity checkdisk. tell me soon any body please
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Solving Problem

  1. 1. METHODS FOR SOLVING A PROBLEMeCommerce System & the Business Organization
  2. 2. Introducing eCommerce The term "Electronic commerce" (or e-Commerce) refers to the use of an electronic medium to carry out commercial transactions. eCommerce is changing the way BusinessesOperate
  3. 3. Since eCommerce has helped to run huge businessesconveniently,it is being used vastly over the whole worldby almost all the business organization.
  4. 4. Process of eCommerce
  5. 5. An example of eCommerce
  6. 6. Today’s topic General Models for Solving a ProblemDefine the problemIdenftify success criteriaIdentify many possible solutionsEvaluate solutions against success criteriaSelect solution
  7. 7. Define the problemThe Board of Directors are worrying to spend hugeamount for emplementing eCommerce system to theirbusiness.They want us to look at the possible eCommerce system.Our system must look professional to the customer.Top security must be emplemented for purchasingpurpose.
  8. 8. Identify success criteriaThe following could be the success criteria :SecurityRelaibilityEffectivenessAttractivenessAdaptability
  9. 9. Security : Giving buyers a secure cart and site to purchase on buildstrust and loyalty. And without this, youre in trouble (literally& legally) Relaibility : Make sure the items you are offering are always in stock- or at least make sure its clear they are out of stock at anearly stage in the purchase process Effectiveness : To make our system effective,we need to be userfriendly,we must fulfill the demands of customer,update oursystem or else we’ll fail.
  10. 10. Attractiveness : Our site must be designed professionally so that thecustomers will be attracted.If we are capable to attractvisitors in their first visit,we can surely increase ourcustomers.Adaptability Make sure to choose a web building partner whoscapable of adding on/ adjusting/ removing modules asyour business grows.
  11. 11. Identify Many Possible SolutionsThere are primarily five types of e-commerce models aslisted below : Business to Consumer (B2C) Business to Business (B2B) Consumer to Consumer (C2C) Peer to Peer (P2P) m-Commerce
  12. 12. Business to Consumer (B2C) It is the model taking businesses and consumersinteraction. The basic concept of this model is to sellthe product online to the consumers. Online business sells to individuals. For eg : Amazon
  13. 13. Business to Business (B2B) It consists of largestform of eCommerce.In this modelmanufacturer supplytheir goods to theretailer or wholesaler.
  14. 14. Consumer to Consumer (C2C)It helps the online dealing of goods or servicesamong people. It allows unknown parties tosell goods and services toone-another For eg : eBay
  15. 15. Peer to Peer (P2P) P2P is not only an E-commerce type but also a technology that allows people to share computer files and computer resources without going through a central web server The required software should beinstalled by both sides so that theycan communicate on the commonplatform.
  16. 16. m-CommerceIt deals with conducting the transactions with thehelp of mobile.The mobile device consumers can interact each otherand can lead the business.
  17. 17. Evaluate SolutionsSuccess Security Relaibility Effective Attractive Adaptability TotalCriteria / ness nessSolutionsB2C (1st)B2BC2CP2Pm-Commerce
  18. 18. Select SolutionAccording to the evaluation,we found that B2C i.e.Business to Consumer model will be the best solutionas it stood first in the scoring grid.
  19. 19. Benifits of B2C Model From the consumer side, benefits include:Access to goods and services from the home or otherremote locations.The possibility of lower cost goods and services.Access to a greater variety of goods and services onoffer.
  20. 20. From the business side, benefits include:Lower transaction costs associated with sales.Access to global markets and hence to more potentialcustomers.Opportunities for dis-intermediation leading to lowercosts for customers.
  21. 21. SUCESS STORY
  22. 22. Thank You ...Any Question ? ? ?