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Biology eoc review links

  1. 1. Jeopardy Review Jeopardy_first_quarter (Powerpoint) Jeopardy_First_Semester_Review (Powerpoint) JeopardyDJ_first_quarter(Powerpoint) JeopardyDJ_first_quarterre (Powerpoint) JeopardyDJ_first_semester (Powerpoint)Cell Division Meiosis o Anaphase_One (Video Clip) o Anaphase_Two(Video Clip) o Meiosis PowerPoint (Powerpoint) o Meiosis (Video Clip) o Metaphase_One(Video Clip) o Metaphase_Two(Video Clip) o Prophase_One(Video Clip) o Prophase_Two(Video Clip) o Telophase_One (Video Clip) o Telophase_Two(Video Clip) Mitosis o Anaphase--The third stage of Mitosis (Video Clip) o Cancer Cells (Video Clip) o Cell Division (Powerpoint) o Interphase--The Resting Stage (Video Clip) o Introduction to Cell Cycle and Cytoplasmic Division (Video Clip) o Introduction to Cell Division (Video Clip) o Introduction to Mitosis (Video Clip) o Metaphase--The second stage of Mitosis (Video Clip) o Mitosis Video Quiz (Video Clip) o Prophase--The first stage of Mitosis (Video Clip) o Telophase--The fourth stage of Mitosis (Video Clip) Cell Cycle (Picture) Modeling Meiosis (Pdf)Cellular Respiration Cellular Respiration (Powerpoint) Aerobic Cellular Respiration (Video Clip) Calories--Measuring Heat (Video Clip) Cellular Respiration--Releasing stored energy by breaking down glucose (Video Clip) From food to ATP (Video Clip) Glycolysis and Cellular Respiration (Video Clip) The Oxygen Cycle (Video Clip) Goldfish Respiration Lab (Microsoft Word document)
  2. 2. Yeast Respiration Lab (Microsoft Word document)DNA Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase--Acceptance within scientific community of DNA as genetic material (Video Clip) Chromatin--Chromosomes and DNA subunits (Video Clip) chromosome (Picture) DNA Origami Color Temp (Pdf) DNA PowerPoint (Powerpoint) Erwin Chargaff--DNA is not equal for all species and ratio of bases varies among species (Video Clip) Frederick Griffith--Discovery of the Transforming Principle (Video Clip) Genes, Proteins, and DNA (Video Clip) Experiment (Picture) James Watson and Francis Crick--DNA molecule has the form of a double helix (Video Clip) Chargaffs Rule (Picture) mdna (Picture) Origami_bw (Pdf) Origami_inst (Pdf) Plasmid (Picture) Replication of DNA (Video Clip) The Genetic Code (Video Clip) The importance of DNA (Video Clip) Understanding DNA (Video Clip)Ecology Ecology Project (Microsoft Word document) Ecology (Powerpoint) Food Chains and Food Webs (Video Clip) Introduction to Ecology--Ecosystems and Biomes (Video Clip) Introduction to the flow of matter and energy (Video Clip) Pyramids of energy and numbers--Consumer levels (Video Clip) The Carbon Cycle--Recycling matter (Video Clip) The Nitrogen Cycle (Video Clip) The Oxygen Carbon Dioxide Cycle (Video Clip) The Water Cycle (Video Clip)Evolution 5 Conditions of the Hardy-Weinberg Principle (Video Clip) Biology--The Science of Life--Molecules and Evolution (Video Clip) C21_Directional_1 (Picture) C21_Disruptive_1 (Picture)
  3. 3. C21_Stabilizing_1 (Picture) Charles Darwin (Video Clip) embryo (Picture) Evolution (Powerpoint) Fossils and the study of Evolution (Video Clip) Introduction--The Hardy-Weinberg Principle (Video Clip) Gene fequencies--Natural Selection and Speciation (Video Clip) Speciation (Video Clip) What are Populations and Gene Pools (Video Clip)Genetic Engin. Human Genome autosomal table (Picture) Color Blindness (Video Clip) disease table (Picture) gel electro (Picture) Genetic Engineering and The Human Genome (Powerpoint) Genetic Engineering--The Human Genome Project and Gene Therapy (Video Clip) Genetic Engineering and Agriculture (Video Clip) Hemophylia (Video Clip) Human Genome (Video Clip) Inherited human traits and patterned sex linked inheritance (Video Clip) Introduction--Sex Linked Inheritance (Video Clip) karyotype (Picture) Karyotype--A key to the study of Sex Linked Inheritance (Video Clip) Organizing information about Sex Linked Inheritance in Pedigree charts (Video Clip) Part I--The Clone Age (Video Clip) Part II--The Clone Age (Video Clip) pcr (Picture) pedigree (Picture)Genetics Chromosomes_and_Inheritance (Video Clip) dihyb2 (Picture) DragonGeneticsProtocol (Microsoft Word document) DragonGeneticsTeachPrep (Microsoft Word document) Experiments_and_Events (Video Clip) Punnett Square (Picture) Genes and Probability (Pdf) Genetics PowerPoint (Powerpoint) GeneticsProtocol (Microsoft Word document GeneticsTeachPrep (Microsoft Word document) Gregor Mendels Rules of Heredity--Using Punnett Squares (Video Clip) height (Picture) incomdom (Picture)
  4. 4. Laws of Inheritance (Video Clip) Inheritance of coat color rabbits (Picture) roancow (Picture) sickle (Picture) The Genetic work of Gregor Mendel (Video Clip) The historical background of the science of Genetics (Video Clip)Molecule concept map Protein (Picture)RNA gene code (Picture) gene mutations (Picture) Genetic Mutations and Biological changes (Video Clip) Messenger RNA--Transcribing the message (Video Clip) Messenger RNA--Transfer RNA and Protein Synthesis (Video Clip) mutation-inversion (Picture) Mutations and the Genetic Code (Video Clip) mutation-trans (Picture) Review of the processes of Transcription and Translation of mRNA (Video Clip) RNA PowerPoint (Powerpoint) SCI Amino Acid Circle (Picture) Translating the message into Protein (Video Clip)