Analysing music magazines


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Analysing music magazines

  1. 1. Analysing music magazines
  2. 2. The masthead is always the biggest piece of text on the magazine and is so that people recognised there preferred magazine. The picture overlaps the masthead slightly but because it is such a well established magazine we still know it is clearly VIBE. It is in bright yellow, bold font to emphasise the name of the magazine This header gives further information about stories in the magazine The main photo in the middle of the cover is a conventional device on magazines with the persons eyes central and in the top third. This is so it looks as though they are looking at you, to draw you to the magazine Main cover line indicates the main feature of the magazine and is one of the main selling points. After seeing the name in this case “Janet Jackson” you are supposed to be drawn to the name and want to read more about the particular person. The cover lines which are the main features of the magazine are down the left third so that they can be seen the way they are stacked in shops. They are brightly coloured orange and blue to attract the eye of potential buyers to read these cover lines and buy the magazine. A convention of magazines is to have the barcode and date on the front however some are on the back of the magazine to keep the cover ascetically pleasing The house style of blue and orange really makes the text stand out and grab the attention of people looking to buy a magazine.
  3. 3. The name of the magazine is not written on this page instead it is represented by a faint letter “v” to represent vibe. Although it is the biggest text, the word “contnets” stands out more in bold, black text as the magazine name is not too important to have on the contents page but should be clear what page you are on The hand reaching over with a bright red heart, contrasting with the grey background and a black and white Kanye West really stands out. This is done to bring the main focus onto Kanye who is clearly the main feature of the magazine. Having someone as famous as Kanye West shows the popularity of the magazine and they are exploiting this as much as possible by bringing all the attention to the main photo of him. The heart however could be in reference to Kanye’s album “808’s and Heartbreak” where a similar picture is on the front of his album getting his that more advertisement The word contents has been unconventionally split into three to given a unique twist. Like most magazines the contents page has a column of writhing to inform the reader what is in the magazine and on what page. As this is a music magazine the “Fashion” pages have there own sub heading in bold to highlight other features the magazine has to offer other than just music .
  4. 4. The text “contents” is very conventional to magazines as it is just one word at the top of the page. The main image on the page is a close up and is much bigger than the other images. This would suggest that the photo graph is linked to one of the main articles. The name of the bands have bee written in bold text and in block capitals to make the band name stand out clearly so that the reader can easily identify the artists which interest them and the ones they will want to read more on. The word contents and the sub-titles down the right hand side indicates it is a Kerrang magazine with their recognisable yellow and black text which is a consistent house style through out the Kerrang magazines. The conventional date line on the contents page is also displayed The contents has been split into different sections. They are sub-headed down the right hand side so they are easily visible. There are also separate photos for other articles in the magazine which would be major features being highlighted for the reader
  5. 5. The “free cd” pug is on the magazine to further promote their magazine with the opportunity to get free CD’s and is on the left hand side of the magazine The main cover line “world exclusive! Springsteen” is much bigger text than all of the regular cover lines. This is to make the main story stand out more so that the magazine is more easily sold because of their headline article being such a popular artist. Cover lines are spread out in this instance and there are quite a lot down the right hand side however most cover lines are usually placed down the left hand side so that they can be seen whilst they are stacked in shops. The masthead “mojo” is partially covered up by the main image. However in this instance it is fine because they are an extremely well known brand and even with it being partially covered we can easily recognise the name of the brand. The masthead is much bigger than any other text to emphasise the magazine but covering it slightly with the main image to first bring your eyes to the main article. The main image is a conventional mid shot, gazing into the camera with his eyes in the top third of the page. The purpose of this is so that it looks as though they are looking at you, drawing you to the magazine. This also suggests that this photo on the front will be linked to the main article in the magazine as it is the main image. This header gives further information on other features in the magazine and is likely to give more information inside the contents about this There is a clear house style of red throughout the front page of the magazine and the only colours used other than red is black and white. Red is a very bright colour and grabs the attention of the audience to see what articles they have inside. The convention of having the barcode on the front page of the magazine is again being followed here as do many other magazines.
  6. 6. Mojo have displayed their name again, it is central and at the top of the page. The text is far bigger than any other text on the page to emphasise the name of the magazine once again. It is unconventional as it does not say anywhere on the page “contents” when most do. The front cover of this magazine is dominated by one dominant image and there are not many features included on the contents page apart from the main features. This is very unconventional however it appears that they have this house style in all of there contents pages and the lay out is very similar in all of their contents’. As you can see from my other contents page image, the main images are both very dominant, medium shots and the features are both wrote in one column down the left hand side The convention of the date line and the issue of the magazine is included.