My Chosen Genre


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My Chosen Genre

  1. 1. Hip-Hop My Genre
  2. 2. What is hip-hop music Hip-Hop is a music genre that developed from the hip-hop culture. It is defined by four key stylistic elements: rapping, DJing/scratching, sam pling (or synthesis), and beatboxing. It was introduced in the early 1970’s in the South Bronx area of New York. Hip-Hop music is associated with a younger audience. The reason I like Hip-Hop music is because it allows dancers to perform with freedom of movement, adding in their own personalities. Image plays a big role in hip- hop for example the clothes you wear and the street credibility you have, graffiti can also be linked in with hip-hop music.
  3. 3. RappingRapping which is also known asMcing, is a primary ingredient tothe hip-hop culture. Rap music isone of the elements of hip hop; it isa form of rhyming lyrics spokenrhythmically over musicalinstruments, with a musicalbackdrop of sampling, scratchingand mixing by DJs. Originallyrapping was called MCing andwas seen as supporting the DJ.In the mid-1980s, rap becameincreasingly politicised, through theworks of Public Enemy andothers, and tended to chroniclethe black urban experience.Gangsta rap may be seen in thiscontext of subversion, but is alsoseen by some as theabandonment of a constructivemessage.
  4. 4. DJ’ing (Disc Jockey)Anyone can call themselves aDJ by playing some records ona turn table but a hip-hop DJ ismuch more of a complex task.In 1986 King Tubby created dubstyle of music fromexperimenting from being a DJ.As time went by andtechnology developed DJ’ingbecame more sophisticated.A DJ will select and play musicfor their audience but this is nottheir only role. They will have toreplay the most popular parts ofsongs, and add their owncomments - anything from acouple of words to rhythmicpoems, this can be a hard skillto master.
  5. 5. GraffitiGraffiti is writing or drawingsscribbled, scratched, or sprayedillegally on a wall or other surfacein a public place. Some peoplemay allow special ‘graffiti artists’ towrite or draw on their property tocreate a dynamic style. Graffiti wasintroduced in New York in the 60’sand 70’s.It was often used by politicalactivists to send messages or makestatements or by gangs markingterritory. Since the 1990s, graffiti hasbecome more widely accepted asa recognized art form worldwidewith the success of British-born artistBanksy and French duo 123Klan.Hip-hop producers show graffiti inthe background of their musicvideos. This adds style to and streetcredibility to their music.
  6. 6. BreakdancingThis is a dynamic type of dancethat is part of the hip-hopculture. This form of dancing isvery acrobatic and creative. Itwas developed in New York Cityin the late 1970’s. It is mainlydone in the middle of streets andrapidly attracts an audience.The era of break dancing wasreplaced in the Hip Hop cultureby dance moves known as theelectric boogiemoves. Most ofthese moves would call fordancers to snap and twitchmuscles in time to the music.Some of the most popular movesof this style of dance were theTick, the Mannequin orRobot, the King Tut, theWave, the Pop, the Float, andthe Moonwalk.
  7. 7. FashionFashion has always been an iconic part in thehip-hop industry. Hip-hop artists have createdtheir own sense of fashion which to this daypeople are still practising. They tend to wearclothes that were functional for dancing such asloose fitting jeans or tracksuits. Baggyjeans, oversized jewellery, hats and sneakers areall iconic items of clothing that have beenabsorbed by mainstream fashion
  8. 8. Hip-Hop ArtistsNotorious BIG Tupac Shakur Busta Rhymes Snoop Dogg Nicki Minaj Missy Elliott Jean Grae Alia Sharrief
  9. 9. Notorious BIG’s Interview This is Notorious BIG’s interview from The Show. In this video we hear him talking about his life, how he lived each day and how he has been hustling, in the music industry. The video shows a very negative representation of hip-hop we hear BIG saying, ‘All I wanted to do was smoke weed’ ‘I just wanted to die and get it over with’. We also hear his mum talking and how she is sad that he was given this ‘Notorious’ title, she says it changed him and made him more=Cjt029chOvA of a bad person.
  10. 10. Images Associated With Hip-Hop