Task 2 – analysing magazine 2 billboard


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Task 2 – analysing magazine 2 billboard

  1. 1. About BillboardBillboard is the worlds most influential music media brand reaching keyexecutives and tastemakers in and around the music business throughBillboard Magazine, Billboard.biz, Billboard Conferences, Billboard Bulletin,and other targeted newsletters, and millions of music fans throughBillboard.com and Billboard Events. The Billboard brand is built on itsexclusive charts and unrivaled reporting on the latest news, issues andtrends across all genres of music. Billboard receives hundreds of millions ofbrand impressions daily through many strategic relationships with majorcompanies across various industries. These relationships leverage Billboardsbrand recognition, proprietary chart data and information resources todevelop products, live events and print, television, radio, digital and mobileplatforms. In addition to North America, Billboard operates businesses inBrazil, Greece, Japan, Korea and Russia.Billboard is owned by Prometheus Global Media, a diversified company withleading assets in the media and entertainment arenas, including: Music(Billboard and its related conferences and events, including The BillboardLatin Music Awards), Entertainment (The Hollywood Reporter, Backstage,ShowEast, Cineasia, and CineEurope); and Advertising & Marketing (Adweek,Adweek Conferences and The CLIO Awards).
  2. 2. Frontcover
  3. 3. This issue of Billboard is very The main image is the colourful, and the bold pink famous American artist Katy background definitely attracts the Perry, the medium long shot audience and particularly females of the attractive artist draws as pink is a popular colour. The your attention. The direct eye bright, flowery cover connotes contact, makes the audience that this magazines a upbeat, feel connected with her, and fashionable magazine compared as she is successful, sexy and to a rock magazine this is famous many women would conveyed through the colours and desire to be her. This draws bright. in the audience.The main cover line is the The sell line colours, the mainname of the main artist, colours used as black, yellow andwho is featured as the white. The colour which fills D andmain image on the front A in the masthead are always thecover. Most magazine use same colour in the Masthead ofthis strategy to draw fans, Billboard magazine. This is veryand other readers to buy effective as the colours match thethe magazine. masthead, sell lines and the artists outfits. Billboard magazine have used many sell lines to attract the reader. They have done this by using What surprises me is that other celebrates, there is no barcode, price or therefore the reader is date issue on the front getting more for there cover, therefore they must money – finding out be on the back. about Katy Perry as well as Taylor Swift, Eminem, Sting and Sheryl Crow.
  4. 4. Contentspage
  5. 5. The masthead is only small, in the No.1 section however still clear to the audience to convey the tittle and is there as a logo.All of the colours link on The contents tittle, is at the topthe contents page, the of page, so when the audienceblack, blue and white is turns the page, they know whatused to match the artists is based on the page.outfits, However on theleft hand side where thechart update its, the Mini images, are shown tocolours are different to appeal to a wider audience, asseparate from the each artist shown is from acontents, making a different genre.visually difference.Billboard is also a chartupdate magazine, using the The main image is a cut out of arule of thirds, that are listed attractive girl, dressed nicelyon the left hand side on the however there Is no tag undercontents page, they are the image to tell audience whoeasy to read, and are the artist this, this shocks meseparate from the contents however the editing is clever aspage using different colours. it makes the audience want to read the magazine to find outOnline information, who she is and what kind ofexclusives and events are music she performs.used as more informationand also it portrays that the Headings – the magazinemagazine is up to date with heading such as “UPFRONT”technology. Which would and “FEATURES” these areappeal to the younger appealing as they are inaudience. capital letters, this makes the The page numbers on the audience believe it is Sub headings are also used to break up and the images make it lot easier for important information as page and information. Short sentences are used the audience to flick straight capitals portray shouting. to give the reader a taster of what is inside the to page which the chosen article. As well as where the article is located in artist is on. the magazine
  6. 6. Doublepagespread
  7. 7. The artist’s latest single, advertising this makes the artist more recognizable to the audience and how she has transformed and become successful. The main image takes up 90% of the page, the famous Miley Cyrus is a appealing American artist who has recently become big in the UK and worldwide. Many fans would enjoy reading a article on her. However is not a lot of information. The photograph makes draws in the audience with seductive pose, slight lip parting and eye contact which is formingThe colours used are dull and “Girl, you’ll be a woman soon” Miley Cyrus has quoted this, a relationship with thematch Miley’s clothing. audience.However “girl” is in the colour she is connoting that you canbecause its eye catching and grow up, and aspire to be likethe American slang, “girl” is her. The quote is portraying thatinformal and conveys that she is if you read this article then youdirectly talking to us, can become a woman.