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My formal proposal


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My formal proposal

  2. 2. TITLE OF MYMAGAZINEThe title of my magazine is going to be ‘NewFound’ as I feel it is appropriate considering mymagazine is based around unsigned indiebands/artists. There are few connotations that gowith ‘New Found’, it shows that the content withinthe magazine is new and fresh and yet to betouched by a high end recording label. Mymagazine will give the bands/artists that feature inthe articles a chance to be seen and picked up bythose who sign new and upcoming bands/artists.
  3. 3. WHY I CHOSE THEINDIE GENREI chose to focus on the indie genre because Ifeel it has a wider audience than some of myother choices of genre ( rockabilly, psychobilly)and would reach a wider range of peoplewithin my target audience. I also chose thisgenre because I personally enjoy listening to it.
  4. 4. TARGET AUDIENCEMy target audience are male and females ages 16-19, they havea certain image that is very recognisable and are very involvedwith music themself. I have chosen to focus on both female andmale because that way I can appeal to a wider audience and getmore people interested in my magazine. The age range is from16-19 because that is the age in which the majority of people aremost interested in buying music magazines and finding out aboutnew music and gigs.
  5. 5. INITIAL IDEAS ABOUTMY FRONT COVERFor my front cover I would like one main image of an artist/band that willbe my main feature in my double page spread. My masthead will be atthe top of the cover taking up width of the page, the image will be behindthe masthead so the name of my magazine is visible and clear to read. Atthe bottom of the page I will have a footer/banner where the audiencecan see what else is included in the magazine. My coverlines will take upthe left hand side of the page with some near the top right to make sure Iam creating the magic ‘C’. The colours used will be bright but subtle and Iwill stick to a colour scheme that will then run throughout the contentspage and double page spread. I want my cover to look clean and freshbut approachable for my target audience.
  6. 6. INITIAL IDEAS ABOUTMY CONTENTS PAGEFor my contents page I will follow the codes and conventions of a realmagazine, making sure I stick to the rule of 3’rds with one main imagetaking up two columns and the majority of the left hand side,accompanied by a few smaller images either at the bottom of the mainimage or at the bottom right hand corner of the page. I will have my indexand page numbers taking up the right hand column, the text will followthe same colour theme as the front cover with the same clean, fresh feel.I will have an editors note situated at the bottom left hand corner, the restof the space will be taken up by mini summary of deals, competitions andarticles that will be in my magazine. My date, issue number and by linewill be next to the masthead and title which will be at the top of the page.
  7. 7. INITIAL IDEAS ABOUTMY DOUBLE PAGESPREADFor my double page spread I plan to have an interview based article withone main image that takes up the (majority of the) first page. The imagewill be one of the artist/band that are featured on the front cover, with thesecond page full of text and a few additional images. Depending on thepictures I would like them to be in black and white and presented asthough they are a photograph, this is to make it feel a little more personaland informal for the audience. My text will be in three columns and startwith a drop cap that is a different font to the rest of my text. On thebottom corer of the first page I will have the page number, date andmasthead in small type. I will place my by line at the bottom corner of thesecond page, near the page number.
  8. 8. INITIAL IDEAS ABOUTTHE PHOTOGRAPHSI want a range of different photographs, all with different shot types andsubject matters. My main image for the front cover, depending onwhether it is one of a band or artist, will be a medium/medium close upwhich fills the whole page. The images for the contents page will be ofdifferent things that feature within the rest of the magazine, using a rangeof angles and shot types for each, so the audience don’t get bored of thesimilar looking photographs.