Analysing nme dizzee cover prep for blog ppt


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Analysing nme dizzee cover prep for blog ppt

  1. 1. Analysis of magazine front covers Cover 1.NME Sept 2009 Dizzee Rascal Edition By Tamera Lall
  2. 2. THE HEADER – tells you what MASTHEAD – the ‘NME’ FRONT COVER ANALYSIS features inside the magazine. It also shows the deals you get for could also mean enemy. It the amount of money you pay. is very large and colourful. This makes in stand out and the whole cover looks eye- THE MAIN IMAGE – of Dizzee catching. It helps with the Rascal. He has been used as he is a branding as this is the well-known artist of the hip hop magazine company’s logo. genre. This will attract the target audience who are interested in his orUSE OF A FLASH – this kind of music.the flash stands outagainst the backgroundwhich helps to attract THE SELL LINES/COVERthe readers. LINES – state features within the magazine so it attracts theBACKGROUND – the audience and basically sells thebackground is a graffiti magazine to the audience.wall. This represents thestereotype of hip hop THE MAIN COVER LINEartists. - says his name so you can recognise him and it alsoUSE OF A PULL tells you that he is includedQUOTE – gives an in the magazine.insight on what is Barcode(date/issue/price)featured in the magazine.The use of the word – the barcode is in the corner which keeps it out of the way‘man!’ keeps it casual so it doesn’t distract from theand helps target the main cover. The price is keptyounger audience. at a reasonable price so itRULE OF THIRDS/THE suits the target audience.LEFT THIRD – all the THE FOOTER – mentions artists ofimportant information is different genres which the youngerkept in the left third of the target audience would recognise andpage as this is the side that be interested in those artists.most people look at andread first.
  3. 3. TARGET AUDIENCE OF THIS MAGAZINE METHODS USED TO ATTRACT THISTARGET AUDIENCE – I TARGET AUDIENCE ARE:believe the target audience areinterested in more modern •A current artist of a popular musicmusic, mainly the hip hop genre is featured on the cover.genre. I think the audience is •Graffiti background is colourful, brightpredominately males (74%) and and fun.a smaller female audience(26%). The median age of the •The use of the word ‘man’ is slang whichreaders is 23 so the target keeps it modern and appealing to theaudience is students and younger audience.wealthy people. The cost of themagazine is about £2.20.
  4. 4. STRETCH AND CHALLENGE ACTIVITY- USE THE HYPERLINK FOR DIRECT ACCESS TO NME is the longestpublished weeklymusic magazine. It isread by over 1.1million music fansevery week. The magazine started off with the rock genre and then slowly started to cross with hip-hop andNME was first released other genres. It now mainlyas a newspaper in March features current music and artists.1952. Since then, it has It gives readers the latest newbecome a well-known music, including award-winningmagazine. features, the latest releases, live reviews, the definitive guide to the best new bands in its Radar section, as well as a regular look back through the magazines incredible 60 year heritage.
  6. 6. Analysis of VIBE front cover - Drake
  7. 7. MASTHEAD – the HEADER – mentionsmasthead takes up a large various artists of the hip-amount of the page. It is hop genre that wouldwhite which contrasts with appeal and be of interestthe black background of the target audience.making it stand out andeye-catching. MAIN IMAGE – the imageBACKGROUND – the is of Drake - a popular artistbackground is plain black of the genre. He iswhich contrasts with all the recognisable as he is well-text on the page. This known. This will attract themakes the text stand out target audience.against it and makes it MAIN COVER LINE –easier to read and although the cover lineunderstand. doesn’t take up much ofSELL LINES/COVER the cover, it still tells youLINES – highlights the who is on the front coverimportant features inside and featured inside. As hethe magazine that could is well-known everyone willattract the reader. know who he is.RULES OFTHIRDS/LEFT THIRD – FLASH – the use of aall the important flash in a contrasting colourinformation is kept in the makes it stand out from theleft third as it is the side back ground and noticeablethat the audience will first to the – this is The cover in general iskept on the side of the fairly simple, in regardscover and out of the way to the colour it doesn’t distract This works as it allowsfrom the main front the reader to pay morecover. attention to the actual information on the page.
  8. 8. Analysis of Billboard front cover - Rihanna
  9. 9. MASTHEAD – the mastheadis large and contrasting withthe dark background as it iswhite. It is the well-known logo SELL LINES/COVERof the magazine company so it LINES – the sell lines givemakes the cover recognisable, a basic, brief insight of whattherefore the whole logo is inside the magazine. Thisdoesn’t have to be shown so it helps to attract readers andcan be covered by the image. gain their interest so they are more likely to buy theMAIN IMAGE – the main magazine.image features Rihanna, acurrent artist in the charts. Sheis a popular artist in her genreso this will help sell to the FLASH – the flash is in atarget audience as it will gain bright yellow box with atheir interest in the magazine. contrasting red font. This straight away stands out from the rest of the text on the cover so it is more noticeable.MAIN COVER LINE – the This should appeal to themain cover line takes up a reader as they find out morelarge amount of the space about the main cover star.on the cover. It links withthe main image to give ahint about what the mainfeature of the magazine BACKGROUND – the plainwhich will help to get dark background is simple which doesn’t distract fromreaders interested withwhat’s inside. the other features on the cover. It is good as the readers can focus on theBARCODE - the barcode is important information.kept in the bottom left handcorner. This is out of the wayso it doesn’t distract from thekey information or the mainimage.