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Analysing contents pages prep for blog ppt

  1. 1. Analysis of 3 music magazine contents pages you mustanalyse the Nme contents and then choose any other 2 contents you like )
  2. 2. Analysis of magazine Contents pages Contents 1.NME Sept 2009 Dizzee Rascal Edition
  3. 3. Contents page NME (SEPT 2009) ANALYSISBanner at the top,Image is edited making uses the sameit slanted and so it font and colourlooks like a photograph scheme as on thepinned on a board. As contents page.he article is about The date is put on thetouring, the fact that contents page as well asthis image looks like a the cover to show when itphotograph makes the was publishedtour look like a holiday.Simple yet effective Sub headings, which follow the traditional colourBands are listed in red scheme of the magazine,with page number in help split the pages up andblack which follows the make it easier for thecolour scheme of NME. reader when choosing aThis is helpful for the page to look at.reader as it gives thereader an insight into A puff to Brief headings andwhat is included in the puff out summary of whatmagazine the status information is onThis text is of the that page giving theanchored to the magazine reader an insightimage to give before they read on.the readerinformation This AD persuades theabout what the reader into subscribingphoto is about. to the magazine byIt is also drop offering a deal whencapped making they stand out to The background represents thethe reader, Editors introduction to the magazine, helps to give the reader information into side of a speaker or an amp –grabbing there shows that the magazine is aattention. what is included in the magazine music magazine
  4. 4. ANALYSIS OF LAYOUT/DESIGN FEATURES OF CONTENTS PAGE The banner along the top of the page includes the title and the date of when the magazine was published The subheadings, page numbers and a quick summary of what the pages are about are in a column along the right side of the page Columns are used because it is more user friendly, it helps to split up the information, making it easier for the reader. The editors introduction is in a column in the center of the page. The background of this column is the side of a speaker or amp which also represents the genre of this magazine. The advertisement and puff are all in the same column as the subheadings, page The band index is numbers and quick summary. in a column along the left of the page, this column helps to split the page up
  5. 5. ANALYSIS OF CONTENTS PAGE 2 (NME | 1st October 2008 Edition)
  6. 6. The Editors introduction to ANALYSIS OF LAYOUT what is in the magazine, helps to give the reader CONTENTS PAGE 2 information into The issue number, the date what is included in and the title ‘contents’ are all the magazine put in a banner in the top right corner. The title ‘contents shows that the page is a The featured bands contents page and the issue image larger than the number and date are used to other images to show give a little more information on importance. when this specific issue was published. The whole banner follows the colour scheme of the magazine; yellow, blackThis makes the reader and white.want to read more Sub headings help split theabout this topic pages up and make it easier for the reader when The small images which are choosing a page to look at. located around the featured band, The subheadings also all make it easier for the reader to follow the same colour choose a page. The images also scheme as the rest of the make the pages anchored to them magazine. look more important. This AD persuades the reader into subscribing The page numbers and one to the magazine by word descriptions about offering a deal when what is included in the page they subscribe. make it easier for the reader.
  7. 7. ANALYSIS OF CONTENTS PAGE 3 (Q | October 2008 Edition)
  8. 8. Analysis of layout contents page 3Subheadings help to splitthe pages up making iteasier for the reader to The title of this page, issuechoose a page. The number and date publishedsubheadings also follow are all located in a bannerthe traditional colour along the top of the pagescheme of the magazine. and follows the colour scheme of the magazine. The page numbers and a quick summary of what is on the The featured bands page – using the same colours, image takes up most of makes it easier for the reader to the page to show see what is on the pages importance. The colour scheme A quote which makes changes for this section the reader want to read as it shows the what the band is talking importance of the pages. about making them read more. A puff to puff out the status A puff to puff out of the the importance of magazine the magazine by Another section with the same saying how many banner as the top and an subscriptions etc. image - makes this section the magazine gets stand out more (same colour each month scheme – red black and white)