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Dizzee rascal front page


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Published in: Education
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Dizzee rascal front page

  1. 1. Header- this at the top of the page to say which article is good to read about. The 16 pages suggest that they have a lot to talk about that may interest he reader. Barcode/price/issue These are very important on magazines if they want to buy by the public. The price shows how good or bad the magazine is, expensive if it’s good and cheap if it’s not one of the popular ones. Masthead- NME This is in the top corner of the page as it is easy to find and clear to read. It is also there because when other magazines cover it on the shelf, you can still read it. Footer- this is at the bottom of the page to list all of the other bands and singers that are included in the magazine. Main sell line “IM SPREADING JOY AROUND THE WORLD MAN!” His is clever as it is like the magazine is talking to you and telling you what is going to happen. It should be big, bright and bold so that it stands out above the rest and is obvious it is the main cover line. Main image The medium shot of Dizzy Rascal me shows us his clear facial expressions. He looks excited which suggests that the magazine will be an exciting read. He is looking straight at the camera so that he is giving direct address to make the audience feel welcome. The gold chain around his neck stands out to the audience so then they will notice this part of the magazine. The way he is dressed implies that this may be an informal magazine and is about rapping. Left third- is used for cover/sell lines Layout- rule of thirds There is no rule of thirds used on this magazine. The cover lines have seemed to have just been put anywhere where there is free space. This looks a little which suggests that it may be about rapping and will be informal.