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Questionnaire Results

  1. 1. QUESTIONNAIRE RESULTS Main Task – Kay Green
  2. 2. Type HOW DO YOU LISTEN TO MUSIC? The result to the question shows that most people listen to music via their Radio computers/internet. This shows that Internet most people may use the internet to TV find out information about the music Other industry. Also this is the easiest and most efficient way to find out about music.
  3. 3. How Often HOW OFTEN DO YOU READ MAGAZINES? The result shows that majority of people often read magazines meaning Never that many people could be interested in buying and reading my music Rarely magazine. However around a third of Often people don’t read magazines or rarely Always do meaning there is a large amount of people that may not be interested in the magazine at all.
  4. 4. DO YOU PREFER TOPrefer DOWNLOAD MUSIC OR BUY CDS? This result shows that people now prefer to download music than to buying CDs. This could show that Buying they find it easier. Though some of CDs the people that picked CDs said that Downloa ding they liked to have the actual CDs in case anything happened to the downloads. I could recommend in my magazine places to download music.
  5. 5. Sales HOW DO YOU FIND NEW MUSIC? Internet The results show that most people now find new music through the Friends internet and secondly through TV. Radio This shows that I could include websites where to find new artist and Tv new music in my magazine. Other Media
  6. 6. Genre FAVOURITE GENRE OF MUSIC? The results show that most popular Rock genres of music is Pop and secondly R&B R&B. This shows that if I did my Indie magazine on either genre of music Pop they could sell well as they are Metal popular and people would want to Other read and know more about the genre and artist in it.
  7. 7. MAXIMUM YOU WOULDPrice PAY FOR A MUSIC MAGAZINE? The result shows that people don’t want to have to spend huge amounts 99p on magazines. One thing a person £1-£2 mention is that most things you can £2.01-£4 find out in magazines you can now £4.01-£7 find online for free. From this I have £7.01+ learned that I will have to include extras to make my magazine stand out people want to buy it.
  8. 8. HOW OFTEN DO YOU THINK A MUSICTime MAGAZINE SHOULD BE RELEASED? The results show that majority of Weekly people think that music magazines should be released on a monthly Fornightly basis. This shows that the magazine would have to include lots of Monthly information to cover the month and more to make them want to buy next Annually month.
  9. 9. HOW OFTEN DO YOU GO TO CONCERTS/Number of times FESTIVALS WITHIN A YEAR? The results to this question shows that people are quite into music and none enjoying seeing it live. This shows that including things like concert 1 to 2 dates for certain artists and for 3 to 6 festivals would be good for my 7+ magazine or including websites where you can find out. Also the magazine could include concert reviews.
  10. 10. D O E S T H E M U S I C YO U L I S T E N T O I N F L U E N C E YO U R S T Y L E ? All the people I asked answered this question with no however afew commented on the question. They thought that maybe the musicdid but it was not the first that influenced it and could not decide thestyle of music that influenced them. Some thought that all music andall aspects of their live influence their style.
  11. 11. WHAT DO YOU WANTOptions TO SEE MOST IN A MUSIC MAGAZINE? (TOP3) The top result was concert Interviews dates, followed by interviews and Reviews Charts photo shoots. This shows that the New Releases people want these most in a music Photo Shoots magazine. Photo shoots can also be Posters included with interviews so this is Gossip Competitions something I am thinking about doing Concert Dates for my magazine double page spread as this is something people want to see.