Main Task - Evaluation - Question 1


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Main Task - Evaluation - Question 1

  1. 1. Main TaskA convention of magazines is for the main image tooverlap the title. I did this, but made sure it didn’tcover too much of the logo so that, because it is afirst issue of the magazine, so you want people tobe able to read, remember and recognise it. I used another convention when you put a differently coloured box behind the text to make it stand out and make the page more attractive. A lot of the time covers use a medium shot of the person, so you can see their facial expression and they usually have natural lighting. Main cover lines are usually bigger than all the rest of the cover lines to make it obvious as to what the main cover line is and they are commonly placed towards the middle of the page where there is more room (when avoiding faces) to put text.
  2. 2. Main TaskMany magazines have their title across the very top so Idecided to do this too, and have the image overlapping.Many rock/indie magazines also use a ‘cracked’ font. Iused this to represent the correct genre, as donesuccessfully with other magazines such as ‘Kerrang!’. I decided to put my date line under the title, this breaks conventions of music magazines, as they usually have the date within the barcode on music magazines. Many magazines use a footer, which I have put onto my music magazine. This lets the reader know what is included in the magazine and what to expect.
  3. 3. Main TaskI chose a consistent house style of I chose to put a mini picture on the cover, to act like ared, white, black and blue through my puff and illustrate the cover line. Kerrang also do thismagazine to keep a style to make the on their covers, as their covers are usually quite busymagazine look appealing and to connote and use lots of images on the cover.the genre of rock/alternative. A convention of music magazines is to offer information and offers on the latest festivals, which I included on a cover line. The majority of music magazines have a barcode on their front page like mine. Though, I chose not to put the price on the front as I thought it would crowd the screen, therefore I thought it would be better on the back page.
  4. 4. Main TaskA pull quote on the contents page isn’t actually thatconventionally, although just like this magazine (Spin) I decided to useone to show a bit about the article that the photo relates to and tocapture the readers interest. Like this magazine I used a box on my contents page to give references to the photographs and credit to the photographer. Usually, there is just a anchor to the photo to tell you underneath.
  5. 5. Main TaskIt is a convention of music magazines tohave your logo/masthead repeated on thecontents page.
  6. 6. Main TaskI also carried thedate line onto thecontents page,as manymagazines dothis.It is also aconvention ofmusic magazinesto havesubheadings toorder thecontents of themagazine andhelp the readerfind what they arelooking for in themagazine.Many contentspages haveanchors to thephotographs, as afurther guide as tofinding the pagethe reader islooking for.
  7. 7. Main Task If a double page spread is on an artist/band they usually put the name up in a big bold font. This is so the artist/band can get publicity and so they Another convention aren’t mistaken and you is to put an anchor can tell straight away who on photos so you they are. can give credit to the photographer.It is convention of all magazinesand newspapers to put thearticles into columns.
  8. 8. Main Task Many magazines, especially ones of the rock/alternative genre have writing over the top of the picture to achieve this attractive look with white font.Most magazines start with asub heading under the titleto sum up what the article isabout because the readerreads it. Page numbers are usually used in magazines, and sometimes a the name of the magazine is included too.
  9. 9. Main Task A pull quote is usually also used on a double page spread so that the reader can tell straight away what the article/interview will focus on and if they would like to read it.Many double page spreadshave a smaller imageincluded, to give furtherdetail, information and publicityfor the band/artist.