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Task 2 and 3


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Task 2 and 3

  2. 2. VIBE FRONT COVER ANALYSISThe mast head uses a gradient colour from Within the use of rule of thirdsblack to red, these are stereotypically Eminem is centred in the pagemasculine colours that would automatically showing his importance to theentice a male audience. article. As the text is in the left and right thirds and in smallerThe cover main cover line uses large font of writing than the main cover line it“Eminem” showing star power and enticing shows the issue is based aroundthe audience as he is a star. Moreover the him again showing his importance.other cover lines are placed around the The cover line “Vicodin. Valium.main image showing the importance of the Methadone” suggests the use ofartist as they frame him. They build a house drugs showing a rough time thatstyle of grey, black and red reaching a male Eminem has had and the captionaudience. “I literally almost died” wouldThe header uses more star power and make the reader question whynames of famous artists to entice the and would therefore want to readaudience further as it shows there is more on.famous people inside the magazine and Moreover the other cover linesthings to find out about these people. suggest a magazine/issue basedMoreover it would target people interested on rap which would appeal toin rap as it uses a flasher on the banner males as it is likely males would besaying “the real rap” giving the impression attracted to a rap magazine.that it is a special rap issue. Moreover more star power is used with names such as “LilThe main image uses Eminem as star Wayne” and “Swagga Jack” whichpower. He has a stern facial expression would be people who are wellwith his arms crossed giving the impression known within the rap genre givinghe is strong and making him seem the opportunity for the reader tointimidating. This would appeal to an have more of a personal insightaudience of males as they would also want into the rap industry of which theyto be this was and to be seen as may find popular.intimidating to other males and may feelthey can relate to him whilst also wantingto read more about his story due to himbeing famous and an aspirational figure.
  3. 3. BILLBOARD FRONT COVER ANALYSIS The mast head of billboard is positioned across the top third of the page behind the main image yet still shown on the left and right thirds of the page. The colours in the round letters of the mast head become a recognisable brand for the reader and would attract younger teenage audiences as it features bright colours. The main image is centred in the page, using star power of Taylor Swift this again would appeal to a young teenage audience, whilst the positioning of the main image over the mast head puts attention primarily on Taylor Swift. The main cover line is large in the bottom right third of the page, using a recognisable name in large font to grab the readers attention and beneath referring to her as a queen creating a figure the audience of young teenagers could aspire towards again focussing the cover on the star. The other cover lines are positioned up the left third of the page around the main image giving the reader an insight into what is in the magazine. Some large copy is used on the cover lines to draw the reader in, as they use one word in bold font, this would grab the attention of the reader making them look in detail at the cover lines, of which would entice the reader further to buy the magazine. Finally the house style of the magazine uses black for the mast head with blue and yellow in the circular letters drawing attention to the reade3r through the use of bright colours whilst again familiarising a reader with the brand. Moreover the cover lines are in yellow and white font, which may be seen as more feminine colours which would entice a younger female audience.
  5. 5. VIBE CONTENTS PAGE ANALYSISThe mast head of vibe is placed in the topright third of the page creating a sense offamiliarity. The heading "contents" is writtenin large font matching the house style of themagazine alongside the mast head catchingthe readers attention as it is large and boldcovering the logo of the magazine which is ina low key lighting to help brand the magazine.The main image in positioned in the bottomuses star power based on the front cover andshows a man with a lot of jewellery showinghe is rich, he looks intimidating which a maleteenage reader would aspire to be like. Finallythe contents is listed down the left third ofthe page in white text standing out from thebackground, yet being understated due to themain image and size of the headings whichshows the importance primarily of the artistphotographed.
  6. 6. BILLBOARD CONTENTS PAGE ANALYSISThe billboard contents page features a house style of blueand white, this matches the blue in the mast headfamiliarising the brand of billboard. The heading “contents”is placed across the top right third of the page in blackstanding out from the white background giving a clearinstruction to the reader it’s the contents page. Moreoverthree secondary images are placed below the heading,using star power this familiarises the reader with them andmakes them want to read on as there are inspirationalfigures featured in the magazine. Moreover the main imageis used along side with star power positioned to the left ofthe page, contrasting with the white background attentionis drawn to the larger picture making the reader want toread the main article of the magazine. Furthermore thecontents page features a chart with the best selling albumsand singles in, this would interest the reader as they openthe magazine they have information on the charts andmusic industry straight away. Finally the contents is listedthrough the centre of the page positioned around the mainimage. Using blue headings which draw attention to thereader and familiarise them with the brand the contents islisted in black underneath. Across the bottom third of thepage features online events and general events to excite theaudience. Overall the contents page gives the reader a largeamount of information about inside the magazine andshows what they could enjoy within the magazine.
  8. 8. DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD ANAYLSIS - BLENDERThe double page spread from The main image on the doubleBillboard magazine is headed in page spread takes up the entirethe top centre third of the page, right page of the spread whilstit is in large black writing the background overlaps behindstanding out from the pale gray the article on the left page. Thebackground it catches the use of star power using Amyreaders eye automatically. The Whinehouse gives the reader ause of what seems to be a familiar and inspirational figuredripping ink font would give the making them want to read theimpression of a tattoo parallel article as they would see thewith the heading “Amy’s Ink large main image straight away asHouse” this would be seen as it takes up the left and centrecool having a tattoo to a young third of the page, with her faceaudience. Moreover the use of taking the top third of the page itstar power is apparent in the gives a large image of her for theheader calling her “Amy” only the audience to familiariseuse of a first name would give themselves with enticing them tothe audience a more personal read the article. Moreover Therelationship with the artist. use of a grey scale picture gives aThe use of the writing in two quirky image to the double pagecolumns gives the reader spread which would entice asomething easy to read. As young reader who may want toBillboard is aimed towards a be different and aspire to be The article itself tells a story of Amy’s arrival somewhere. Theyounger audience they would not different like the star featured in article gives a strong sense that Amy is special and different fromwant to read a lot and would be the article. others. It also gives the impression she is a down to earth star,more interested in pictures which would entice the reader further as it would allow a moretherefore information is given to personal relationship with the star and moreover the magazine as athe reader in easy to read, small whole.columns.