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Questionnaire results

  1. 1. Questionnaire Results Within my questionnaire I used a range of quantitative (Questions with set answers which the audience must chose from) and qualitative (Questions where the audience themselves must think of the answer including thoughts and opinions.) Both quantitative and qualitative questions have advantages and disadvantages. Quantitative data helps give a clear percentage so that you can group the answers and find out what the best solution to a problem is based on a majority. However qualitative data also has advantages as it helps give personal opinion and thoughts to the questionnaire, this will help the editors of the magazine have direct feedback to the audience and they will then be able to directly add features to the magazine which will appeal to the target audience. I asked seven males and four females to answer the questionnaire, they were all between the ages of 15-26, I asked these people as they are the target audience of my magazine, this means I should get their opinions on the magazine as they will be the people reading and buying the magazine. I asked both males and females as I want my magazine to appeal to both males and females as this will increase the range of the target audience so that the magazine can become more popular. I asked people between the ages of 15 and 26 as they are the people most likely to listen to the electronic/club music the magazine is about, this is why they fall into my target audience; thus why I had them complete the questionnaire.
  2. 2. Quantitative Questions Which magazine would you most likely buy Males Females Vibe Kerrang 14% 15% NME 25% NME 14% Mixmag 57% Mixmag 75% From these results we can see which magazine the target audience would prefer to read, we see that the majority of males would prefer to read Mixmag with some interest in Vibe, NME and Kerrang. We also see that the female audience also favoured Mixmag over the other4 magazine with a small percentage saying they would like to read NME. From this we can see what the target audience of my magazine like to read, this allows me to gather important information on what the magazine should look and read like. As Mixmag was the overall proffered magazine it shows me that my magazine should share some features similar to those of Mixmag; this is so the target audience will be familiar with these features and overall enjoy reading the magazine with these features. However due to there being some interest in the other magazine it shows me that the magazine should also have some features which resemble the other magazine, as thi8s would greatly appeal to the target audience.
  3. 3. Quantitative Questions How often do you go to concerts gigs and festivals? Males and Females Number of People 5 4 3 Males and Females 2 1 0 Once a Week Once a Month Once a year Never These results show how often the males and females filling in the questionnaire see live music. This gives me an idea of how in depth the magazine should be as if all the target audience regularly went to concerts I know the magazine would have to provide lots of information to satisfy the reader. However from the chart we can see that most of the target audience go to concerts monthly to yearly, this shows me that my magazine should be detailed but not contain so much information that it puts the reader off. From this chart I can also see how often the magazine should be published, as it shows most of the target audience have a regular interest in music suggesting that the magazine should be published monthly.
  4. 4. Number of People Quantitative Questions How much would you be willing to spend on a music magazine? 3 2 Males Females 1 0 99p £1-£2 £2-£3 Any Price From these results we can see what the target audiences opinion on the price of the magazine is. This gives me a very good idea on how much I should sell the magazine for in order for the magazine to appeal to the target audience. If the price of the magazine is not right and therefore does not appeal to the target audience then less of the audience will but the magazine no matter how good the quality of the magazine is. This is why it is very important to get the price of the magazine correct in order for the magazine to reach maximum sales. From the chart we can see how much the magazine should be sold for according to the members of the target audience who answered the questionnaire; we see that there was a difference between the male and female opinion on the price the magazine should be sold for, we see that a high percentage of the males believed the magazine should be sold at £2-£3 whereas no woman thought the magazine should be sold at that price. However both a high percentage of males and females believed the magazine should be soled at £1-£2. Therefore it would be in the magazine best interest to sell it at this price; as this will allow the magazine to appeal to a larger range of the target audience.
  5. 5. Quantitative Questions Males Monthly 43% How often, ideally, would you like a music magazine to be released? Females Weekly 25% Weekly 43% Fortnightly 14% Monthly 75% From this question the target audience is directly telling us how often they would like to receive a magazine, this corresponds with the results from the question “How often do you go to concerts gigs and festivals?”. This shows us how like in the other question most of the audience would like a magazine monthly, this supports the idea that as they mostly go to concerts monthly they would most likely want a music magazine monthly as well, as this reflects how interested they are in music. As they want a monthly magazine it also allows me to include a monthly summary of the news in dance music; this will also appeal to the target audience as this will match how much information they want to receive from the magazine.
  6. 6. Qualitative Questions Why would you read a music magazine an what would you expect from a music magazine From the results I now know that the majority of the audience want news and information about specific artists and venues. The target audience stated that information on upcoming albums and artists was most important to them as they wanted to be guided on what to buy and who to listen to. The audience also wanted information on clubs and concerts, this is so they know where to see these artists and where they can listen to music the magazine recommends. Some of the audience also stated some features that they would like to see in the magazine, this ranged from including star ratings to guide the audience on what to buy and what to listen to. Another feature was that the magazine should not just give information but include detailed and brief news about a range of artists that are from this type of sub genre of music. This is so the audience can learn about a range of new artists they would have not listened to before rather than learning lots of information about a artist they already know about.
  7. 7. Qualitative Questions What Genre of music would you say you listen to most? Most of the target audience gave a range of music they like to listen to, most included the dance/electronic music the magazine is based on, however a majority included music the magazine does not focus on such as hip hop and pop. Therefore to satisfy this audience I should include features from these styles of magazine; this is so a larger range of audiences will want to read the magazine for the features it includes, even if the music the magazine focuses on does not appeal to them. The fact that a lot of the audience who answered the questionnaire stated that one of their favourite music types is electronic, gives me further evidence that the magazine will appeal to a wide audience and therefore I should ensure the magazine includes features which a wide range of people will like so the magazine appeals to them.
  8. 8. Qualitative Questions Who is your favourite artist/band? From the question the results varied, however most stated that their favourite artist was a dance or electronic type of artist. This means that the magazine is focused on the correct target audience as the audience we asked were interested in the type of music the magazine will offer. This also tells me that the magazine should use some of these artists on the cover of the magazine. This is so a wide variety of people, who are interested in that artist, will therefore see that the magazine includes artists and information which appeals to them. This further engages the audience so they are more likely to buy the magazine. From this I can again see that there is a large audience which the magazine can appeal to, this therefore means I should make the magazine unisex and include features which a large audience will enjoy. This is so more than just the target audience will buy the magazine