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  • we develop best accounting solutions for your organization's increased efficiency,transparency,governance and coordination
    we develop world wide use web based and desktop based accounting and customized IT products for your business automation.
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  • Here is the company profile of Cosmosoft Business Solutions,the best ERP designers,we have many local and international clients and develop client based accounting softwares also,feel free to contact us at,phone#+92-3367239237
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Cosmosoft business solutions

  1. 1. COSMOSOFT BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Best Accounting Solutions developers. Cosmosoft Business Solutions 863- B Fasial Town, Lahore, Pakistan Voice: +92-42-5218424 Web:
  2. 2. Company Information Cosmosoft Business Solutions® was es tablished by a group of unique set of entrepreneurs who had a versatile progra mming skills and vision to develop multi -tier, object oriented data base appli cations, and on line web based mul timedia appli ca tions . In 1997 Cos moSoft® emerged as a tra ditional softwa re house wi th a body of well mana ged, and teamed some energeti c IT professionals trained and experienced in di fferent disciplines of Software development life cycle Cosmosoft Business Solutions ® is one of the solution providers of Enterprise Appli ca tion Development, providing the people products and processing to crea te solution tha t help cus tomers a ccelera te the development, delivery and integra tion of platform computi ng envi ronments . Cosmosoft enables organiza tions to transform thei r enterprise applica tions for the changing technol ogy and business requi rements of the e-business envi ronment, mana ge the applica tion development process, and provide integra ted da ta connecti vi ty a cross the enterprise from the desktop to the Internet. We incorpora te the la tes t proven sta te -of-the-a rt technologies into our designs . Our technical sta ff has considerable expertise spanning a broad spectrum of high technologies. This incl udes programming in languages such as .Net Technologies (Web Development using ASP.Net, Visual Basic .Net etc), Visual Basic 6.0, s cripting languages (Ja va Scri pt/ VB Script / HTML / ASP 3.0), SQL Server 2005/2000, Ora cle 9i , MS Access, Internet Information Server etc. Cosmosoft Business Solutions ® has designed and developed a vast range of applica tions spanning da tabase s ys tems , Internet and Communi ca tion solutions under many di fferent envi ronments . We ha ve yea rs of development experience. This allows us to design and program trul y user-friendl y s ys tem rapidl y and effi cientl y. Cosmosoft Business Solutions ® Strategies in a rapidly growing technology designing future proof application. Business is automa ting all fa cts of thei r opera tions a t fas ter pa ce than ever before, a trend not limi ted to one type of organi zati on. Mid-tier companies a re automa ting more ba ck-offi ce business functions to better posi tion themsel ves for growth. La rger companies, ha vi ng al ready automa ted ba ck end business functions a re creati ng new ma rkets by extending thei r appli ca tions to the Internet. These companies need to take legacy da ta and exis ting applica tions beyond the four walls of the enterprise to communi ca te di rectl y wi th customers and other business pa rtners . Wi th the emergence of the Internet as a business platform, expecta tions and demands of business appli cation users ha ve es calated dra ma ticall y. They expect "anyti me anywhere" access to the business informa tion, a secure envi ronment, and abili ty to easily migra te lega cy da ta and appli cati on to the Web. In addition, they want to be able to incorpora te new technologies , such as Visual Basic. Net, C# .Net, ASP.Net, Visual Basic 6.0, SQL Server 2005/2000, Ora cle 9i , HTML, DHTML, XML, Ja va Script , VB Script . We are experienced in : Development tools: Mi crosoft .Net Fra mework 2.0/3.5 Databases: Mi crosoft SQL Server 2005/2000 Ora cle 10 G.
  3. 3. Reporting: Crys tal Reports 10.2 Mi crosoft Reporting Server Servers: Internet Information Server Mi crosoft Transa ction Server Mi crosoft Excha nge Server Operating System Platforms: Mi crosoft Window 2003 Server Mi crosoft Window 2000 Server Fa mil y Mi crosoft Windows XP/2000 professional, window 7.
  4. 4. Cosmosoft Business Solutions ®’s products based on a modula r and integra ted approach supported by sound and adva nced technology. It designs i n mul ti-tier a rchi tecture, whi ch is s tanda rd client/server a rchi tecture. It promises the performance, maintainabili ty, extensibility, s calability and securi ty. Cosmosoft Business Solutions develops in most popula r progra mmi ng language in the worl d , i .e. .Net Technologies on Windows platform. It compiles the Mi crosoft s tanda rd. Being taken the adva ntage of Da tabase Server la yer, it can be used wi th Mi crosoft SQL Server 2005/2000 or Ora cle 9i as ba ckend Rela tional Da tabase Mana gement Sys tem (RDBMS)
  5. 5. Currently, Cosmosoft is offering following software, which is completely integrated but able to run independently. General Ledger Payable Accounting Receivable Accounting Sales Accounting Inventory Control Inventory Accounting Purchase Order Management Finished Goods Fixed Assets Cane Procurement Cane Management Cane Accounting Payroll System Personnel System Cane Laboratory Analysis System AutoHAZOP (HAZOP Workshop Management System) Fuel (CNG) Sale Management System Hospital Management System School Management System. These modules cover complete accounting procedures, being practiced in the sugar industry and textile and Manufacturing industry of Pakistan. Because of the associated characteristics and extended facilities, these products can not only meet all the requirements of the industry, but can also be used as a comprehensive industry tool required by the senior management. To eliminate the manual interference and discretionary malpractice, most of the components are automated.
  6. 6. Services Offered Strategic and Tactical Consulting (Optimization Review) Application New Integration & Application Application Application Product Maintenance Reengineering Development Implementation Services Services Services Services Strategic and Tactical Consulting to Provides strat egic direction in our specializ ed industry verticals optimize existing business processes as well as process optimization at the tactical level through improved work flows, applications integration and functional enhancements in soft ware and systems infrastructure. Each project is justified on the basis of a rigorous ROI analysis. Application Integration Where our customers choose third party products, this service helps achieve a timely and cost effective integration, functional enhancement and implementation. New application Development Service geared towards developing new applications using state of the art technologies Application Maintenance Service focused on maintaining mission critical applications by timely enhancements and maintenance that ensure minimum disruption to the rest of the application. Application Re-engineering Mass re-engineering (or plat form migration) of an existing application or set of applications.
  7. 7. 1) General Ledger 3/4-Levels Cha rt of Accounts Sub detail hiera rchy in cha rt of a ccount. Group relation in cha rt of a ccount Auto ta x deduction a t voucher Ta x Challan report. Ta x Challan excel file. Ta x deducti on detail. Ta x exemption detail. Below limi t ta x detail . Ba nk Pa yment Voucher. Ba nk Receipt voucher. Cash pa yment voucher. Cash Receipt voucher. Export and l ocal sale voucher Import and Local purchase voucher. Depreca tion voucher. Disposal voucher. Any other type of voucher ca n be defined by user. Vouchers sea rching. Auto ta x pa ya ble voucher. Voucher printing. Cheque Printi ng. Accounts Ledger Sub Sub. Accounts ledger Detail . Accounts Ledger Sub Detail. Accounts Ledger Group Wise. Accounts Ledger Continues. Trial Balance (At All levels of cha rt of Accounts .) Monthl y compa rison of Accounts . (At All levels of cha rt of Accounts.) Trial balance Loca tion wise. (At All levels of cha rt of Accounts .) Trial Balance depa rtment / cos t center wise. (At All levels of cha rt of Accounts.) Balance sheet sta tement. Profi t / Loss Sta tement . Balance sheet Notes (At All Levels.) Profi t / Loss Notes (At All Levels) Cash Flow sta tement (At All Levels) Receipt / pa yment detail . Ba nk Reconciliation. Ba nk Posi tion. Un presented / un credi ted cheques . Adva nce da ted cheques 2) Inventory Control 3/4/5 Level of Items Coding Supports Mul tiple Stores All balances are upda ted in real-time for up-to-the-minute on-s creen Supports Average Rate Auto Genera ted Consumption Voucher For Gi ven Period Inspection Report Audit Trail (UN Pos ted)
  8. 8. Audit Trial (Pos ted) Quanti ty Rejected Summa ry Quanti ty Rejected Detail Inspection Report Good Receipt Note GRN Wise Purchase Free Of Cos t Purchase Wi thout Cos t Of Purchase (Note Free Of Cos t) Purchases With Provisional Ra tes Purchases Item Wise Purchases Pa rty Wise Purchases GRP No Wise Detail Group Wise Purchases Summa ry Purchases IGP No Wise Detail Purchases Pa rty Wise Summa ry Purchases Pa rty / Item Wise Summa ry Purchases Depa rtment Wise Purchases through Purchaser Wise Purchases through Purchaser Wise Summa ry Good Receipt Note Import Cos t Sheet Note Invoi ce during Period Expense Wise Invoi ces Detail Expense Wise Summa ry Container Arri val Report Qty Container Wise Inspection Report Store Note Issue During Period Issue Item Wise Issue Depa rtment Wise Issue Item Wise Summary Store Return Note Return During Period Return Item Wise Return Item Wise Summa ry Item Ledger Stock In Hand Excluding Zero Qty Stock In Hand Nega ti ve/ Qty Value Stock In Hand Duri ng Period Stock In ha nd Ba tch Number Wise Purchase Issue Summa ry Stock taking Report Store Balance Summa ry Store Balance Month Wise Group Wise Cl osing Summa ry Expense Wise Consumption Report Cos t Center Wise Consumption Report Expense Item Wise Consumption Report Expense Wise Consumption Summa ry Consumption Store Wise Summa ry Consumption Credi t Side F. Consumption Reports : Consumption Month Wise Depa rtment Consumption Month Wise Depa rtment Consumption Detail Month Wise Consumption Depa rtment Wise
  9. 9. Depa rtment Wise Store Consumption Store Wise Depa rtment Consumption Store Purchase (Month Wise) Store Purchase (Depa rtment Wise) Depa rtment Purchase Compa rison Depa rtment Purchase s tore Wise Dead Stock during Period Dead Stock Previous Da ys H. Month Wise Compa rison Reports : Consumption Month Wise Store Wise Depa rtment Consumption Store Purchase (Month Wise) Store Purchase (Depa rtment Wise) Depa rtment Purchase Compa rison Depa rtment Purchase Store Wise 3) Fixed Assets Register Fi xed assets purchase. Fi xed assets addi tion. Fi xed assets depreciation (mul ti methods .) Fi xed assets depreca tion schedule. Fi xed assets depreca tion detail ca tegory wise. Fi xed assets depreca tion detail ba tch wise. Fi xed assets trans fer (Alloca tion.) Fi xed assets disposal . Fi xed assets wri te off. 4) Budgeting. Budget notes defi nition for income, expense, capi tal expense etc. Budget entry. Budget anal ysis. Monthl y compa rison of budget. Depa rtment wise budget comparison. Yea r wise budget compa rison. Budget summa ry. Depa rtment wise budget detail sheet. Depa rtment wise budget summa ry. Graphi cal representa tion reports . 5) Account Payable. Defining supplier entry. Entering Invoi ces. Ma tching Invoi ces to Purchase Orders Des cribing the Pa yments Process Processing Mul tiple Pa yments Adjus t Pa yments Crea ting, Appl yi ng, and Releasing Holds on Prepa yments Des cribing the Period Cl osing Process in Pa yables Des cribing the Period Cl osing Process in Purchasing Wi thholdi ng Ta x Process Invoi ce wise a ging detail . Supplier wise aging summary. Ma terial wise aging summa ry. Sub ledgers.
  10. 10. Expense report ma tching. 6) Account Receivable.. Maintain extensi ve cus tomer profile informa tion Mana ge pa yments in mul tiple currencies through a single Interfa ce Displa y and print complete cus tomer informati on (transa ction, YTD purchases, last yea r’s compa risons , etc.) The ability to add new cus tomers . Pa yment Processing. Manual Check Entry. Invoi ce Entry. Repeti ti ve Invoice Processing. Invoi ce Printing. Cash Receipts Processing. Invoi ce wise a ging detail . Supplier wise aging summary. 7) Cash management module Integra tion with Financial Modules . Petty Cash Ma nagement. Cash Account Transfers . Ba nk Account Reconciliation with excel sheet or manual entry. Remi ttance and Pa yment Ins tructi ons . Mul tiple Currencies Support. Cash Account Security. Audit Trail. Ba nk Reconciliation Sta tement. Cash and Ba nk Posi tion/Funds Posi tion. UN presented / UN credited cheques detail. Presented / Cr edited Cheques. Cheque Issue Register. Cash Flow Statement. Cheque Printing. 8) Purchase Order & Purchase Management Purchase demand Purchase enquiry from supplier. Quotation entry and comparison. Quotation approval. Purchase order. Inward Gate Pass. Inspection. Purchase order during period Purchase order item wise. Purchase order party wise. Purchase order pending. Cancel purchase order. Stock in transit. Purchase order comparison month wise. Purchase order comparison party wise.
  11. 11. 9) Payroll Management system • Complete pers onal informa tion. • Pa yroll & Wages / Pa y Slips • Income Ta x Cal culation • Deduction Details • Overti mes • EOBI, S.Securi ty, Edu. Cess • Gra tui ty / Group Insurance • Bonus / Increments • Promotion / trans fer. • Lea ve Encashment • Fi nal Settlement • Sala ry Summa ries • Monthl y / Yea rl y Compa rison • Turn Over / Lea ve Register • Enrollment / Resign Register • Automa ted Attendance (Optional) • Lea ve register. • Dail y a ttendance summa ry. • Special duty employee report. • Outdoor employee report. • Short lea ve report. • Sala ry Certi fi ca te 10) School Management System • Students registra tion • Students informati on • Students a ttendance • Fee paid and a ccrual record • Defaul ter students record • Students Transfer/promotion • Pas t performance • Sta ff profile • Ca mpus ,class,section recordings and reports • Accrual fee record • Opening voucher • Monthl y/qua rterl y pa yments record • Vouchers adjustment • Ba nk pa yment voucher and reversal • Fee Challan • Users ’ authentica tion and protection/users ri ghts . • Trial balance • Ledger • Secti ons ’ subjects and adjus tments • Student’s pa yables and adjus tment including fee refund. • Regis tra tion student address wise report • Regis tra tion student class wise report • Regis tra tion student fail wise report • Regis tra tion student phone No. wise report • Regis tra tion student Tes t date wise report • Student list Phone no. wise report • Student list ca tegory wise report • Student list class wise report • Student list DOB wise report • Student list famil y code wise report • Student list subject wise report • Student list region wise report
  12. 12. • Student list s ta tus wise report Ledger reports including; • Defaul ters STD list • Current STD defaulters list • Sent off defaulters STD lis t • Student securi ty fee • Current s tudents adva nce fee list • Student adva nce fee list • Sent of Students adva nce fee list • Students ’ ledger reports . • Student ledger report summa ry Sugar Soft Management :  Cane Survey & Development  Purchase Procurement Management  Cane Accounting  Loan and markup management system.  Cane Costing  Laboratory and Cane Sampling Cane survey. Registration of growers Villages’ data entry. Total land holding-cultivated and uncultivated Grower, village,Sector and Circle wise. Different type of cane varieties. Area status of grower. Sugarcane Expected yield per acre. Sugarcane expected supply per M.ton. Mode of irrigation (Canal, tubewell). Problems faced by growers. Means of transportation . Survey Category Report Survey Category Summary Detail Summary Report(Grower wise) Survey Summary (Sector wise) Survey Summary (Village wise) Comparative Summary (Year wise) Verities wise cane comparison  Inner and outer Yard Positions. • List of Growers (sectors wise) List of Contractors Sectors Lists (circle wise) Villages List Loading Centers list (sector wise) Depot List (circle wise)
  13. 13. Outer Yard vehicles Reports Inner Yard vehicles reports CPR/DR printing for growers Tipper Unloading Register Out gate vehicles Daily token issue detail. Gross Weight shift wise. Tare shift wise. Gross and Tare real time wise. Yard balance. Cane Purchase. Purchase Sheet detail and summary (Factory Gate , Depot , GD , Check Post) Purchase sheet date wise Grand Purchase summary. Grower Loan Ledger. Source wise Loan Recovery. Contractor supply summary and detail. Village wise cane supply summary and detail. Vehicle wise detail and summary with work order. Vehicle repetition detail. Source wise Loan Recovery. Grower markup deduction ledger Grower markup deduction summary sector wise. Poor deduction detail. Average cost reports. Grower ledger CPR wise Grower ledger summary. Top grower list. Road cess detail. Market fee detail. Cane Crushing Daily crushing detail and summary (Factory Gate , Depot , Check Post , GD) . Daily crushing shift wise. Hourly crushing. Crushing summary and detail sector wise. Total crushing date wise. Crushing sector wise / date wise. Crushing sector wise summary and detail. Crushing sector wise date wise. Cane Payment. Payment Sheet (F.Gate , Check post , depot , GD) Grand payment sheet (Source / Bank Wise) Grower payment voucher Voucher wise payment summary. Source wise payment. Bank wise payment summary and detail. Bank wise less/ excess payment.
  14. 14. Bank Payment scroll (F.Gate , Depot , Check post, GD) Tpt Payment. Tpt Payment scroll Tpt Payment Voucher. Tpt Payment Voucher wise summary. Source wise Tpt payment. Cane Unpaid Sheets. Un paid cane detail and summary(F.Gate , Depot , Check Post , GD) Summary of schedule payment due. Tpt Unpaid Sheets. Un paid Tpt detail and summary(F.Gate , Depot , Check Post , GD) Special Rate Payment. • special rate Payment detail and summary(F.Gate , Depot , Check Post , GD) • Special rate payment voucher • Special rate less / excess payment. Special Rate unpaid. • Un paid special rate detail and summary(F.Gate , Depot , Check Post , GD) • Average cost reports. • Average cost detail. • Average cost summary. • Average cost date wise • Average cost sector wise. • Administrative Reports. • Token updating log. • Gross / Tare Weight updating log. • C.P.R / Rate Updating log. • Grower updating log. • Contractor Billing • Contractor loading bill entry. • Contractor attendance • Contractor quota. • Loading contractor bills • Unloading contractor bills. • Tpt contractor bills. • Depot idles charges. • Cane Sampling • Cane sampling detail sector wise • Cane sampling detail source wise • Recovery Summary Source wise • Recovery summary verities wise • Recovery summary Grower wise • Recovery summary village wise • Recovery summary Shift wise • Token for which sampling is not perform. • Cane Laboratory • Daily Manufacturing. • Daily Performance
  15. 15. Head Office: Address: B-863, Faisal town Lahore Email: Phone: 042-35173051 / 042-35218424 Contact persons: Name Designation Contact no. Javed Khattak CEO +92-321-4149364 Inam Ullah Director of operations +92-345-4576035 Asmat Hayat Marketing manager +92-336-7239237 You may feel free to visit our website;