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  1. 1. Pakistan Ostrich Company
  2. 2. Ostrich meat is “Halal” and it was eaten by companion of Holy Prophet after accepting Islam. Many Muslim countries including Saudi Arab, Iran and UAE are consuming Ostrich Meat.
  3. 3. Mission Statement To establish Ostrich Meat, Leather and Feather Industry in Pakistan, by utilizing the latest tools and best available local and international expertise to promote Ostrich farming and breeding that can meet the demands of consumers and the needs of investors.
  4. 4. Pakistan Ostrich Company is the leading ostrich farming and breeding company of Pakistan. Currently it has the expertise and capability to import ostrich chicks and provide technical support and professional advice in setting up of successful ostrich business. It also assists its clients in managing ostrich breeding and farming, marketing and sales of grown up birds and provides consultancy services for protecting the client investment and assets.
  5. 5. Guaranteed Supply of Quality Chicks Ostrich related Products Frequent Visits Ensuring Farmer Success Complete Lifecycle Management Marketing of Ostrich Meat and other Products
  6. 6. ABOUT OSTRICH An ostrich is a "ratite" - a flightless bird from the same family as the emu, cassowary, rhea, and kiwi. The mature ostrich stands six to nine feet tall and weighs in at between 90 and 160 kilogram. ostrich become widely known for its low-fat, iron-packed red meat as well as its Omega rich, moisturizing oil, fine leather, soft fluffy feathers and large white eggs. In the last few years, ostrich farming has progressed dramatically and the world ostrich industry has achieved some economic stability.
  7. 7. meat leather feathers Eggs • Free of fats • Tastes like deer’s meat • Finest in the world • 4 times stronger than cow • Used for dusting • Manufacturing hats and dresses • Equals to 24 chicken eggs • Hard shell, sold as showpieces
  8. 8. Ostrich Oil usage * Sunburn * Blisters * Dry Skin * Skin Cuts * Skin Burns * Chapped Lips
  9. 9. Species ostrich Cholesterol (mg) 83 Calories 142 Protein %26.9 Iron (mg) 3.2 Fat Grams 3.0
  10. 10. Birds, Leather, Eggs Price Chicks 30 to 60 days old $325.00 Chicks 61 to 90 days old $425.00 Fresh Eggs $45.00 each Egg Shells $15.00 each Egg Shells $120.00 per dozen
  11. 11. Commercial Ostrich Farming Getting Started Nutrition Hatchery Management Incubation Requirements Health
  13. 13. What other countries are practicing Ostrich farming? Ostrich farming is now being done in countries all over the world including (but not limited to) China, Taiwan, India, Japan, Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, Israel, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and others
  14. 14. Is Environment of Pakistan suitable for Ostrich Farming? Primarily, Ostrich is a desert bird and that’s why, warm and extreme environment is highly recommended for Ostrich Farming. Fortunately, Pakistan Environment is very hot in summers and cool in winters. Due to this weather pattern, Pakistan is an ideal country for Ostrich farming.
  15. 15. What are Requirements for starting an Ostrich Farm? A cemented floor of 250 sq. ft. is sufficient for 50 Ostrich Chicks age between 2 to 4 months. Afterwards, these 50 birds are transferred to muddy land of 1500 sq. ft. where it can pass it entire life Supply of drinkable water Labor: one person is capable of managing a 50 bird’s farm.
  16. 16. How do you compare Ostrich with other Cattle animals currently farmed in Pakistan? No other animal multiplies itself as fast as Ostrich. Cow procreates only one calf per year while Ostrich produces at least 50 chicks every year. Unlike Chicken meat, Ostrich meat is free of any unnatural harmful treatment. Ostrich is immune to diseases . Ostrich meat is similar to mutton or Deer Meat. Also, ostrich eats lesser that any other animal including goats, sheep and cows.
  17. 17. What and how much an ostrich eats? An ostrich lives on any cattle fodder. But during early six months of life it needs special feeds for better growth. It gains more weight with lesser amount of fodder. With only 3 Kg food, it gains 1 Kg weight, unlike cow which gains 1 Kg after intake of 20 Kg food. An ostrich, age between 2-4 months, eats half Kg special feed per day. A grown up Ostrich, with 9 feet height and 100 Kg weight, only eats 2-3 Kg Alfalfa per day. Ostrich needs water double than its food intake.
  18. 18. What are major Risks while operating an Ostrich Farm? After two months, there is almost no risk of natural mortality in Ostrich. Ostrich is almost immune to diseases and epidemics including bird flu 2 months after its birth. However, eating any harmful ingredient like glass, or nail etc. can cause Ostrich mortality. However, at the age of four months, Ostrich is sensible enough to decide what is suitable to eat and does not take any dangerous item releasing farmer from mortality risk.
  19. 19. From Where Ostrich Farmers can receive technical Assistance? Pakistan Ostrich Company is responsible to provide every technical assistance and consultancy to farmers on Farm construction, Ostrich food and medication and precautions. POC also trains farmer and its staff to ensure success of Ostrich farm. Are there some Ostrich farms currently operating in Pakistan? Numerous Ostrich farms with 25-200 Birds have started their operations in Pakistan under guidance of Pakistan Ostrich Company. Main farms are in Karachi, Suhawa, Attock, Chakwal, Lahore, and Bahawalpur. New farms are opening in Thatha, Hyderabad and Ranipur.
  20. 20. Profitability of Ostrich Farms
  21. 21. An Ostrich farm of 50 Birds can earn minimum 10 million rupees per year . by selling chicks for only PKR3000/Chick it can earn minimum 30 million rupees by selling Ostrich Meat for only PKR200/Kg. One egg costs between 1000- 2000 Pakistani Rupees. While Ostrich skin is sold to leather industries at price between PKR 10,000 to PKR 16000. There is a well established Export Market for Ostrich Meat and leather in Iran, Saudi Arab and UAE. Farmers can opt to sell their Ostriches, meat, and leather themselves at any rate
  22. 22. Four Major markets for Ostrich and its products Fancy Bird Market Pakistan Ostrich Company Pakistani market Export Market Live Ostrich Market
  23. 23. The 2 biggest problems by far are: Poor nutrition including incorrect feeding, feeding cheap feed and feeding the wrong feeds. Farmers do not maintain the right environment for the ostrich.
  24. 24. Thank you