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Results of questionnaire


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Results of questionnaire

  1. 1. Results & Analysis of Questionnaire Asmaa Tanveer
  2. 2. Our first question was ‘how old are you?’ the majority of respondentsanswered they were aged between 17-19 as the percentage was 47% andthe second highest age group was 14-16 year olds as the percentage was36%. By asking respondents their ages we were able to identify our targetaudience, this made it easier for us to know that this specific age groupwanted in a horror film.
  3. 3. Our second question in our questionnaire asked ‘what is your gender?’ byasking this question we were able to get a better understanding of whatour target audience wanted to see in our horror film. The results showedthat there were more women to men as the percentage was 53% to 47%;this meant that our main target market was women.
  4. 4. ‘On average how many times do you go to the cinema in a month?’ thiswas the third question asked in our questionnaire, a significant 77% of thepeople answered on average they went to the cinema 1-3 times in amonth. By asking this question we were able to identify if our target marketwere socially active and to find out if they used cinema as the mainmethod of film consumption.
  5. 5. Our fourth question was ‘what is the most common paradigm?’ by asking thisquestion we were able to recognise the most common and popular paradigm used ina horror trailer we were able use this information and include the paradigms in ourhorror trailer. The results showed that respondents thought that ‘Knifes’ and ‘murder’were the most common paradigms of a horror movie trailer this helped us recognisewhat our target market wanted to see in our horror movie trailer and also helped us touse certain iconography to help make our genre clearer to the audience.
  6. 6. Our next question was ‘what is the best setting for a horror movie trailer?’the two most popular answers from our questionnaire were ‘a playground’and ‘isolated house’ by asking this question it allowed us to distinguishwhat our target market wanted to see in a good horror movie trailer. Inaddition we are going to use these answers in our horror movie trailer tomake it meet the audience’s wants.
  7. 7. ‘What is your favourite type of villain?’ this was also another question weasked people, our reason for asking this question was to find out whattype of villain in order to get an idea of what kind of a negative characterpeople wanted to see in our horror movie trailer.
  8. 8. ‘Do you believe the male gaze is necessary in a horror movie?’ A largeproportion of respondents answered ‘no’ with a percentage of 70% and30% replying ‘yes’, it was important to ask this question to find if themale gaze was necessary in a horror film as most horror film consistedof the male gaze, as most of our respondents were mainly women theyanswered ‘no’ as they didn’t like the idea of women being seen as sexualobjects.
  9. 9. Next question we asked was ‘how do you consume films?’ this questionwas asked to find out the main ways the target market consumed films, themost popular answer was ‘TV’ this showed us that the target market likedto watch films from the comfort of their own home. Further to this thesecond most popular answer was ‘online’ this was because it wasconvenient, easy and cheap as they were mainly students and was a costeffect method.
  10. 10. ‘What type of sub-genre do you prefer?’ this question was asked to findout the most favoured sub-genre amongst our target market so we couldincorporate the sub-genre into our horror movie trailer. The two mostpopular sub-genres were psychological and super-natural.
  11. 11. ‘What trailer did you find most effective?’ the most effective trailerpeople thought was ‘The ring’ this was because they thought the trailerused good paradigms such as isolated house, darkness and screamswhich perfectly fit into the super-natural sub-genre. The use of settingalso helped the trailer to be successful and effective amongst theaudience.