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I can describe the climate13


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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I can describe the climate13

  1. 1. I can describe the climate
  2. 2. Pour (with rain): the whole of space and everything in it, including the planets and stars.
  3. 3. Soaking wet soaked :extremely wet
  4. 4. Drizzle : :rain lightly. With very small
  5. 5. Rainbow: an arch of many col-ours that sometimes appear in the sky when the sun shines through rain.
  6. 6. Bitterly cold : extremely cold
  7. 7. chilly: a little too cold to be comfortable.
  8. 8. Mild: warmer than usual for the time of year
  9. 9. Heat wave: a period of unusually hot weather
  10. 10. Muggy syn humid : warm and damp in an unpleasant way
  11. 11. Gale: a strong wind.