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3 Abs Workout Mistakes


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3 Abs Workout Mistakes

  1. 1. ==== ====For great weight loss tips, CHECK THIS OUT! ====I have logged thousands of personal training sessions over my career and everybody wants toknow more about abs workouts and abs exercises.My clients want to know how to lose stomach fat and get a six-pack, or at the very least they justwant to lose stomach fat so they have a firm abs that look good in their clothes (and naked).I cant blame them. Who doesnt want a nice looking midsection? Who doesnt want to get firm absor get lean enough they can say they have a six-pack.The problem is that 99% of them all have the same misconceptions about abs workouts and absexercises and how to really lose stomach fat and get firm abs.Ive narrowed down the mistakes, myths and misconceptions surrounding abs workouts and absexercises to my top 3.These 3 abs workout mistakes are made by just about everyone Ive ever trained, designed aprogram for, or consulted.Are you making these same mistakes?1) Spending too much time doing crunches. Im just going to come right out and say dontneed to do crunches to get six pack abs and you sure as heck dont need to do crunches to losestomach fat or even get a firm abs.Crunches simply dont work enough muscle and dont burn enough fat calories to be thought of asa worthwhile exercise in order to lose stomach fat, let alone get firm abs or a six-pack.Spending 20 minutes a day doing hundreds (or thousands) of crunches is like electing Big Bird orElmo president.Sure they may sound good and have all the answers, but it just doesnt make much sense electinga puppet to such a high office (sorry, that was my attempt at a joke).Doing hundreds, or even thousands, of crunches will strengthen your abdomen, thats for sure, butwhat does it matter if you still have a layer of flabby goo covering up all the hard work?Instead you need to focus on full body workouts and full body abs exercises in order to losestomach fat fast and get the firm, toned stomach or six pack abs youre after.
  2. 2. Take for instance this abs workout, using only full body abs exercises, I designed for a client. Dothis mini-circuit before your regular workout, when youre still fresh, so you can really hit your abshard.1A) Dumbbell Overhead Squat - 10 reps1B) Mountain Climbers - 30 seconds1C) Reverse Plank - 30 secondsDo that in a circuit format, resting 20 seconds after the final exercise before repeating it again 2 or3 times. Do that for a few week and youll definitely see a difference in your abs and you will losestomach fat.2) Throwing all your hard work out the door by eating poorly. What good does it do to work so hardin your fat loss workouts only to come home, or leave your home gym, and eat junk?What sense does it make that after all your hard work, you ruin it with poor eating habits on a dailybasis? This is quite possibly one of the dumbest things you could do. I dont mean to be rude, Imjust trying to put it bluntly.If you want to lose stomach fat and get firm abs, or even six-pack abs, you need to clean up yourdiet and stop eating so poorly. You need to quit eating processed junk found in boxes and bagslike crackers and chips, stop eating things like bagels and processed breads and start eating morefruits, vegetables, lean proteins, nuts, legumes and healthy fats.You also need to start eating multiple times throughout the day, and this especially means eatingbreakfast. It also means cutting out the late night snacking and cutting down on alcohol.You know what to cut out, so do it.Remember what your goals are. You want to lose stomach fat and you want to get firm abs. Eatlike it!3) Not actively flexing, or bracing, your abs in every exercise. Its sad that I have to say this, but alltoo often, people dont actively flex their abs while doing an abs exercise.I dont know why. Youd think that because youre doing an abs exercise that youd be flexing yourabs hard every repetition, but too many people just go through the motions and to way too fast.You need to slow down and actively flex your abs when youre doing an abs exercise. And forevery exercise thats not an abs exercise, you need to brace them like somebody is about topunch you in the stomach.Doing so will ensure that you learn to "control" your abs and make sure that when you do losestomach fat that youll have a defined and toned midsection worthy of praise.I also want you to think of it this way...every exercise should be an abs exercise. If you brace yourabs during every single exercise in your fat loss workout, youll essentially turn every singleexercise into an abs exercise. Doing a chest press, brace your abs. Doing a lunge, brace your
  3. 3. abs. Every single exercise you do, whether youre working your abs specifically or not, should beturned into an abs exercise.If you stop making these vital abs workout and abs exercise mistakes, and start doing full bodyworkouts with full body abs exercises, I guarantee that youll begin to lose stomach fat and get firmabs (and maybe even that sought after six-pack) in no time.Learn how to lose body fat quicker than you ever thought imaginable by going to fast, time efficient fat loss workouts found in Fat Loss To Go have helped busy men andwomen lose fat faster than they ever could have imagined.The workouts found in Fat Loss To Go can be done in the comfort of your own home with limitedequipment in as little as 15-20 minutes! To learn more go to Source: ====For great weight loss tips, CHECK THIS OUT! ====