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Yeditepe University Retailing Management Course Project

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M&M's World Türkiye

  1. 1. M&M’s World - Türkiye Business Plan - Focus on Retail Strategy<br />Aslı Karabulut<br />Yeditepe University - Retailing Management<br />
  2. 2. AGENDA<br />Company & Brand<br />M&M’s Products<br />Market Analysis<br />Strategy and Implementation<br />Conclusion <br />
  3. 3. Company<br />Mars, Incorporated is a worldwide manufacturer of confectionery, pet food and other food products with US$30 billion in annual sales in 2008, and is ranked as the 5th largest privately-held company in the United States by Forbes. Headquartered in McLean, the company is entirely owned by the Mars family. Mars operates in six business segments in the U.S.: <br />Chocolate <br />Petcare<br />Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company <br />Food <br />Drinks <br />Symbioscience<br />
  4. 4. Company History<br />1882 – Frank C. Mars learns how to hand dip chocolate after having a mild case of polio impairing his ability to walk.<br />1902 – Frank C. Mars marries Ethel G. Kissack.<br />1904 – Forrest Edward Mars, Sr. is born.<br />1911 – Frank C. Mars and his second wife start making and selling butter cream candies. This leads to renting their first candy factory where they employ 125 people. They sell their products to the largest chain. The candy had to be made and delivered daily since there was no refrigeration.<br />1920 – Frank C. Mars moves to larger quarters where again he starts in the basket candies business. Called the “Nougat House”, the candy produced during this period is named “Patricia Chocolates” after his daughter.<br />1922 – Frank introduces the MAR-O-BAR to his candy range. With rented factory space Frank begins a campaign for larger distribution. Now known as the MAR-O-BAR Company, the company is doing business of less than $100.000 per year. Unfortunately the MAR-O-BAR proves too delicate to stand up well under transportation.<br />1923 – After 3 years of research, in September, the MILKY WAY candy bar is introduced and is an instant success. Sales increase to $793.000 and a full-time sales staff is hired.<br />1929 – Mars Inc., with approximately 200 workers relocates to Chicago and starts full production in plant which still exists today. <br />1930 – The SNICKERS Bar is introduced.<br />1932 – Frank C Mars gives his son $50.000 and the candy formula for MILKY WAY to start his own confectionery business. Forest E. Mars, Sr. sails to England and starts Mars Limited. The first product produced is the MARS Bar.<br />1934 – Frank C. Mars dies.<br />1935 – Mars Limited is renamed Mars Confectionery and acquires Chappel Brothers Ltd. UK-based canned dog food company beginning its association with top-quality pet foods.<br />1936 – MALTESERS chocolate balls are introduced.<br />1939 – Mars Inc., experiments with new advertising medium, radio. Sponsoring local radio quiz show, Dr. IQ, the Chicago plant temporarily manufactures a bar of the same name. Cat food, KITEKAT is first advertised in the UK.<br />
  5. 5. Company History<br />1940 – While the MARS Bar is produced for troops in the UK, Forrest E. Mars, Sr. returns to US and establishes M&M limited. It is later renamed M&M Candies.<br />1941 – M&M’s Plain Chocolate Candies are introduced hand packed in a paper tube to sell in warm weather.<br />1942 – Mars opens the first commercial rice parboiling plant. The company becomes known as UNCLE BEN’S Inc. in 1959.<br />1950 – The first M’s are printed on M&M’s Plain Chocolate Candies. The slogan “Look for the M on every piece” is created.<br />1951 – Chappie Ltd manufacturing is moved to Melton Mowbray.<br />1954 – PAL Food for Dogs enters the UK market under the name MEET. This is changed to PAL in 1959. M&M’s Peanut Chocolate Candies are brought to the market. The color used to print the “M”s is changed from black to white.<br />1955 – Four Square is formed as a division of Mars Confectionery in the UK to deliver office drinks solutions to businesses around the globe.<br />1957 – Chappie Ltd is renamed Pedigree Petfoods Ltd.<br />1958 – WHISKAS food for cats is launched in the UK. The success of M&M’s Plain Chocolate candies leads to the construction of a new plant.<br />1959 – The principal office of Mars Inc is moved from Newark to Washington D.C.<br />1960 – CHUM dog food is launched in the UK. The advertising slogan “A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play” is first used in the UK.<br />1964 – Mars Inc builds a site called Peanut Craftsman in the heart of Albany Georgia’s peanut belt to ensure a reliable source of high-quality nuts for SNICKERS candy bar and M&M’s Peanut Chocolate Candies. CHUM dog food is rebranded PEDIGREE CHUM and begins its long-standing association with the Crufts Dog Show in the UK. <br />1965 – The Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition is established in the UK to identify the dietary needs, preferences and behavior of pet animals. This knowledge is then applied to the products to better satisfy the needs of domestic pets.<br />1967 – The Uncle Ben’s of Australia pet food business is established in Wodonga, Australia.<br />1968 – Kal Kan Petfoods is acquired in the USA and Mars begins its association with American dog and cat owners and their pets.<br />1969 – Forrest Mars, Sr. retires.<br />
  6. 6. Company History<br />1973– The first-ever, in cup-drinks machine is developed by KLIX. Unlike traditional vending systems, KLIX drinks have all the ingredients measured beforehand and then mixed in the cup. This guarantees the taste of the drinks and ensures that each drink is of a consistently high standard.<br />1977 – All senior / general managers worldwide meet in Easton and formalize the five principles. The first European rice mill for UNCLE BEN’S products is built in Olen, Belgium. In the same year the product launches in Brazil.<br />1980 – To further expand the Food Business, Mars purchases KoenviserProdukten, B.V. in OudBeijerland, Netherlands. The primary business is a line of oriental products under the SUZI WAN brand name. Weights of the M&M’s bags / MARS bars are increased by an average of 10%, while maintaining their current price. <br />1981 – The FLAVIA single serve beverage concept first appears.<br />1982 – Mars becomes the first candy in space when M&M’s are chosen by the first space shuttle astronauts to be included in their food supply. SHEBA cat food is launched in Germany in an exclusive aluminum tray format, delivering exquisite food for cats. Small dogs are offered their opportunity for fine dining two years later with the launch of CESAR dog food.<br />1983 – Launch of rge FLAVIA freshbrew system an innovative system for the preparation of hot drinks using fresh ground coffee and real leaf teas within a single portion pack. The first “Five Principles of Mars” booklet is published and distributed globally across the Corporation.<br />1984 – The principal office of Mars,Inc. moves into custom-built, self-owned offices in Virginia. M&M’s Plain and Peanut Chocolate Candies and SNICKERS candy bar are announced “Official Snack Foods of the Olympic Games”.<br />1985 – Chilled pasta launches in the UK under the name ALORA, later DOLMIO.<br />1986 – ALORA becomes DOLMIO in the UK, France and Benelux countries.<br />1987 – FROLIC dog food is launched in Brazil followed two years later by PEDIGREE dog food and then WHISKAS cat food.<br />
  7. 7. Company History<br />1990– The MARS candy bar and M&M’S chocolate candies are announced official sponsor of the Soccer World Cup in Italy.<br />1991 – More than 23 tons of SNICKERS, MILKY WAY, MARS and RAIDER candy bars go on sale for the first time in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) as Master Foods Central Europe opens offices in Poland, Czech Republic and Russia. PEDIGREE SELECT DINNERS foods for dogs is launched and later renamed CESAR food for small dogs.<br />1992 – Mars,Inc. becomes the single worldwide food sponsor of the 1992 Olympic games. FLAVIA launches in Japan. <br />1993 – A range of cooking sauces under the nameUNCLE BEN’S is launched in the US and the rice brand celebrates its 50th anniversary. Mars China opens its first manufacturing facility in Beijing, manufacturing DOVE brand block chocolate with fruit and nuts. <br />1994 – SNICKERS sponsor the Soccer World Cup in the USA.<br />1995 – A range of UNCLE BEN’S salsa dips launches in the UK as a new food factory opens in the Netherlands. New York City’s most iconic building, the Empire State Building, colors its lights blue to announce the launch of blue M&M’s Chocolate Candies. <br />1996 – FLAVIA launches in the US.<br />1997 – SEEDS OF CHANGE organic food and seed business is purchased in Santa Fe, New Mexico.<br />1998 – Start your engines! The #36 Pontiac of NASCAR racing team MB2 Motor Sports is sponsored mainly under the SKITTLES brand. In 1999, the Skittles Pontiac takes pole position at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the first time. <br />1999 – Forrest E. Mars, Sr. dies at the age of 96 in Miami.<br />
  8. 8. Company History<br />2000– M&M’S Chocolate Candies become “The Official Candy of the New Millenium” MM is the Roman numeral for 2000.<br />2001 – The US public is asked to vote on whether Lemon flavor STARBURST candies should be replaced with Green Apple. Lemon wins by a huge margin. Royal CaninPetfoods is purchased by Mars, and this leading French brand of nutritional petfood is introduced globally.<br />2004 – KLIX Outlook vending machine is launched in the UK, France and Germany, featuring a choice of color schemes and a greater range of drink choices. FLAVIA wellbeing range is introduced to restore natural balance, featuring caffeine-free herbal teas including Lemon Calm, Herb Red, Green Tea with Jasmine, Exotic Chai.<br />2005 – The in-home FLAVIA system, FUSION is launched, offering consumers high quality drinks to savour at home.<br />2007 – Four Square / Flavia Beverage Systems changes its name to Mars Drinks. NUTRO petfoods is welcomed into the Mars stable of leading petfood brands.<br />
  9. 9. Company – Principles of Mars,Inc.<br />
  10. 10. Company – Well known Brands<br />
  11. 11. M&M’s Brand<br />M&M's (named after the surnames of the company founders Mars & Murrie) are dragée-like "colorful button-shaped candies". The candy shells, each of which has the letter "m" printed in lower case on one side, surround a variety of fillings, including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, crisped rice, mint chocolate, peanuts, almonds, orange chocolate, coconut, pretzel, wild cherry, and peanut butter. M&M's originated in the United States in 1941, and are now sold in over 100 countries.<br />
  12. 12. M&M’s Brand<br />They are produced in different colors, some of which have changed over the years. The difference between the different colored M&Ms is the dye added to the outer coating.<br />
  13. 13. M&M’s Brand History<br />1941 – Welcome to the World: M&M’S Chocolate Candies are introduced to American Gıs serving in WWII<br />1948 – A New Look: The M&M’S packaging changes from a tube to the famous brown bag we know today.<br />1950 – Making a Mark: The very first “M” is imprinted on the candies in black giving them a unique trademark.<br />1954 – A Year of Introduction: M&M’S Peanut Chocolate Candies are introduced; the tagline “melts in your mouth, not in your hand” is born and the world famous M&M’S characters make their TV debut.<br />1960 – Mix It Up: M&M’S Peanut Chocolate Candies get remixed with new colors – Yellow, Red and Green.<br />1976 – Orange Ya Glad?: The color orange makes it debut to the M&M’S color mix.<br />1980 – Across the Land: M&M’S Chocolate Candies are introduced internationally to Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.<br />1982 – Out of This World: M&M’S Chocolate Candies rocket into space, and have been a part of shuttle missions ever since.<br />1984 – The Olympics Games: Get Sweeter M&M’S Chocolate Candies are named the official snack food of the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, California.<br />1995 – Feelin’ Blue?: Over 10 million people vote to add Blue to the color mix. GO BLUE!<br />1996 – What’s New?: It’s a great year for M&M’S for two big reasons- M&M’S MINIs Milk Chocolate Candies are introduced and COLORWORKS is launched, giving M&M’S lovers the chance to make their own color mixes from 21 different colors.<br />
  14. 14. M&M’s Brand History<br />1997 – It’s Easy Being Green: Green makes her hugely successful TV debut. In addition, M&M’S World opens its doors in Las Vegas.<br />1998 – Y2Kandy: M&M’S Chocolate Candies are named the official candy of the new millenium.<br />1999 – Simply Irresistible: New M&M’S Crispy Chocolate Candies make their debut as does their spokescandy Crispy a paranoid fellow obsessed with his own cripiness.<br />2002 – Purple Days: Millions of M&M’S candy lovers vote online in the first-ever Global Color Vote to pick a new color. Purple is victorious in the unprecedented global election.<br />2004 – Say it With M&M’S: www.mymms.com begins offering personalized M&M’S allowing consumers to custom print on 17 vibrant colors of M&M’S Milk Chocolate Candies.<br />2005 – The Mpire Strikes Dark: M&M’S runs the Mpire promotion to tie in with the Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith movie release. M&M’S were offered in a dark variety for the first time.<br />2007 – Show ‘em Your Character: M&M’S reveals Lady Liberty’s fun side with a fifty-foot statue in NYC harbor. The smiling statue kicks off a new campaign encouraging all Americans to create their M&M’S characters at mms.com.<br />
  15. 15. M&M’s - Products<br />Product Categories<br />Chocolate<br />Merchandise<br />Store Concept<br />
  16. 16. M&M’s - Products<br />Chocolate<br />
  17. 17. M&M’s - Products<br />Chocolate – Customized Gifts<br />
  18. 18. Chocolate – Customized Gifts<br />M&M’s - Products<br />
  19. 19. M&M’s - Products<br />Chocolate – Customized for Weddings<br />
  20. 20. M&M’s - Products<br />Chocolate – Corporate Gifts & Personalized Packaging<br />
  21. 21. M&M’s - Products<br />Chocolate – Customized for NFL<br /><ul><li> Arizona Cardinals
  22. 22. Atlanta Falcons
  23. 23. Baltimore Ravens
  24. 24. Buffalo Bills
  25. 25. Carolina Panthers
  26. 26. Chicago Bears
  27. 27. Cincinnati Bengals
  28. 28. Cleveland Browns
  29. 29. Dallas Cowboys
  30. 30. Denver Broncos
  31. 31. Detroit Lions
  32. 32. Green Bay Packers
  33. 33. Houston Texans
  34. 34. Indianapolis Colts
  35. 35. Jacksonville Jaguars
  36. 36. Kansas City Chiefs
  37. 37. Miami Dolphins
  38. 38. Minnesota Vikings
  39. 39. New England Patriots
  40. 40. New Orleans Saints
  41. 41. New York Giants
  42. 42. Oakland Raiders
  43. 43. Philadelphia Eagles
  44. 44. Pittsburgh Steelers
  45. 45. San Diego Chargers
  46. 46. San Francisco 49ers
  47. 47. Seatlle Seahawks
  48. 48. St. Louis Rams
  49. 49. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  50. 50. Tennessee Titans
  51. 51. Washington Redskins</li></li></ul><li>M&M’s - Products<br />Chocolate – Customized for MLB<br /><ul><li> Arizona Diamondbacks
  52. 52. Atlanta Braves
  53. 53. Baltimore Orioles
  54. 54. Boston Red Sox
  55. 55. Chicago Cubs
  56. 56. Chicago White Sox
  57. 57. Cincinnati Reds
  58. 58. Cleveland Indians
  59. 59. Colorado Rookies
  60. 60. Detroit Tigers
  61. 61. Florida Marlins
  62. 62. Houston Astros
  63. 63. Kansas City Royals
  64. 64. Los Angeles Angels
  65. 65. Los Angeles Dodgers
  66. 66. Milwaukee Brewers
  67. 67. Minnesota Twins
  68. 68. New York Mets
  69. 69. New York Yankees
  70. 70. Oaklans Athletics
  71. 71. Philadelphia Phillies
  72. 72. Pittsburgh Pirates
  73. 73. San Diego Padres
  74. 74. Seattle Mariners
  75. 75. San Francisco Giants
  76. 76. St. Louis Cardinals
  77. 77. Tampa Bay Rays
  78. 78. Texas Rangers
  79. 79. Toronto Blue Jays
  80. 80. Washington Nationals</li></li></ul><li>M&M’s - Products<br />Chocolate – Customized for NBA<br /><ul><li> Atlanta Hawks
  81. 81. Boston Celtics
  82. 82. Charlotte Bobcats
  83. 83. Chicago Bulls
  84. 84. Cleveland Cavaliers
  85. 85. Dallas Mavericks
  86. 86. Denver Nugget
  87. 87. Detroit Pistons
  88. 88. Golden State Warriors
  89. 89. Houston Rockets
  90. 90. Indiana Pacers
  91. 91. Los Angeles Clippers
  92. 92. Los Angeles Lakers
  93. 93. Memphis Grizzlies
  94. 94. Miami Heat
  95. 95. Milwaukee Bucks
  96. 96. Minnesota Timberwolves
  97. 97. New Jersey Nets
  98. 98. New Orleans Hornets
  99. 99. New York Knicks
  100. 100. Oklahoma City Thunder
  101. 101. Orlando Magic
  102. 102. Philadelphia 76ers
  103. 103. Phoenix Suns
  104. 104. Portland Trail Blazers
  105. 105. Sacramento Kings
  106. 106. San Antonio Spurs
  107. 107. Toronto Raptors
  108. 108. Utah Jazz
  109. 109. Washington Wizards</li></li></ul><li>M&M’s - Products<br />Chocolate - Disney<br />
  110. 110. M&M’s - Products<br />Chocolate - Disney<br />
  111. 111. M&M’s - Products<br />Merchandise<br />Apparel<br />Men’s<br />Ladies<br />Youth<br />Infant / Toddler<br />Bags & Luggage<br />Headwear<br />
  112. 112. M&M’s - Products<br />Merchandise<br />Home&Office<br />Bed<br />Bath<br />Home Decor<br />Kitchen<br />Drinkware<br />Magnets<br />Office<br />Pens<br />
  113. 113. M&M’s - Products<br />Merchandise<br />Collectibles<br />Dispensers<br />Seasonal<br />Ornaments<br />
  114. 114. M&M’s - Products<br />Merchandise<br />Toys and Games<br />Games<br />Plush<br />Sports<br />
  115. 115. M&M’s - Products<br />M&M’s World Store Concept<br />New York<br />Florida<br />Las Vegas<br />
  116. 116. M&M’s - Products<br />M&M’s World Store Concept<br />
  117. 117. M&M’s - Products<br />M&M’s World Store Concept<br />
  118. 118. Market Analysis<br />Industry Analysis – FMCG<br />Worth 30,7 billion $.<br />Cleaning products market has 2,7 billion, cosmetics market has 2,4 billion$ worth of market share.<br />Cigarettes market has a endorsement of 19 billion TL.<br />Consumption of potato chips per person is 950gr. The market size is 700 million $.<br />Annual consumption of coke is 30 lt / people.<br />Annual consumption of yoghurt is 30 kg/ people. (The biggest market in the world)<br />The fastest growing country in CHOCOLATE MARKET!<br />
  119. 119. Market Analysis<br />Industry Analysis – FMCG<br />The size of world Chocolate Market is 75 billion dollars.<br />Consumption rate is 6.000.000 tons / year.<br />Turkey is the fastest growing market. (10% growth)<br />The size of Chocolate Market in Turkey is over 1 billion dollars.<br />Ülker is the market leader with a 52% market share followed by Eti.<br />
  120. 120. Market Analysis<br />Company Analysis<br /><ul><li>Limited experience in global markets for M&M’s World brand.
  121. 121. Global brand with high brand awareness
  122. 122. Experince in Europe and Middle East
  123. 123. Personalization–important for Gen Y!
  124. 124. Young Population
  125. 125. Increase in wedding rates
  126. 126. Growth in economy
  127. 127. Growth in online shopping
  128. 128. Stable macro economy
  129. 129. Health issues
  130. 130. Strong local brands</li></li></ul><li>Market Analysis<br />Market Segmentation & Target Market Groups<br />
  131. 131. Strategy & Implementation<br />
  132. 132. Strategy & Implementation<br />LOCATION<br /><ul><li>Free standing stores
  133. 133. Currently in New York and Las Vegas
  134. 134. Enclosed malls
  135. 135. Currently in Florida
  136. 136. Online
  137. 137. Websites (M&M’s , My M&M’s, M&M’s World)
  138. 138. Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter)</li></li></ul><li>Strategy & Implementation<br />COMMUNICATION MIX<br /><ul><li>Conventional Communication Channels
  139. 139. Television
  140. 140. Radio
  141. 141. Newspapers and Magazines
  142. 142. New Media Channels
  143. 143. Internet
  144. 144. Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed)
  145. 145. E-mail; E-Newsletter</li></li></ul><li>Online Presence<br />We plan to build a local Turkish website and expand the functionality of the website so that it becomes a substantial revenue stream for M&M’S Türkiye.<br />Although it is difficult to predict online sales activity, we believe the potential exists for online sales to become a substantial percentage of the revenue. <br />“Household Information Technologies Usage Research for 2010” indicates that 41,6% of households have an internet connection. 26,3% of households which do not have an internet connection stated that they don’t need to use internet. <br />
  146. 146. Online Presence<br />15% of the individuals using internet have ordered and purchased goods online. Considering the rising trend for internet usage and online shopping; an online store will be launched with the first store.<br />Products entitled for online sales are:<br />Chocolate Category: Customized M&M’s.<br />Merchandise: Apparel, Home and Office, Collectibles, Toys and Games<br />Special downloadable offers good at the M&M’s Worlds will be posted from time to time on the website. <br />To build sustainable relationships with the consumers, social media channels will be used. Social media channels used by our target market and our website will be integrated.<br />The website will also function as an online brochure and enable visitors to see M&M’s World stores, get directions and maps, see our product range and find out about special events.<br />
  147. 147. Online Presence<br />Website Marketing Strategy<br />All communications materials will include the M&M’s Türkiye website address. For the media an online press kit will be available which will include downloadable photos, PR releases, stories of interest, testimonials, bios of key management, and logos.<br />We will host online “events” for our customers. For example, one of our spokescandies goes online to chat with visitors to our website in Turkish. Or we may support a local charity’s fund-raising activities. This will provide us with the opportunities for media coverage.<br />Eventually, when more stores are opened, the website will function as an intranet through a password-protected area. Here, company rules, regulations, news, chat, live internal announcements, in-house education programs and virtual meetings will take place.<br />
  148. 148. Online Presence<br />Social Media Marketing Strategy<br />All communications materials will include the M&M’s Türkiye social media addresses. A local Facebook Fan Page will be created. To engage our target market applications and social games will be used. Applications will be developed by the digital agency or if necessary a social media agency. Twitter pages “/mmsred” and “/mmsgreen” will be localized. <br />
  149. 149. Online Presence<br />Development Requirements<br />M&M’s Türkiye plans to employ a digital agency to create a digital strategy for the M&M’s Worlds and build an online presence in accordance with the strategy. If needed, a Social Media Agency will be employed.<br />The maintenance of the site will be done by the agency. For the further improvements, a Digital Marketing Communications Officer will be recruited. This staff will be in charge of planning the digital marketing efforts, liaising agencies and developing guidelines for the online presence of M&M’s Türkiye. <br />
  150. 150. Strategy & Implementation<br />PRICING<br /><ul><li>Prices depend on the product category you want to buy. The customized M&M’s can be bought for a higher price than the regular ones. </li></li></ul><li>Strategy & Implementation<br />STOREDESIGN & DISPLAY<br /><ul><li> Big free-standing stores where available.
  151. 151. Stores Enclosed in malls are also spacious.
  152. 152. Spacious colorful display to draw attention.
  153. 153. Activities in store. </li></li></ul><li>Strategy & Implementation<br />CUSTOMER SERVICE<br /><ul><li> International Shipping.
  154. 154. Customized products.
  155. 155. Online customer service – Information Center.</li></ul>http://www.mymms.com/account/customercare.aspx<br />
  156. 156. Strategy & Implementation<br />MERCHANDISEASSORTMENT<br /><ul><li>Categories
  157. 157. Chocolate
  158. 158. Merchandise
  159. 159. Items in Each Category
  160. 160. Chocolate Category: Regular Chocolate Candies, Flavored Chocolate Candies, MINIs, Premium, Ice Cream, Customized M&M’s.
  161. 161. Merchandise Category: Apparel, Home& Office, Collectibles, Toys and Games</li></li></ul><li>M&M’s World Türkiye?<br />
  162. 162. Thank You!<br />twitter.com/asli101<br />