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Vryno CRM Product Overview.pdf

  1. Vryno CRM One Product, One App, One Solution
  2. Profit Profit Customers Customers Difficulty increases with Customer Volume
  3. Limitated ways of Prospecting No Sales Pipeline Management Lack of Automation No Follow-up Trackers No Performance Tracking Data Loss Messy & Confusing Data Human Factors Reasons for Reduced Profits
  4. Close your Deals Faster with Lead Tracking, Sales Optimization & Automation
  5. Over 1000 Businesses Vryno CRM!
  6. CRM for your Business User Friendly Interface 01 Multiple Organization Support 02 Application Buffet (50+ Integrations) 03 04 API's Available 05 Lead Management Customer Management Cases Management Project Management Reports & Analytics 06 07 08 09
  7. Why choose Vryno CRM? 48% increase in Sales Volume and Revenue per Sales Rep Customer Retention boost by 38% Drop of 22% in sales and marketing expenses An increase of 500% in sales conversion rate 41% shorter sales cycle
  8. One Product, One App, One Solution Omnichannel Sales Performance Automation Customizable Productivity
  9. What is Omnichannel Communication? Various channels or means of engaging with customers and integrating them so that the customer experience is smooth regardless of the channel they use. Omnichannel Communication Email Telephony Social Media Whatsapp/SMS
  10. How can Vryno CRM help you know your team’s Sales Performance? Sales Performance of a company depends on the contribution of individual Sales Reps.Vryno not only helps them keep track of their pending follow-ups but also helps them focus on things that matter via Sales Automation Sales Performance Call/Meeting Reminders Task Management Sales Automation Sales Pipeline Management
  11. How can Automation help your Sales Team? The sales process is full of repetitive, administrative tasks, from data entry to task management. Sales automation software automates many of these administrative duties so sellers can spend less time clicking around a CRM system and more time working with customers Sales Automation Greet your Leads Lead Creation & Assignment Notifications & Reminders Upsell via Automated Mails
  12. Software Testing What is a Low Code No Code Platform Low-code and no-code development platforms are tools for people who either do not know how to code or have no time to code. Whereas these low- code and no-code frameworks are built on actual coding languages like PHP, Python, and Java, end users are not concerned with the specifics. Customisable Low Code, No Code Platform Create Custom Modules Choose Fields you need Custom Navigations Setup Custom Workflows
  13. How can Vryno help you increase your Sales Productivity Using your CRM to manage your time helps you avoid data duplication and makes sure you have access to everything you need. A big part of productivity is focusing your attention on the most important tasks. CRMs like Vryno collate these actions into a single view and allow you to filter by specific time periods. Productivity
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