What's Your Weight Loss Plan?


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Best weight loss plans for busy moms? Check This Out

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What's Your Weight Loss Plan?

  1. 1. ==== ====For An All Natural Weight Loss & Nutrition plan that helps you lose weight fast and safely. And itWorks!!! Check This Out!www.weightloss4busymoms.com==== ====I have had to re-evaluate my business a hundred times since Ive been self employed. I havechanged my website 100+ times, I have tried different marketing approaches, I have createddifferent products and services, I have seriously put a lot of time, money and energy into growing,and I have faith it will pay off. Which is exactly why I pay for business coaches. I dont want tocontinue "trying things" I want solutions. Fear of failure will only keep me exactly where I am at, soI put my money where my mouth is and invested. This is all true of weight loss. How many weightloss methods have you tried? How many have worked temporarily but are impossible to keep up?How much time, money and energy have you invested in losing weight? It is time for your answerjust as it is my time for my answer in business.So, lets devise a plan! Just like my business and marketing coaches have me do with mybusiness. We are going to create your life/weight loss plan. As Geneen Roth stated on Oprah onMonday, what do you want on your headstone, "She was thin" or how about something muchbigger?Ideal Day/Life: My coaches tell me that in order to properly run a business I have to identify myideal client. Otherwise I am running around like a chicken with their head cut off marketing towhomever comes in front of me. Same goes for you. What is your ideal life? What do you want todo everyday? How do you want to feel when you wake up, go to sleep? What do you want peopleto remember about you? If you dont identify this stuff its no wonder you havent found a plan thatworks. Put in the time to figure out what you want your life to look like, then begin living it! Dontworry about diet and exercise, live your ideal day, then, change it as time goes on.Your Brand: My brand promise is to help people lose weight for the VERY LAST TIME! Literally,you will never, ever, ever, EVER have to worry about losing weight again. What is your brand?Who are you? What do you bring to the world everyday you are here? What do you want to bringto the world? What accomplishments do you desire? The more clear all of this is, the better youwill feel everyday in your body, a body that knows exactly what it is meant to do everyday.Differentiators: Very important question: what makes you different? In business it is imperative Icommunicate what makes me different. What makes you different? You are not just a mom,teacher, wife, husband, dad, coach...whatever. You are so much more than that. My coach saysthe biggest selling point in my business is ME! I am the difference. My personality, mycompassion, who I am and where I have been makes me an amazing coach/personal trainer.What about you, what makes you different than the next 47 year old mom of two kids who works?We all have a purpose here on planet Earth. We are all absolutely incredible and unique for areason. We have specific talents and hobbies for a reason. We are all capable of living huge,
  2. 2. amazing, fabulous lives. We are meant to leave here with pages of accomplishments and reasonsfor being alive, not simply, "she was thin."The No Diet Weight Loss Coach http://www.michellehastie.comAfter struggling with her own weight, Michelle, owner of Live Big Today seeks to be the coach thatinspires you to live a healthy slim life. She spent time, money and energy obsessing over herweight gain and found no answers to remove it quickly. After a tragic car accident, Michelle lostweight sitting on the couch, unable to move. She became inspired to learn why, and also removedall the rest of her weight while enjoying all of the foods she loves, and only performing themovements she is excited about. She would love to help motivate every person out there to learnfrom their personal journeys and use their weight gain as empowerment to live big. Her programsare designed to help people lose weight without dieting, extreme exercise or punishment. Hercompany is the only company looking to help you lose weight, reduce stress and discover peacewith the use of coaching to help you overcome limiting beliefs, excuses and fears while providingyou with VIP service.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Michelle_Hastie==== ====For An All Natural Weight Loss & Nutrition plan that helps you lose weight fast and safely. And itWorks!!! Check This Out!www.weightloss4busymoms.com==== ====