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  1. 1. ABOUT AND Main Reasons Why USERS Should INSTALL ABOUT AND Explanations Why USERS NEED TO INSTALL TRACKERS: Before proceeding, it is important to learn and to know what it means when talking about in order to have the answers of the items one might be managing as well as the proper steps to look at before jumping into conclusion the facts? This can be a question platform, Latvia-based social network website which is among the newest strain of web applications to emerge most favored with Irish children although may be used worldwide and also by anyone. Young Irish people use many similar websites which might be accessible online with much ease but is the one leading its rivals for example Spillit and Formspring. Its services are based on the type of communication where people are given the ability to ask questions and receive answers or in other words exchange controversial questions and answers only that here, the privacy terms provide such that the communication is completed totally anonymously that may creating room for abusive, sexualized and bullying language that can induce damage or else tamed properly. However, when used accordingly, it’s this kind of outstanding site which is capable to offer very exciting and joy and will only hurt when abused. The resolution to the questions could be in both two formats, that of the video or what text. The members are able to anonymously browse other users profiles and when they deem fit, from the same anonymous manner, have the option to directly submit questions to them. A reverse phone lookup is so simple and easy to work with (precisely why it really is favored by multiple number of individuals mostly youngsters) since users can pose a matter to all users or simply one specific member and in turn may also reply to any question that will get into their feed. Example of which questions includes a) That which was your recent most embarrassing moment? b) If you won the lotto, how would you act wonderful that fortune? c) What is the best movie which you have watched recently? d) The very last video you watched on You Tube was? Etc.
  2. 2. is especially integrated along with other famous site based on social network examples being ü Twitter, ü Tumblr, and ü Facebook. Therefore users are equipped with the ability to invite friends they've got or maybe followers so that you can ask them questions by entering in their timelines or twitter feeds to post links to them! They're able to also answer the profile of other users through Facebook by simply clicking ��liking’ on the wall or they can share questions to users. Your options are many and non-avoidable after you join! premiered on 16th June year 2010 like a Formspring’s rival and right away, overtook it in as much as worldwide traffic generation is involved. Its service rapidly become popular worldwide comprising of an approximate number of eighty millions users around 2013, on a daily basis posting over thirty million questions which makes it among the two hundreds website which can be favorite by individuals in the whole world. The subsequent would be the names of those who created it 1. ILJA TEREBIN, 2. OSKARS LIEPINS, 3. MARK TEREBIN, 4. KLAVS SINKA, and 5. VALERIJ VESNAKOV. It has good features which make things easy and comfortable for a persons, gradually added from the time it was launched and as time passes
  3. 3. Around 2011 on April, the feature that was introduced in was that regarding video answering which helps users to create solutions to question asked of them through recording videos with aid from webcam. Within the same year on May, another new feature was designed by which provided a gamers which has a possiblity to tag other users by placing @ symbol followed by the username. In December the identical year, the disabling anonymous questions and other functions in Privacy settings were introduced. At the end of December that very same year, a best selling feature was added which encourage the users to find new interesting members to follow. Finally, In 2013 June, applications on Android and iPhone were released. Unfortunately, in between 2012 and 2013, a development of some unbecoming behavior took track, and therefore the site that's said to be fun was then connected with several installments of cyber bullying, many of them turned so serious that they are responsible for several suicide cases on distinct youngsters specifically on teenagers! What followed was that, there is a negative response from probably the most notable media forms including BT, SPECSAVERS and Sun newspaper whereby they begun to severe links using the! Therefore, it was clear that to be able to maintain reputation and get away from scandals that were being for this bullying, abusive and sexualized language, there rouse the necessity to have the ability to locate the IP and Usernames with the anonymous people especially individuals who were afflicting the poison around the globe as well as perhaps with the realization that tracking is going to be enhanced, such behaviors can be minimized. Ask FM Tracker: This program is for anonymous individuals the communication site and it is main function would be to track the IP address and the Username of their users especially the ones employed to bully, abuse and sexually afflict other users inside the site.
  4. 4. The project was started through the owner after being picked on by some anonymous users who sent hate in a major way! Eventually the property owner grew sick and tired of those users and was motivated to flash them out also to stop such behavior and maybe teach the planet a lesson that might restrict users from victimizing others on the site and if not face consequences associated with the behavior. Hence the owner after permanently failing to locate a tracker that could assist on his hateful situation, he attended school and for some number of years learned programming! Being experienced enough to adopt treating the dreadful situation it took him efforts and finish this system but he achieved it anyway and now now you may download it which help steer clear of the poison from spreading further! Issues that triggered innovation of Ask FM tracker: Best of all is that the fun site became dangerous to children bringing on some committing suicide after being bullied and hate took control! By having an knowing that the Ask FM question application only causes harm when abused, it may be risky particularly for children since the said abusive behavior have widely spread. The web page contains sexualized, abusive and bullying content and one only has to skim over the site and find out how unchecked posts is really so detrimental on the face of the world. This is accomplished carelessly on account of uniqueness of Ask FM where anonymity is guaranteed and its biding promise to its followers on Twitter how the information posted therein by anyone, won't be released!