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Data Entry


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Data Entry

  1. 1. Data Entry India is primarily focused in providing a full spectrum of BPO - Business ProcessOutsourcing Services in the area of data entry services, data processing, data conversion,web research, insurance form processing, scanning and risk analysis for medium sizedenterprises. Many companies are already using the Internet to do their research. It offers afast and convenient way to access a large quantity of information. Internet research can bea valuable and easy way to access information. You can find a variety of resources online.However, it is important to be cautious while doing research. Internet marketing researchprovides businesses with the opportunity to learn much more about their target market.The World Wide Web contains plenty of precious data related to world markets andindustries that can be put to good use for making critical business decisions. Data Entry Indiais an IT Outsourcing and Web Research Company based in Ahmedabad, India. According to aworldwide survey, India is the most favourable destination for offshore outsourcingservices. Web research agencies provide technological support for use within the companyas well a more generalized study of online products and their market trends. Hiring aresearch agency allows the company to differentiate its products from that of other players.We provide following Web Research outsourcing services:Email ResearchMailing Address ResearchProduct / Services ResearchPricing ResearchCompetitor ResearchTrend ResearchAdvertising ResearchMarket and Location ResearchBrand, Corporate Image ResearchInternet Product ResearchOnline research for database creationCharts & Image SearchKeyword searchesProduct & Market ResearchCatalogues & Rates SearchPurchasing research reportsCompilations of Data ResearchGeneral Vendor ResearchCompanies ResearchDeals and schemes researchLegal Procedure ResearchCorporate identity and trends researchDemographic information
  2. 2. Outsource web research / online research services to us to increase your companys profitsand reduce companys in house costs (administration costs) upto 65%. Our goal is to helpour clients establish lasting relationships with their clients and customers.Discover the many benefits of outsourcing web research Pay only for web research required…and compare the costs with a full-time employee! Greatly reduce overhead costs and save on office space Quality work delivered exactly when you need it Accurate and timely delivery on your projects Professionals from a wide range of industriesWe have searched for data and information related to following business subjects :Opportunities, Market Size, Types of Products & their Classification, Characteristics,Specifications, Price, Available Packages, Trends & Innovation in Industry, DistributionChannels, Dealers, Distributors, Retailers, Top Competitors, Key Competencies, Strengths &Weaknesses, Marketing Strategies, Communication Practices.You can CONTACT US at any time with queries regarding your web research outsourcingneeds as we provide 24×7 customer support.