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  • I would add a slide here about where you can fin d a suit…expensive, moderate, and consignment shop type prices. Just because you are on a tight budget doesn’t mean you can’t look professional…type slide… trendy can be good in certain industries eg) fashion. This cut off is OK cause they are both “headless” 
  • Interview Attire

    1. 1. Dressing for the Interview Career Development Center
    2. 2. Interview Attire for Women • Matching two piece skirt or pant suit in a conservative color (black, navy or grey) • Skirt at the knee or below (NEVER mid thigh) • Unpatterned blouse with conservative neckline • Sheer and conservative pantyhose. Trouser socks should be worn with shoes • Basic, understated heels or flats are great (no platforms, straps or open toes!) • Remove body piercings and wear only one pair of simple earrings • Minimal make up or perfume • Padfolio/briefcase for copies of your resume • Small purse **Many clothing closets and consignment shops have great suits that you can have altered!**
    3. 3. WOMEN: Business Formal is Expected! Business Formal Business Casual
    4. 4. Interview Attire for Men! • Matching two piece suit in a conservative color (black, navy or grey). A vest is not necessary. • Simple tie that matches suit and shirt (no clip on —watch a YouTube tutorial if you don’t know how!) • Plain button down dress shirt (white or blue are the most professional/conservative). • Dark polished dress shoes that match your suit (absolutely NO WHITE socks!) and a dark belt. • Remove all facial piercings and earrings. • Clean shaven face and clean trimmed nails. • Minimal cologne/no cologne. **Many clothing closets and consignment shops have great suits that you can have altered!**
    5. 5. MEN: Business Formal is Expected! Business Formal Business Casual
    6. 6. WOMEN: What NOT to wear!
    7. 7. MEN: What NOT to Wear!
    8. 8. Professional Shoes
    9. 9. Keep your appearance professional! Hair: Keep it simple Makeup: Less is more
    10. 10. Nails? Tattoos?  Your nails should be clean.  A man's nails should be kept short and a woman's nails shouldn't be excessively long and should be bare or polished in a neutral color. Tattoos should be covered!
    11. 11. Perfume or Cologne? • Go easy! You don’t want to offend your interviewer, he or she may even be allergic.
    12. 12. Do I have to buy a new suit? As long as your suit is in good condition and not outdated, you don't have to buy a new one. If you decide to purchase a new suit, make sure you don't get anything too trendy! You want your investment to last.
    13. 13.  Expensive - $280.00 Macys  Moderate - $110.00 JC Penny's  Consignment - $50-$80 Just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t look professional! Short on funds? Not sure where to shop? Remember: The goal is to find something that fits you and gives off a professional appearance!
    14. 14. What should I carry to an interview? • Don’t forget extra copies of your resume, pen, pad of paper and the list of your references • You want to look professional. Leave the backpack at home and keep the cell phone turned off! • Carry a purse? Make sure it is a small to medium-sized professional-looking handbag. • Don’t forget your padfolio? You’ll need it to take notes! Make sure it is clean and conservative in color.
    15. 15. What NOT to bring to an interview  Gum  iPod  Coffee or any other beverage  Facial piercings  Flashy jewelry
    16. 16. If you are still not sure, contact us: Career Development Center Cleveland Hall 306 716-878-5811 BuffState Career Development Buffalo State Career Development Center (CDC)