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  1. 1. Buddhism
  2. 2.  Buddhism,based on theteachings ofSiddharthaGautama
  3. 3. The birth, enlightenment and parinirvana (death with no rebirth)took place on the day of the full moon during the month of May.This has been declared Buddha Day by the United Nations . Buddha’s Teaching: The four noble truths are: There is suffering. There is cause for suffering. There is cessation of suffering. There is path leading to the cessation of suffering.
  4. 4. Two majorbranches ofBuddhism arerecognized:Theravada ("TheSchool of theElders") andMahayana ("TheGreat Vehicle").
  5. 5.  Attainment of enlightenment: Aim : To attain final liberation called Nibbana. Instruments : Mind and Body (Nama-rupa). Procedure : Follow the Noble eight-fold path i.e.