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RDAP14: Collaboration and tension between institutions and units providing data management support


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Research Data Access and Preservation Summit, 2014
San Diego, CA
March 26-28, 2014

David Minor, University of California, San Diego
Amanda Whitmire, Oregon State University
Stephanie Wright, University of Washington
Lisa Zilinski, Purdue University

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RDAP14: Collaboration and tension between institutions and units providing data management support

  1. 1. Collabora'on  and  tension  between   ins'tu'ons  and  units  providing  data   management  support       David  Minor,  University  of  California,  San  Diego   Amanda  Whitmire,  Oregon  State  University   Stephanie  Wright,  University  of  Washington   Lisa  Zilinski,  Purdue  University   RDAP  Summit  March  26-­‐28,  2014,  San  Diego    
  2. 2. …  aka       How  did  you  start  talking  to  …?     How  did  you  get  them  to  …?       Where  did  you  get  the  support  to  …?     Can  you  believe  they’re  also  …?    
  3. 3. Our  glorious  panel:     OREGON  STATE  -­‐  Amanda  Whitmire  -­‐  @AWhitTwit     PURDUE  -­‐  Lisa  Zilinski  -­‐  @l_zilinski     WASHINGTON  -­‐  Stephanie  Wright  -­‐  @shefw       UC  SAN  DIEGO  -­‐  David  Minor  -­‐  @pemulis  
  4. 4. Why  are  we  here?   •  Many  ins'tu'ons  are   entering  second+     genera'ons  of  service     •  Other  en''es  are   par'cipa'ng  in  our  world     •  “Our”  world  isn’t     “ours”  alone  
  5. 5. What  are  we  presen'ng?     •  Quick  environmental   scans   •  Deeper  dives  into  our   work   •  Where  we  are  now  and   what  we’re  seeing  
  6. 6. •  Intro     •  Each  panelist  -­‐  15  mins  or  so     •  Panel  and  audience  discussion  -­‐  40  mins  
  7. 7. General  sec'on  flow   •  Introduc'ons  -­‐  university  informa'on,  program  informa'on,  etc.   •  Scope  of  services   •  Data  services  within  organiza'on   •  External  units  offering  services   •  Tensions   •  Collabora'ons   •  Things  that  did  or  didn’t  work   •  Future  direc'ons  
  8. 8. Timeline  of  Data  Services  at  OSU   UL  &  library  admin.   recognize  need  for  role   of  RDS  on  campus  that   requires  a  dedicated  FTE   late   2011   Sept.   2012   Data  Management   Specialist  starts   Oct.   2013   Data  survey   launches   Strategic  Agenda  in   place*   Jan.   2013   GRAD  521   launches   Jan.   2014   *Sufon,  Shan;  Barber,  David;  Whitmire,  Amanda  L.  (2013):  Oregon   State  University  Libraries  and  Press  Strategic  Agenda  for  Research   Data  Services.  Oregon  State  University  Libraries.     hfp://   ESI  
  9. 9. Scope  of  Data  Services  at  OSU  
  10. 10. InformaMon  Services/   Central  Networking    -­‐  Offer  secure,  dark  storage    -­‐  Google  Apps  for  Educa'on    -­‐  GB  range,  not  TB   College-­‐level  IT  support   &  data  storage  services    -­‐  College  of  Science    -­‐  College  of  Engineering    -­‐  College  of  Earth,                      Ocean  &  Atmos.  Sci.    -­‐  College  of  Forestry   Center  for  Genome     Research  &  BiocompuMng    -­‐  “big  data”  storage   Libraries External  units  &  data  services  
  11. 11. InformaMon  Services/   Central  Networking    -­‐  Offer  secure,  dark  storage    -­‐  Google  Apps  for  Educa'on    -­‐  GB  range,  not  TB   Center  for  Genome     Research  &  BiocompuMng    -­‐  “big  data”  storage   Libraries College-­‐level  IT  support   &  data  storage  services    -­‐  College  of  Science    -­‐  College  of  Engineering    -­‐  College  of  Earth,                      Ocean  &  Atmos.  Sci.    -­‐  College  of  Forestry   External  units  &  data  services   data  storage  ≠  data  cura'on   data  storage  ≠  data  access  &  sharing   data  storage  ≠  data  preserva'on  
  12. 12. Other  happenings   The image part with relationship ID rId8 was not found in the file. Analysis of data management plans as a means to inform and empower academic librarians in providing research data support. National Leadership Grant LG-07-13-0328, Oct 2014 – Sept 2015 Data  management  plans     As  a  Research  Tool   The  DART  Project  
  13. 13. Research  &  Grants   •  Data  Cura'on  Profiles  (DCP),  2007   •  Databib,  2010   •  Data  Informa'on  Literacy,  2010   •  Purdue  University  Research  Repository,  2011  
  14. 14. SupporMng  &  PromoMng  Research   Libraries   Faculty   Subject  librarians:   Libraries  faculty  have   dual  role  of  conducMng   research  and  providing   services  ranging  from   teaching  to   consultaMon  to   collaboraMon  on   grants   Data  Management   Distributed  Data  CuraMon  Center   Data  &  Metadata  Unit   Data  EducaMon  Working  Group     Publishing   University  Press   e-­‐Pubs  IR     Rights  Management   University  Copyright  Office   OVPR   Research  Admin   Sponsored  Programs   RCR  &  IRB     ITAP    Central  IT   HUBzero   Rosen  Center  for      Advanced  CompuMng   Disciplinary   Faculty   College,  department,  labs,   centers,  campus  iniMaMves  
  15. 15. OREGON  STATE   •  Public   •  3  campuses   •  26,000+   students   •  3400+  faculty   •  $240M+   funding   •  Agriculture,   Forestry,  Earth,   Ocean  &  Atmos   Sci,  Engineering   PURDUE   •  Public   •  5  campuses   •  74,000+   students   •  4900+  faculty   •  $345M+   funding   •  Engineering,  Sci,   Agriculture,   Health  &  Human   Sci     WASHINGTON   •  Public   •  3  campuses   •  51,000+   students   •  4300+  faculty   •  $1.4B+   funding   •  Engineering,   Environment,   Health  Sciences  
  16. 16. CONTACT  INFO   UC  SAN  DIEGO  -­‐  David  Minor        @pemulis                   h^p://­‐curaMon     OREGON  STATE  -­‐  Amanda  Whitmire    @AWhitTwit         h^p://     PURDUE  -­‐  Lisa  Zilinski            @l_zilinski                   h^ps://     WASHINGTON  -­‐  Stephanie  Wright      @shefw                   h^p://­‐data.html