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Data Curation Models JHU Barbara Pralle RDAP12


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Data Curation Services Models: John Hopkins University
Barbara Pralle

Curation Service Models panel
Presentation at Research Data Access & Preservation Summit
22 March 2012

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Data Curation Models JHU Barbara Pralle RDAP12

  1. 1. Data curation services models: Johns Hopkins University Barbara E. Pralle RDAP March 23, 2012
  2. 2. Exploring the data curation waters JHU DMS (Ripple across domains) DRDC/Data Conservancy (Deep Dives)
  3. 3. Data curation as continuum • Widely ranging and emerging domains • Existence of data standards inconsistentIndividualResearcher • Researcher’s required to prepare dmp • Researchers seek to use each others’ data Emerging research • Researchers recognize value in aggregated data clusters • Consistent standards for data deposited • 3rd party management of repository or archive Establishedcommunities • Development of discovery tools Note: Inspired by Palmer, C. (2011, July 7). Data Curation and Research Libraries. Address at the Data Curation Symposium, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore MD
  4. 4. How did we get here?• 1995 – Digitization of Levy and Roman de la Rose collections.• 1997 – Creation of DKC (later the Digital Research and Curation Center.)• 1999 – Established the Entrepreneurial Library Program.• 2005 – Deep curation needs explored with SDSSII. Review of repository infrastructure and platforms.• 2008 - Data archiving partnerships.• 2009 – Data Conservancy NSF award and work begins on use cases• 2010 – DC Sustainability Team - DMP pilots• 2011 – Launch of the JHU Data Management Services
  5. 5. How did we get here? continued DRCC ELPRoman de la Rose, Fee based Levy collection JHU DMS contractual SDSSII, Walters service modelsData Conservancy Rapid serviceexpertise/systems launch
  6. 6. JHU Data Management Services scopeData Management Planning while preparing an NSF proposal:• Understand all data products• Review operational data management• Questionnaire• Discuss archival data management needs and options• Review domain repository options• Provide JHU Data Archive information• Clarify language and help researcher iterate a 2 page plan
  7. 7. JHU Data Management Services Scope continuedArchiving of research data:• In-depth data management plan preparation• Recommend metadata standards• Transfer data into JHU Data Archive• Manage data for researcher so he/she can find, access, and use.• Archive conducts integrity checking and format migration in the future.• Archive will enable tools such as feature extraction.
  8. 8. JHU Data Management Services Scope continuedJHU Data Management Services does not provide:• Unlimited archiving of data over time• Operational data management• In-depth curation of the data• Written data management plans for researchers to edit• Boilerplate language for data management plans• Not currently, data management solutions for encumbered data (IRB, security, etc.)
  9. 9. DMS launch: 3 facets of sustainabilityFinancial Sustainability Human Sustainability Technical SustainabilityNSF Proposal/Award data Analysis of data types across Business school capstonesresearch domains analyzing storage, disaster recovery, and TCOHuman and hardware costs and Pilots with researchers Analysis of data volume and typesanalysisBudget Projections to deans Questionnaire and process iteration Review of technical lessons from past archiving partnershipsService center model established July 2011 launch of consultative Hire Software developer toto support post award services services contribute to DC IRD teamAssessment meetings every 2 Recruit and hire 2 consultants October 21011 DC instancemonths established for JHU Data ArchiveOngoing marketing of services to Training and building knowledge Participate in DC community agilepromote use development processAnnual recalibration of direct Build technical team Pursue RFI for storage solutions tofunding model support service
  10. 10. Phased launch and future expansion• Jan – June 2011 – piloted DMP support across university• July 2011 – formal launch of NSF proposal DMP support for 4 schools funding service• October 2011 – established JHU Data Archive (DCS instance)• Future: a) expand beyond NSF, b) expand to other schools across university, c) possibly provide additional operational data management planning, d) expansion of data archiving services for growing individual or domain collections, e) possible provision of services to other institutions who strategically choose not to set up their own operation
  11. 11. Questions? Thank you!©2012 The Sheridan Libraries of The Johns Hopkins University