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Assignment 1: MBA 595
Abhinav Singh
Stuart School Of Business

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  1. 1. OBSERVING<br />Assignment 1<br />Created by : Abhinav Singh<br />MBA 595<br />Jan 22 2011<br />
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  12. 12. Emotions<br />I took the pictures of various things which all relates to one concept: ‘Emotions’ <br /> (Picture 1) Something as powerful as Sun can be taken hostage so easily, as we, the most powerful species on planet are slaves of our emotions. We carry symbol of emotions, reminding us of our priorities (Picture 2). Affinity towards light(warmth/love) is one of the most primitive emotions of humans (Picture 3). It has always been our quest to distinct ourselves from crowds (Picture 4). We are the only species that can adapt and fit even where we don’t belong (Picture 5) and because of our emotional strengths, we even find stability in tensed situation (Picture 6). We fight our own nature constantly (Picture 7) and sometimes pile up unnecessary thoughts (Picture 8). Its time we see the big picture (Picture 9) and contain our energy to make this world beautiful (Picture 10)<br /> Abhinav Singh<br /> (Observing our race)<br />