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Take back control of your e-mail inbox!

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  • You’re each here for a different reason. From what I learned over the years, there seem to be four main problems that contribute Inbox overflow. I’m guessing some of you have volume issues, you just get too much e-mail. You try to keep up, but really, you just get to those important ones or feel behind on your responses.
  • Some of you have “normal” volume, but your issue is that you have a job that only allows you to check e-mail a few times a day/week. So when you do check, you’ve got TONS and are likely to ignore anything that’s not high priority.
  • Then there are the procrastinators. That was me! They always get to those high priority e-mails, but those that can wait sit in their inbox until a slow Friday afternoon when you go crazy and play catch up.
  • Inbox Zero

    1. 1. Inbox ZeroPresented by Amber SimonsenPierce Transit Taking Control of Your E-mail
    2. 2. Objectives Smart Folders Empty Your Inbox E-mail Processing Tolerance levels
    3. 3. Face the FactsTime & Attention are finite Demands are infinite Your job is not e-mail E-mail is a tool
    4. 4. 100+ e-mails a day
    5. 5. Checks e-mail twice a day
    6. 6. I’ll deal withyou later…
    7. 7. Inbox Residents
    8. 8. VolumeTimeAvoidanceControl WHAT’S YOUR ISSUE?
    9. 9. Inbox Zero• Not new• Doesn’t work for everyone• Phase coined by Merlin Mann – 43 Folders• All about action
    10. 10. Inbox Zero: E-mail ProcessingE-mail Processing: Delete Delegate Do/Respond Defer File Photo by Örvar Atli Þorgeirsson
    11. 11. DeleteRead it, Delete itIf you can’t delete it RIGHT NOW, either: - place it in your hold folder - or file it
    12. 12. DelegateForward it and
    13. 13. Do“Could you send Sally your report draft?”“I’ll send you comments by the end of the month”“Would you get with Harry to work on that draft to bring to the meeting?”“Please restart your computer”“Lunch is served from 11-2, let’s eat!”
    14. 14. RespondCan you answer it in 2 minutes or less? JUST DO IT!
    15. 15. Defer
    16. 16. FileTwo types of e-mail that can be filed:1) I must keep this2) I want to keep this 6 Yrs Contracts 1 yr Temp 6 mths 1 mth Sent Memos Saved Mail
    17. 17. Min Max Creating Smart FoldersDefine Order Start Small
    18. 18. • Set up Smart Folders in Outlook• Take 20 minutes and PROCESS your e-mail (starting with the most recent)• If not complete in 20 minutes: Move remainder of e-mail to a folder• Only when Inbox is empty: Go to your top priority smart folder and begin responding to or acting on the e-mails Getting Started
    19. 19. Wrap UpCheck e-mail in spurts, NOT constantly Process to zeroNinja move for every e-mail Use your Smart folders for success