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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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  1. 1. Traits of a Scholarly Learner
  2. 2. Scholars spend time pondering ideas and problems, such as how can we stop global warming.
  3. 3. Scholars consider themselves Half Full . They exercise academic humility by realizing that they will always have more to learn.
  4. 4. Scholars have both short and long term goals for themselves. They have a vision.
  5. 5. Scholars view ideas and problems from multiple perspectives.
  6. 6. Scholars come to school prepared to learn. They bring their tools with them and are ready with minds on.
  7. 7. Scholars save ideas, documents, and unfinished work so that they may come back to them later.
  8. 8. Scholars are curious. They ask thoughtful questions.
  9. 9. Scholars look at a variety of resources. They may include fiction and nonfiction including different genres of literature in their research.
  10. 10. Scholars exercise their intellect by trying challenging tasks.
  11. 11. Scholars always do professional work. They always do their best and neatest work. They remember to shoot for the stars.