EcoChic Collection                Made in the USA
The EcoChic                                                               What is a “green” product?Collection            ...
The design and manufacturing of the EcoChic Collection has been                                  Two out of three consumer...
Fabric                                                                                                                    ...
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Mark David (Kohler Co.) Ecochic Collection


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Eco-chic Collection by Mark David

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Mark David (Kohler Co.) Ecochic Collection

  1. 1. EcoChic Collection Made in the USA
  2. 2. The EcoChic What is a “green” product?Collection Green or sustainable products have a better impact on human health andOur new collection of five ultra-green the environment than other productschairs makes more than just a stunning that perform a similar function.statement – it makes a difference. Thesechairs are manufactured using locallyproduced, sustainable materials andproducts that do not emit harmful gases.In fact, care has been taken through everystep of the design and manufacturingprocess to ensure that we provide onlyhealthy, environmentally supportivefurnishings for the hospitality industry.Since we designed our EcoChic chairs tomeet the highest clean air standards —using local woods, green fabrics andshipping that minimizes waste — andwe’ve ensured that they are certified byEnergy & Environmental Solutions, thatmeans these chairs are ideal for designersand hotels interested in demonstratingtheir commitment to a greenercommunity and planet. Carmela ECC100Mark DavidMark David supplies the hospitality Hunterindustry with a diverse range of the ECC102finest, most innovative custom contractfurnishings including case goods,upholstery and vanities.Attention to detail through design,manufacturing, project managementand customer service is our overridingpassion — and makes us creative Tierrapartners and experience makers. ECC101Mark David is a Kohler® InteriorsHospitality company.
  3. 3. The design and manufacturing of the EcoChic Collection has been Two out of three consumers believe reviewed, by a well-respected third party, through the hospitality hotels need to be more mindful of sustainability lens to identify how these new chairs can positively their impact on people, their impact the guest experience and overall satisfaction with the property. communities and the planet. A MindClick survey conducted Our design and manufacturing processes and procedures allow us in January 2012 through Expedia to redefine the indoor air quality of hospitality furnishings — a key element currently being demanded by consumers. We can therefore make the following key claims, which align perfectly with consumer demands: Healthy Indoor Air Quality in Furnishings s u s ta i n a b l e c l a i m s o Use of Greenguard Certified finishes and adhesives o Water-based urethane foam cushions, with no Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) used in the blowing agents o Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in all materials o Allergy-free materials and finishes Addressing Climate Change as a Company o Made in North Carolina in a solar-powered factory o All materials are locally sourced – minimizing the carbon footprint of the manufacturing processes – Hardwood frames sustainably harvested from certified North Carolina forests – Locally made foam cushions o Use of Sustainable Fabrics and LeathersPhoto Credit: York Wallcovering – Fibers made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified Eucalyptus and recycled textiles. – Regionally produced fabrics and leathers – Fabrics exceed Association for Contract Textiles (ACT) Standards o Use of Recycled Materials – Foams – Fabrics – Hardware o Can be shipped using an EPA’s SmartWay® logistics company – Improve fuel efficiencies Tierra ECC101 o Carbon Footprint can be calculated 3rd Party Review Process o On-site inspections performed by Energy & Environmental Solutions Our products can contribute points toward the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Rating System and the Green Hunter Building Initiative’s Green Globes Rating System. ECC102
  4. 4. Fabric The fabrics selected for the EcoChic Collection are not only beautiful, but also sustainable. They contain recycled textiles and fibers made from Tencel+Plus™ Lyocell — which is manufactured from FSC Certified Eucalyptus leaves. All of these fabrics currently exceed ACT standards for durability, as well as flame and stain resistance. Solar Energy Additional fabrics used during The EcoChic Collection is manufactured in North Carolina at the Mark David factory. The recent installation the manufacturing process of an 89.6 kilowatts solar array now provides approximately 40% of the power for the plant. include recycled polyester for the batting and recycled denim for all under seat cushions. Materials Dagon ECC105 Today, one third of all new non-residential construction is green. In five years, this is Wood expected to triple, and will represent $120 The two types of woods used to billion to $145 billion in new construction. manufacture the EcoChic chairs are sustainably harvested from McGraw-Hill Construction’s Green Outlook 2011: Green Trends Driving Growth report. North Carolina’s hardwood forests. These woods are also certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Foam Hi-density foam cushions are a staple of the EcoChic Collection. To ensure that we meet and exceed consumers’ demands for clean-air interiors, as well as minimize our carbon footprint, we purchase all foam from a local North Adhesive Carolina company that manufactures The primary adhesive used in clean and healthy foams. the production of our green chairs is not known to have We are proud to say that our foam any toxic properties from is in compliance with CertiPUR-US® exposure or outgas issues. requirements. The foam has been thoroughly tested for VOC off-gassing and chemical breakdown. It is also Finish certified to be free of ozone-depleting All stains and finishes are CFCs, polybrominated diphenyl ethers Greenguard Certified. Garth (PBDE) fire retardants, lead ECC104The EcoChic Collection of chairs and mercury.were designed by Michael Wolk.
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