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Ensibuuko and vouch digital innovations


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Ensibuuko from Out box and Vouch Digital from Innovation Village are start ups that are solving a number of problems shared in the power point presentation

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Ensibuuko and vouch digital innovations

  1. 1. Ensibuuko  Start-up Ensibuuko offers a cloud based management software (Mobis) for savings and credit cooperative societies (SACCOS), embedded with mobile money capabilities to improve financial record keeping, build operational efficiency and cut costs.
  2. 2.  Ensibuuko currently supports +80 savings cooperatives across Uganda. It has already raised $500k worth of investment, and is currently working with one of Uganda’s largest banks to reach 2,000 SACCOs within the next one year. Ensibuuko has won multiple awards, including the East African ICT4Ag hackathon, Sankalp Forum, and Unilever Sustainable Living.  Talking about Outbox’s role in Ensibuuko’s success, founder and COO Gerald Otim says “Outbox ensured that we did not burn out of resources, by introducing us to potential funding partners that enabled us to build a product, test the product, build our team and gain traction. Outbox helped us find our first funding at a very critical time”.
  3. 3. Vouch Digital  Vouch Digital This startup founded by Evelyn Namara helps solve the distribution of goods, items and subsidy crisis faced in implementation of government projects, development, humanitarian and aid organizations. Vouch Digital debuted its first product, the M-Voucher two years ago to facilitate subsidy distribution across Uganda.
  4. 4.  Thanks to the M-Voucher system, local farmers and suppliers of agricultural material can now redeem seed crops and post-harvest equipment, with access to the full amount of aid intended for them. Vouch Digital's customers are segmented by development agencies running cash- based programs; government-led social protection programs, humanitarian projects as well as private sector cash-based programs seeking efficiency and transparency in the distribution of goods, items or services to beneficiaries.  Vouch Digital's market is currently in the agriculture sector serving suppliers, agro-dealers and small-holder farmers but they are seeking to expand to other sectors such as healthcare and education. Once in use, the M-Voucher collects data from beneficiaries to provide organizations with a comprehensive vision of how their programmes affect communities. It also allows agro-dealers and beneficiaries to receive instant payments for products redeemed.
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