Park Hill Branch Stuffed Animal Sleepover


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On Thursday, July 19, 2012, a bunch of stuffed animals came to storytime at the Park Hill Branch Library to hear some stories and sing some songs. We had great fun and our kids did too. Then our children left and we stayed the day and night to learn more about how the library works. Check out what we learned!

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  • Get photo release* if can get this kind of shot
  • Show animals in book drop bin(s) first thing on Thursday morning…
  • Group photo of staff and stuffed animals?
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  • Park Hill Branch Stuffed Animal Sleepover

    1. 1. Stuffed Animal Training Camp at thePark Hill Branch Library July 2012 Denver , Colorado
    2. 2. On Thursday, July 19, 2012, Miss Dawn invited ourstuffed animals to come to storytime. We had great funand our stuffed animals did too!
    3. 3. Then the children left and the stuffed animals stayed theday and the night to learn more about how the library works.
    4. 4. We broke up into groups. Some of us helped thelibrarians at the reference desk find books andmovies for the customers. We helped these girls find a good book!
    5. 5. Zebra helped findthe books aboutzebras.
    6. 6. Monkey found somegood books aboutmonkeys!
    7. 7. Rabbit answered questions for peoplewho called on the telephone.
    8. 8. We gave kids their prizes for theSummer of Reading program.
    9. 9. Brown Bear helped this customerlearn to use the computer.
    10. 10. Another group of stuffed animals helped the circulationclerks. We signed up people for new library cards.We learned that our children can have a library card,but not stuffed animals.
    11. 11. We returned books from the inside book drop.
    12. 12. And helped customers learn to use the self check outmachines.
    13. 13. We put books and DVD’s people had requested from other branches on the hold shelf. There sure are a lot of holds!After all the hard work gettingthese books on the holdshelves; we nowunderstand why we shouldnot pull the white pieces ofpaper out of the books!
    14. 14. The book return bin was full so we took it to thebasement. Riding in the bin down the elevator is fun!
    15. 15. We helped Monica check in all types of library items:books, DVD’s, CD’s, magazines, and comic books.These black pads use radio frequencies to check in thebooks - it seems like magic!
    16. 16. If we stay in these crates we will get taken to otherbranches during the night...
    17. 17. But Park Hill BranchLibrary is the best, solet’s go help puteverything away in theright spot so everyonecan find them easily.
    18. 18. The library has lots of fun things to do…we played with the wall magnet games.
    19. 19. We used the computers to play games.
    20. 20. We played with the balls and bellsafter the Book Babies storytime.
    21. 21. Then we helpedput the toys andbooks away.
    22. 22. We looked at picture books.
    23. 23. Now it’s almost time for bed. We picked out a bookfor Miss Dawn to read for our bedtime story.
    24. 24. We made a sign reminding the night deliveryworkers, who take items from this library to others, toplease be quiet and not wake us up.
    25. 25. We set our alarm clock to wake us up before the librarystaff gets here in the morning…. …and snuggled down to sleep.
    26. 26. The staff arrives at 9:00 a.m. There is a lot of work todo before the library opens in just one hour.
    27. 27. These crates have all the books from otherlibraries that people want to pick up at ParkHill Branch Library. Soon they will go on thehold shelves.
    28. 28. More library items havebeen dropped off in thebook drop during the night.Now we know how to returnthem and get them back onthe shelf quickly so they canbe checked out again.
    29. 29. Every morning our staff find the items that will go toother branches because someone wants them.There are 156 items that will go out intonight’s delivery if we find everything on the list!
    30. 30. We help turn on the computers.
    31. 31. It is 10 a.m. - time to open the library! Welcome everyone!
    32. 32. We’ve had lots of fun - but we missed ourchildren! We hope you enjoyed seeing whatwe did during our library training camp.
    33. 33. Special thanks to our teen volunteersAmanda, Molly and Emily for helping withour Stuffed Animal Library Training Camp.