SharePoint 2013 No-Code Solutions Story


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Slide deck presented at SharePoint Saturday Chicago Suburbs.

There is a great developer story with the introduction of Apps now in SharePoint 2013. However, what if you are not a code developer? What options do you have to 'develop solutions' in SharePoint 2013? This session will explore the different no-code development opportunities in SharePoint 2013.

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  • PollSP Online as well
  • To make Geolocation column visible:$weburl = “http://<webAppAddress>/”$fieldXml = “<Field Type =’Geolocation’ DisplayName=’Location’ />”$web = get-spweb $weburl$field = $web.Fields.AddFieldAsXml($fieldXml)$web.Update()Demo video:
  • Don’t try to go for Everything at once. It’s been a recipe for failure for many orgs
  • Demo video:
  • 3011
  • Fundamentally what SharePoint can do has not changed from version to version
  • SharePoint 2013 No-Code Solutions Story

    1. 1. SharePoint Saturday Chicago Suburbs 1 Speaker Feedback: SPSCSM.COM
    2. 2. The no-code development story for Power Users in SharePoint 2013 Asif Rehmani SharePoint MVP and MCT
    3. 3. Trainer / Solution Architect Chicago USA Contact @asifrehmani Author Trainer and ConsultantSharePoint MVP, MCTConference Speaker
    4. 4. Target audience for this session: Intranet/Web Content Manager Portal Solutions Manager SharePoint Guy/Gal Session level: 250 - Intermediate
    5. 5. Session focus Creating Powerful and Awesome no-code solutions
    6. 6. 6 Session Giveaways 1 Year access to
    7. 7. Poll: What SharePoint version are you on? (or navigating towards) 2013 2010 2007 Earlier
    8. 8. Let‟s talk about the power user Has technical expertise Understands business needs Does not code for a living AKA Citizen developer
    9. 9. “Let’s not write code until we have to write code.” Power User‟s motto:
    10. 10. Creating Solutions Recommended sequence when creating Your solutions: 1. Browser based only 2. Use no-code tools 3. Use code tools OR 3rd party products
    11. 11. Demo: Geolocation
    12. 12. Use Geolocation column for live mapping Show maps directly within lists and libraries
    13. 13. Implement Quick Wins Identify pain points and focus in on them
    14. 14. Typical no-code solutions Human Resource portals Self-service reporting, financial dashboards Expense reporting
    15. 15. Typical no-code solutions Review and approve document workflows New-hire orientation sites Ideation, feedback, & “suggestion boxes” Structured documents: contracts, RFPs, & invoices
    16. 16. Demo: Search Web Parts
    17. 17. Show pre-configured data on pages using Search web parts Live pre-defined search results on web pages
    18. 18. “Citizen Developers will create 25% of New Business Applications by 2014” Gartner, July 14, 2011
    19. 19. Demo: Access Web App
    20. 20. Create web applications using Access Build Access web apps and launch to SharePoint Online
    21. 21. The no-code workflows story
    22. 22. 22 Workflow tools Browser SharePoint Designer 2013 Visio 2013 Visual Studio 2012/2013
    23. 23. 23 Workflow Manager 1.0 SharePoint 2013 workflow processing moved to Workflow Manager (WM) Workflow no longer runs in the SharePoint content farm / servers SharePoint farm & Workflow Manager farm can be on same / different servers
    24. 24. 24 2010 and 2013 style workflows SharePoint Designer 2010 2013
    25. 25. New Workflow Activities & Actions New Actions & Activities Microsoft Project Specific Actions Assign a Task Get Property from [Dictionary/DynamicValue] Create a Project from Current Item Start a Task Process Count Items in [Dictionary/DynamicValue] Set the current project stage status to this value Go to This Stage Trim String Set the status field in the idea list item to this value Call HTTP Web Service Find Substring in String Wait for Project Event Start a List Workflow Replace Substring in String Set this field in the project to this value Start a Site Workflow Translate Document Build [Dictionary/DynamicValue] Set Workflow Status
    26. 26. SharePoint Designer Workflow Types
    27. 27. The „New Stuff‟ Stages • New base level concept of stages Visual Designer • Direct Visio incorporation • Stage-Level Diagrams New Task Actions • Quick and easy to create tasks and approval processes Web Services • Able to call into Rest/HTTP web services Loops! • Able now to loop indirectly with stages or directly with the new Loop actions Copy/Cut and Paste • Core copy/cut and paste abilities now introduced
    28. 28. Demo: SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflows
    29. 29. And now.. The story of InfoPath
    30. 30. Library form Custom SharePoint list form InfoPath 2010 & 2013
    31. 31. Forms update (from Microsoft)
    32. 32. SharePoint Composites Showcase created by Mark Gillis from Microsoft
    33. 33. What can SharePoint do? Collaboration Document management Internal Social Network Forms Process Automation (Workflows) Business Intelligence Reporting Search Metadata Management … Super secret The next version will even make coffee!
    34. 34. How do I practice my ideas and concepts? Watch free videos at: Create your solutions in a free 30 day account on SharePoint Online: 34
    35. 35. Giveaways Time! (almost)
    36. 36. Call to Action Watch videos at: Check out: No-code solutions using SharePoint 2013 Composites Thank You! @asifrehmani
    37. 37. SharePoint Saturday Chicago Suburbs 37 Speaker Feedback: SPSCSM.COM