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Speech Recognition by Iqbal


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A complete project on speech recognition technology used in computers, and other daily life machines, like mobile phones etc.

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Speech Recognition by Iqbal

  1. 1. Project On Speech Recognition System Submitted to: Dr. Roshan A. Sheikh IQBAL LOGO Reg # 9952 MBA(M) – Section A
  2. 2. Add your company slogan Contents Introduction 1 Terms and Concepts 2 Hardware 3 Uses / Applications 4 Future Applications 5 SR Software 6 LOGO
  3. 3. Add your company slogan Introduction to Speech Recognition  What is Speech Recognition  Speech Recognition Simply is the process of converting spoken input to text.  It is also known as Speech-to-Text and Voice Recognition. LOGO
  4. 4. Add your company slogan Terms and Concepts  Utterances  Pronounciation  Grammer  Speaker Dependent System  Speaker Independent System  Training  Accuracy LOGO
  5. 5. Add your company slogan Hardware  Sound Cards  Soundcard with the cleanest A/D (Analog to Digital) conversions are recommended.  Microphone  The best choice for microphone is the headset style.  Computers / Processors  The more the speed the better Speech Recognition would work. For good Speech Recognition you should be having 1 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM. LOGO
  6. 6. Add your company slogan Uses / Applications  Military  High Performance Aircrafts  Helicopters  Training Air Traffic Controllers LOGO
  7. 7. Add your company slogan Uses / Applications  People with Disabilities Speech recognition technology helps people with disabilities interact with computers more easily. People with motor limitations, who cannot use a standard keyboard and mouse, can use their voices to navigate the computer and create documents.  Dyslexic People Speech Recognition Technology is helpful for people with learning disabilities, who experience difficulty with spelling and writing. LOGO
  8. 8. Add your company slogan Uses / Applications  Computer and Video Games Speech input has been used in a limited number of computer and video games. The Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, and Sony PlayStation 2 consoles all offer games with speech input/output. LOGO
  9. 9. Add your company slogan Uses / Applications  Medical Transcription  Mobile Phone Devices  Voice Security System LOGO
  10. 10. Add your company slogan Future Applications  Home Automation There is a lot of interest in the use of SR in domestic appliances such as ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines.  Wearable Computers The most futuristic application is in the use and functionality of wearable computers. LOGO
  11. 11. Add your company slogan Speech Recognition Software  Dragon Naturally Speeking  IBM Via Voice  Microsoft Speech Recognition System  MacSpeech Dictate  Philips Speech Magic LOGO
  12. 12. Add your company slogan Speech Recognition Software  IBM Via Voice IBM ViaVoice is a range of language specific continuous speech software products offered by IBM. ViaVoice is the only program that will run on older or less powerful computers. ViaVoice has a great dictation ability. It converts your speech into text and also perform actions in response to your speech. LOGO
  13. 13. Add your company slogan Speech Recognition Software  Microsoft Speech Recognition System Speech recognition technology has been used in some of Microsoft's products, including Microsoft Dictation, Office XP, Office 2003, Office 2007, Microsoft Plus! for Windows XP, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, and Windows Mobile. However, prior to Windows Vista, speech recognition was not mainstream. In response, Windows Speech Recognition was bundled with Windows Vista and released in 2006, making the operating system the first mainstream version of Microsoft Windows to offer fully-integrated support for speech recognition. LOGO
  14. 14. Add your company slogan Speech Recognition Software  Philips Speech Magic SpeechMagic is an industrial grade platform for capturing information in a digital format. It has been developed by Philips Speech Recognition Systems of Vienna, Austria. SpeechMagic features large-vocabulary speech recognition as well as a number of services aimed at supporting “accurate, convenient and efficient” information capturing in healthcare IT applications. The technology is mainly used in the healthcare sector, however, applications are also available for the legal market as well as for tax consultants. LOGO
  15. 15. Add your company slogan Speech Recognition Software  Other Commercial Software • HTK • CSLU Toolkit • Simmortel Voice • by AOL • SpeechWorks • Bable Technologies • Vocalis Speechware • Entropic LOGO
  16. 16. Add your company slogan Conclusion  Speech recognition will revolutionize the way people conduct business over the Web and will, ultimately, differentiate world-class e-businesses. VoiceXML ties speech recognition and telephony together and provides the technology with which businesses can develop and deploy voice-enabled Web solutions TODAY! These solutions can greatly expand the accessibility of Web-based self-service transactions to customers who would otherwise not have access, and, at the same time, leverage a business’ existing Web investments. Speech recognition and VoiceXML clearly represent the next wave of the Web. In near future people will be using their home and business computers by speech not by keyboard or mouse. Home automation will be completely based on speech recognition system. LOGO
  17. 17. LOGO