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Shinichi cho wins tokyo poker tour's third ever event


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Shinichi cho wins tokyo poker tour's third ever event

  1. 1. Shinichi Cho Wins Tokyo Poker Tour's Third Ever Event<br />With several celebrity professional wrestlers in attendance, the Tokyo Poker Tour (TPT) had another successful run with Shinichi Cho coming out as the winner.<br />A total of 118 players from all over Japan participated in the event, which was held at the Tokyo Womens Plaza in Omotesando.<br />A lot of the attention, though, was on three particular players. Choshu Koriki, Ryuichi Takaiwa, and Tobita Survival, well-known professional wrestlers in the wrestling-crazed nation, joined the tournament and were easily spotted by the other players.<br />None of the three would make it to heads-up play, though, as the distinction for the final two went to Cho and runner-up Jin Yamada.<br />Choshu Koriki<br />The two would battle back and forth until they both got it all-in on flop of . Cho had for the straight and flush draws but was still technically behind Yamada's . The turn did not bring any help but thirteen-year-old dealer Tokio produced the on the river to give Cho the flush.<br />That hand left Yamada's stack severely short and he got it all-in on the very next hand with against Cho's . A jack immediately came on the flop of and no help came thereafter, giving the rest of the chips on the table to Cho and making him the champion of the event.<br />For the win, Cho won a Seven Luck Casino Package Tour for two. Meanwhile, Yamada received a pair of high-end Masunaga sunglasses for his runner-up finish.<br />The next TPT tournament will be held on October 9 at the Tokyo Womens Plaza in Omotosenado.<br />Sign up for an online poker room through Asia PokerNews to get exclusive freerolls, bonuses, and promotions!<br />Join Asia PokerNews on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!<br />