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Shinich koisi wins second tokyo poker tour event


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Shinich koisi wins second tokyo poker tour event

  1. 1. Shinich Koisi Wins Second Tokyo Poker Tour Event<br />The Tokyo Poker Tour (TPT) held its second consecutive successful tournament last weekend, with Japanese player Shinich Koisi going home as the champion.<br />(Main photo: Winner Shinich Koisio, left, poses with Tokyo Poker Tour's Itaru Kaneko)<br />A total of 113 players from all over Japan, including major cities such as Osaka and Tokyo, participated in the event, which was held at the Tokyo Womens Plaza in Omotesando.<br />It was a long heads-up duel between Koiso and the runner-up, fellow Japanese player Zool. In the end, Koiso and Zool both got their stacks in with Koiso holding against Zool’s .<br />The flop came out , immediately giving Koiso top pair. The turn blanked with the and the river only made his hand even better as he improved to top two-pair.<br />For the win, Koiso won a US $2,500 Spanish Poker Tour (SPT) Package Tour and Everest Poker merchandise. Meanwhile, Zool received a pair of high-end Masunaga sunglasses for his runner-up finish.<br />Just like the first TPT tournament, the event was filled with plenty of highlights. Japanese singer Antonio Koinoki sang his famous theme song to kick off the event and he invited all the players to join him in shouting “shuffle up and deal!” Also in attendance was Japanese comedian and wrestling personality Koriki Choshu, who participated in the tournament.<br />In addition, Tokio, the thirteen-year-old son of TPT tournament director and promoter Itaru Kaneko, made another appearance as a dealer, much to the delight of the crowd.<br />The next TPT tournament will be held tomorrow, August 14, at the same venue. The winner of that tournament will receive a 7 Luck Casino package for two.<br />Sign up for an online poker room through Asia PokerNews to get exclusive freerolls, bonuses, and promotions!<br />Join Asia PokerNews on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!<br />