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Progress report uawc


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Progress report uawc

  1. 1. Progress ReportMountain Olive Green Comp. 2011
  2. 2. Marketing olive oil 2010 2011local market 6839 1012Al Bahrain 4000USA 3091 1828Korea 7560 3780Japan 9404 14405France 7912 6244UK 1944Belgium 4536 7236Switzerland 5400 4104total 48742 40553
  3. 3. Marketing olive oil-financial item Value-NIS $Bank statement 348091 99454.57Sales of products 2040395 582970Purchased materials 1175206.8 335773.4Expenditure 376480.73 107565.9Account Payable 1247039 356296.9Account Receivable 284499 81285.43
  4. 4. Main pointsIn 2011 we managed to have 2 new customers,one in the United States and the other inUnited Kingdom.Even though 2010 olive oil season was around24000 tons, the prices of oil did not dropbecause of local demand since there was notenough oil from 2009.
  5. 5. ObsteclsThere was also another incident with thekillings Jewish settlement in Itmar, whereAwarta village was closed off by the Israelimilitary for almost 3 weeks. This affected ourdaily work and interrupted the olive oil fillingschedule.
  6. 6. loan-APFValue $ 60000Land 0.2 hectare 47000registration fees 50000area planning 80000
  7. 7. Regarding the new warehouse, we are stilltrying to get the building permit and it is in thefinal stages. We hope, before the start of nextseason, we would already have moved into it.
  8. 8. Main projects related to olive oil•Reuse of Treated Wastewater in Agriculture ----Wastewater treatment for irrigated olive trees,•Making Wastewater an Asset: Increasingagricultural Production Introducing Irrigationfrom Non-Conventional Water Sources•Improve income and quality productioncapacities of small olive oil producers in theWest Bank.•Food security – olive production (reserve list) -eu
  9. 9. Farmer to farmer Compaign• Around 3000 $ were collected from olive producers to support Japanese people.
  10. 10. Future PlanWe are also planning on getting organic certifications and if we get the projectthat we applied for from the EU, we will start on this certification starting 2012.Of course the process needs 2 years before we could sell organic olive oil but itwill be as organic under certification. The certification process takes 4 agricultural road for New UAWC warehouse , could be benefit for farmers,Next step: uproot the olive trees and re plant it in other area, start toconstruction 1100m for two parts one for storage and olive press , the other is forstorage , packaging and administrationDevelopment study: Improve olive oil marketing (locally and external –Swiss and Scandinavia, Develop the packaging process and designing labels. Website development particularly for marketing and promotion.