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ASSET INTEGRITY MANAGEMENT                                                                       2012 SPEAKER FACULTY!    ...
n CONFERENCE DAY 1: Wednesday, 26th September 20128:30               Registration and Refreshments                        ...
n CONFERENCE DAY 2: Thursday 27th September 20128:30          Registration and Refreshments                               ...
n PRE & POST CONFERENCE WORKSHOPSWHY RISK IT? PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP                                               POST-C...
n ASSET INTEGRITY MANAGEMENT 2012 – SPEAKER FACULTY!International experts will share detailed case studies, how-to’s and p...
n PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIESEach oil & gas operator strives to ensure consistent performance          BRANDING EXPOSUREof t...
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Asset integrity 2012 pdfw9(6pp)


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What’s New this year? Key highlights
Refreshing new agenda highlighting strategies to achieve cost savings, reduce risk and extend the life of ageing assets
Over 15 Asian asset integrity thought leaders share their latest strategies across 4 value driven days
2 brand new, never heard before workshops, bringing solutions to your challenges that you currently face with your ageing assets

What YOU gain by attending Asset Integrity Management Summit Asia 2012
Implement Asset Integrity Management strategies and tools to ensure safe operation of your organisation’s assets
Discover how to enhance your pipeline integrity framework for incident-free operations
Find out how risk based inspection can identify threats faster and reduce operational costs
Network with industry experts to improve asset performance and asset extension
Gain in-depth insights from global oil & gas operators’ on their frustrations and successes in asset integrity management so you can plan, monitor and control your ageing assets

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Asset integrity 2012 pdfw9(6pp)

  1. 1. BO JU ND OK 13 A $ AN Y 2 VE US D P L AY D BY SA 39 01 1, 2 8! • Main Conference: 26th – 27th September 2012 • Venue: Double Tree by Hilton Hotel • Pre-Conference Workshop: 25th September 2012 The Intermark, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia • Post-Conference Workshop: 28th September 2012 Enhance operational performance, reliability and safety of assets across their lifecycle15+ Industry Experts Share Attend Asia’s ONLY assetTheir Latest Insights Including: integrity management event to: Gain a holistic approach to asset integrity and Joey Poret Reliability and Abdel Aziz Salah Integrity & Quality 1 ensure safety and performance in physical assets Integrity Supervisor Management Advisor Chevron Hudson Technology Hear practical applications of integrity strategies & Strategic Studies c/o Marathon Oil 2 and tools and how its applied to subseas, pipelines and equipment Yaseen M. Dietrich Roeben Al-Lawati Operations and Evaluate the latest strategies and Process Safety Engineer Petroleum Reliability Manager, Sinopec / Addax 3 solutions to mitigate corrosion in assets Development Oman Petroleum Integrate risk based inspection within asset Rafles Parada Ahmed 4 integrity management to extend the operating Gultom Mohammed life of assets and equipment Asset Integrity Surface Facilities Management Integrity Team British Petroleum Leader, ADCO NEW FOR 2012! n Refreshing new agenda highlighting strategies to achieve cost savings, reduce risk and extend2 BRAND NEW the life of ageing assetsnever heard before workshops: n Over 15 asset integrity thought leaders shareWorkshop A Workshop B their latest strategies across 4 value driven25th Sept 2012 28th Sept 2012 daysImplementing risk based Pro-active corrosion n 2 brand new, never heard before workshops,inspection (RBI) to management strategies to bringing solutions to your challenges that youmaximise asset reliability increase safety and preventand efficiency and avoid harmful risks currently face with your ageing assetssurprisesI am looking forward to sharing my experienceand knowledge with others in the Oil & Gas Table of Contents:industry. Asset Integrity Management Asia 2012 n About the event page 2provides an excellent environment that enables n Full conference agenda page 3knowledge sharing empowered by best in class n Workshops page 5speakers addressing challenging topics in theoil & gas industry. I must say, it is the must-attend n Speaker profiles page 6conference. n Sponsorship details page 7Abdelaziz M. Salah Eldin, Integrity & Quality Management Advisor n Registration form Back page Hudson Technology & Strategic Studies, c/o Marathon OilResearched and Sponsors: Media partners: developed by: T: +65 6722 9388 F: +65 6720 3804 E: W:
  2. 2. ASSET INTEGRITY MANAGEMENT 2012 SPEAKER FACULTY! • Senior representative • Mustafa Abdullah The Department of General Manager, Occupational Safety and Sui Southern Gas Health (DOSH), Ministry of • Rafles Parada Gultom Human Resources SME, • Joey Poret British Petroleum Engineer Supervisor, • Andre du Plessis Chevron Head - Risk Consulting,The oil & gas industry operates and manages varied physical • Dietrich Roeben Singapore,assets such as facilities, subsea assets, pipelines, static and Operations and Reliability ABS Consultingrotating equipment. But one pressing challenge these operators Manager, Sinopec / Addax • Saidi Oemar Petroleum Optimisation Engineeringare facing is the ageing of their assets. • Abdel Aziz Salah Leader, ConocoPhillips Integrity & Quality • Hilman SallehHow do oil and gas operators balance production capability in a Management Advisor,cost effective way and still sustain the integrity of those assets? Corrosion & Integrity Hudson Technology & Engineer,How do they extend the lifecycle of the asset while addressing Strategic Studies BW Offshorerisks, health, safety and environmental concerns? • Prijo Hutomo • Nasrul Salman Safety, Health and Corrosion Specialist,Asset integrity management improves safety, reliability and Environment Sr. Manager, Bumi Armadaoperational efficiency, but more importantly, the life extension of Star Energy Group of Companies • Dr. Narayananageing assets. Sambu Potty • Mohamed Daoud Associate Professor, Manager (Projects Quality), Universiti Teknologi,Attend Asset Integrity Management Summit Asia 2012! Gain Engineering and Projects, Petronasinsights and best practices in asset integrity management from Abu Dhabi Companyleading oil & gas operators. Register now. for onshore oil operations • Yaseen M. Al-Lawati, (ADCO) Process Safety Engineer, Petroleum Development • Ahmed Mohammed Oman Surface Facilities IntegrityWhat YOU will gain by attending Team Leader, ADCOAsset Integrity Management SummitAsia 2012 Asset integrity management (AIM) is a team effort. Raise your understandingn Implement Asset Integrity Management strategies and tools to and expectations of AIM at Asset ensure safe operation of your organisation’s assets Integrity Management Asia 2012.n Discover how to enhance your pipeline integrity framework for incident-free operations Yaseen M. Al-Lawati, Process Safety Engineer, Petroleum Development Omann Find out how risk based inspection can identify threats faster and reduce operational costsn Network with industry experts to improve asset performance and asset extension Rave Reviews!n Gain in-depth insights from global oil & gas operators’ on their The AIM Summit is very interesting. It frustrations and successes in asset integrity management so presents the perfect opportunity to understand you can plan, monitor and control your ageing assets the developments and current improvements in the AIM program by different operators. Mhd. Azhar Bin Awang Senior Manager, MISC Bhd, Malaysia Excellent venue for excellent knowledge sharing. Nabil Mourad Integrity Advisor, ADCO, UAE Excellent forum on asset integrity related issues and methods of implementation. John Ribut Deli Senior Mechanical Engineer, BRUNEI SHELL PETROLEUM Very good and immensely beneficial for our company. Alfin Priambudi Senior Pipeline Engineer, VICO, INDONESIA T: +65 6722 9388 n F: +65 6720 3804 n E: n W:
  3. 3. n CONFERENCE DAY 1: Wednesday, 26th September 20128:30 Registration and Refreshments • Identifying potential business risks and exposure to improve profitability9:00 Opening address and welcome from the Chairman Prijo Hutomo ADOPT A HOLISTIC APPROACH TO ASSET INTEGRITY Safety, Health and Environment Sr. ManagerMANAGEMENT TO ACHIEVE OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE Star Energy Group of Companies Rafles Parada Gultom9.10 Opening keynote Asset Integrity Management, British Petroleum Reserved for Petronas Mohamed Daoud9.50 Integrating asset integrity management to drive reliable Manager (Projects Quality), Engineering and Projects, operations and improve process safety at Chevron Abu Dhabi Company for onshore oil operations (ADCO) • Defining what asset integrity management is and how SPECIAL ADDRESS 1.00 Networking lunch with sponsors, its used at Chevron speakers and delegates • Developing a strategic asset integrity framework, roadmap & work plan for ensuring consistent EQUIP WITH STRATEGIES AND TOOLS TO ENHANCE performance of assets throughout their lives PROCESS SAFETY PERFORMANCE • Reviewing and monitoring existing assets integrity strategies and performance for process improvement 2.00 Establishing a structured approach to safety studies – Joey Poret an integral factor in effective Asset Management Reliability and Integrity Supervisor, Chevron • Hazard identification - the most fundamental and first step in a comprehensive risk assessment process10.30 Implementing LEAN asset integrity management • Identification of critical safety elements and key systems to improve the technical integrity of our assets considerations during completion of focussed Safety • Creating the business case for LEAN operations and Studies CASE STUDY the role of Asset Integrity Management • Development of comprehensive performance standards • Developing an Asset Integrity Management tailored to to fulfill critical safety and environmental criteria the assets and organisation • Verification during each project phase and then • Managing Asset Integrity through the asset life-cycle throughout the ongoing operation of the asset. • Addressing the challenges in change management Andre du Plessis Dietrich Roeben Head - Risk Consulting, Singapore Operations and Reliability Manager ABS Consulting Sinopec / Addax Petroleum 2.30 Implementing asset integrity - process safety management; proactive measures for accident11.10 Morning networking refreshments prevention in major projects • Learning from industry defining accidents to prevent re- COMMIT TO HEALTH, SAFETY & ENVIRONMENT TO occurrence PREVENT MAJOR ACCIDENT HAZARDS • Implementing an AIM model to address the life cycle of the asset11.30 DOSH’s perspective on creating a safe and healthy • Using risk identification, management and mitigation work culture tools to ensure that risk exposure is as low as possible • DOSH’s policy updates, requirements and expectations for the oil & gas industry Yaseen M. Al-Lawati • Stressing on the importance of reviewing and reshaping Process Safety Engineer, Petroleum Development Oman business operations to integrate safety and health in day to day operations 3.00 Applying process safety principles to prevent • Reducing accidents, injuries, deaths and illnesses to accidents and incidents in projects at ConocoPhiliips • Defining process safety to all levels of the organisation CASE STUDY protect people from safety and health hazards • Identifying the process safety roadmap, the desired Senior representative outcomes and the cost The Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) • Implementing early intervention and asset integrity Ministry of Human Resources reporting to minimize interruption to operations12.00 ADNOC case study: Effectively managing HSE risk Saidi Oemar and creating a rigorous system to pre-empt major and Optimization Engineering Leader costly accidents ConocoPhillips ADNOC is the de facto regulatory body for HSE for the oil and gas industry in Abu Dhabi. Hear how ADNOC is 3.30 Afternoon networking refreshments committed to best practices in HSE management and managing a centralised HSE management system DISCOVER LATEST TECHNOLOGIES AND SOLUTIONS framework of operational standards. TO YOUR ASSET INTEGRITY CHALLENGES Dhirajlal Radadiya 4.00 Gaining strategies to enhance your operational former Senior HSE Advisor, performance and safety of assets over the whole Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) asset lifecycle This session will showcase new technologies and solutions12.30 Managing risks to enhance Health, Safety & for you to better manage your ageing assets! Environmental strategies Don’t miss out. • Sharing lessons learnt from recent hazardous events and high-profile disasters due to loss of integrity PANEL 6.00 Closing remarks of day one • Analyzing leadership, competence, safety systems and asset integrity and performance to successfully implement HSE strategies T: +65 6722 9388 n F: +65 6720 3804 n E: n W:
  4. 4. n CONFERENCE DAY 2: Thursday 27th September 20128:30 Registration and Refreshments 12.30 Improving reliability, availability, maintenance and safety in rotating equipment for enhancing equipment9:00 Opening address and welcome from the Chairman performance9.10 Outlining the development and implementation of • Gaining a better understanding of degradation cycle Integrity Management System in Kuwait Oil Company and failures to avoid corrosion and mechanical damages (KOC) in pumps, motors, generators and engines KOC has developed its Integrity Management System • Designing strategies to increase reliability in rotating under the umbrella of its HSE Management System. This equipment for equipment life extension was done in collaboration with British Petroleum. In order • Discussing the damages, agitation and turbulence in not to duplicate the work, the Integrity Management compressors to minimise consequential damage system uses the same tools for HSE Management System. • Utilising preventive maintenance strategy and condition KOC will explain why Integrity Management must be monitoring programme to enhance safety treated separately from other HSE issues. KOC will also Paul Sugis, CSG Asset Integrity Lead, Origin Energy* discuss the elements of the Integrity Management System and compare it with our own HSE Management System. 1.00 Networking lunch with sponsors, KOC will further explain how KOC has implemented it and speakers and delegates what set of Key Performance Indicators we have used. Lastly, KOC will show the impact made by implementing 2.00 Evaluating new pipeline coatings and insulation such initiative in our organization. technologies for pipeline protection Jawad Hussain Akbar • Identifying the key challenges of pipelines Senior Safety Engineer, Health Safety & Environment Group • Discussing the pros and cons of materials and coatings Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) for pipelines • Assessing new developments, materials and coatings9.50 How management standards can shape the future for external anti-corrosion, protective & weight coating, development, roll-out and implementation of Asset thermal flow assurance coatings and field joint Integrity Management Systems • Introducing Asset Integrity Management Standards 2.30 How Sui Southern Gas ensures system safety and including: integrity of 55 years old transmission pipeline • ISO 9004 Rev 2008 • Operating and maintaining pipeline integrity of ageing CASE STUDY • British Standards Institution’s (BSI) PAS 55 part 1 & 2 pipeline • British Standards Institution’s (BSI) DPC PD 8010 • Using state-of-the-art technology to ensure pipeline integrity • Translating standards into a company document • Evaluating corrosion control coatings • Discussing the road map to develop in-house Integrity Management Specification Mustafa Abdullah, General Manager, Sui Southern Gas Abdel Aziz M. Salah Eldin 3.00 Reducing potential failures of flexible pipelines by Integrity & Quality Management Advisor, Hudson Technology planning early for integrity management & Strategic Studies co Marathon Oil Company • Assessing design limits, damages and failure mechanisms to better manage the risks10.30 Morning networking refreshments • Enhancing inspection and monitoring techniques by integrating integrity management PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS OF ASSET INTEGRITY • Evaluating emerging technologies including fiber optic STRATEGIES AND HOW ITS APPLIED TO SUBSEAS, monitoring, magnetic anisotropy PIPELINES AND EQUIPMENT 3.30 Networking afternoon refreshments11.00 Asset Integrity Assurance using computerized TOOLS EVALUATE THE LATEST STRATEGIES AND SOLUTIONS Ahmed Mohammed TO MITIGATE CORROSION IN ASSETS Surface Facilities Integrity Team Leader, ADCO 4.00 BW Offshore’s best practices in detecting corrosion11.30 Maintaining the integrity of subsea assets to ensure under insulation (CUI) to reduce unnecessary offshore safety and reduced environmental impact downtime and repair costs CASE STUDY • Comparing the challenges of access to subsea assets, • Evaluating the challenges of coating, temperature and inspection, environment, internal and external corrosion detecting the speed and quality of corrosion to in subsea vs. non subsea structures (static) to reduce recovery and removal cost of insulation systems safeguard structures • Assessing the limitations of current corrosion under • Implementing asset integrity management to better insulation inspection methods monitor the risk of ongoing structure deterioration and • Utilizing most efficient tools & corrosion preventive forecasting potential component failure materials for atmospheric corrosion and under • Timely gathering and interpretation of data to assess insulation corrosion prevention subsea system performance in its environmental and Hilman Salleh, Corrosion & Integrity Engineer, BW Offshore operational conditions to minimise cost of unplanned activity 4.30 Transforming internal corrosion management data into integrity management benchmarks12.00 Development of integrated structural integrity • Creating and implementing an effective chemical CASE STUDY management (SIM) for Malaysian offshore Jacket Injection plan for Internal Corrosion Control platforms CASE STUDY • Designing and crafting an effective Corrosion Monitoring • Reviewing the relevant design standards, procedural Strategy for Internal Corrosion Monitoring gaps and limitations of offshore structures • Carrying out annual Inspection campaigns including • Designing an integrated SIM for overall cost optimization planned shutdowns and statutory inspections and continued safety and reliable operations • Reviewing and measuring the success of these strategies Dr. Narayanan Sambu Potty Nasrul Salman, Corrosion Specialist, Bumi Armada Associate Professor, Universiti Teknologi Petronas 5.00 Closing remarks and end of conference T: +65 6722 9388 n F: +65 6720 3804 n E: n W:
  5. 5. n PRE & POST CONFERENCE WORKSHOPSWHY RISK IT? PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP POST-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP Tuesday, 25th September 2012 (9am – 1pm) Friday, 28th September 2012 (9am – 1pm)Implementing risk based inspection Pro-active corrosion management(RBI) to maximise asset reliability and strategies to increase safety andefficiency and avoid surprises prevent harmful risksAbout the workshop leader: About the workshop leader:Mohamed Daoud Abdel Aziz M. Salah EldinManager (Projects Quality), Engineering and Projects Integrity & Quality Management AdvisorAbu Dhabi Company for onshore oil operations (ADCO) Hudson Technology & Strategic Studies co Marathon Oil CompanyMohamed has extensive experience within the oil & gas industryworking with recognised international oil companies and quality Abdelaziz has 30 years of experience in upstream & downstreamCertification Bodies. He specialises in project management, oil and gas projects management and operation interface. Hisquality assurance, integrity management, equipment inspection & experience includes integrity management of pipelines, topsidecertification, for on-shore & off-shore oil industry. facilities and subsurface equipment.Rationale: He is a well-known speaker in international conferences and hasOperators are constantly searching for a methodology in presented 48 technical papers, developed over 85 specificationsimproving safety, increasing availability and optimising inspection and manuals in the field of Integrity management, corrosion andcosts. Risk based inspection is THE systematic solution in non-metallic minerals.prioritising & planning inspections and extended plant andequipment life-spans. Rationale Corrosion is an ongoing challenge for the oil and gas industry.Attend this workshop to learn: Corrosion rates are difficult to predict and if it goes undetected,n Gaining technical know-hows or best practices in safety and environmental hazard from leaks and structural failures improving your current risk based inspection (RBI) program may occur. Each operator needs to effectively manage corrosionn Enabling you to make informed inspection decisions based on in physical assets for enhanced asset integrity and reduction in unified data management and transparent inspection reports unplanned maintenance or inspection costs.Agenda: Case study Attend this interactive workshop to learn:Identifying the challenges in putting risk based n Identifying major and new corrosion challenges and how itinspection (RBI) into practice: threatens safety and asset integrityn Understanding the operator’s ageing assets n Be equipped with the best line of defense by crafting ann Missing or incomplete inspection history and quantitative data effective corrosion management program in placen Moving towards a unified RBI approach n Evaluating and takeaway key cost-effective risk mitigation solutions for your organisationNext steps?n Top down management support Agenda:n Prioritising safety critical systems Identifying corrosion challenges that may impactn Assessing assets’ inspection history, data, likelihood of workforce health, productivity and operating costs: failures and their consequences n Is concrete monolithic and impregnable? What happensn Developing, applying and implementing RBI when cracking or spalling occurs?n Creating transparent documentation n Are copper pipes safe and corrosion-proof?n Evaluating software packages and solutions that supports RBI n Operating tanks and pipelines beyond its design life? n Utilising new materials in projects?Overcoming limitations of risk based inspection: n Other potential corrosion challenges that may keep you upn Design challenges at night?n Human errorn Environmental problems Analysing cost effective corrosion mitigation measures for corrosion prevention:Reality check: n material selectionn Reviewing and measuring the performance of RBI n environmental modification n coatings/linings and n cathodic protection Outlining a practical corrosion risk management plan n Devising a comprehensive list of physical assets and analysing its current condition n Analysing corrosion levels on all assets- atmospheric, immersed and buried n Developing an inspection and maintenance programme n Evaluating innovative technology and solutions to control and prevention corrosion damage T: +65 6722 9388 n F: +65 6720 3804 n E: n W:
  6. 6. n ASSET INTEGRITY MANAGEMENT 2012 – SPEAKER FACULTY!International experts will share detailed case studies, how-to’s and practical advice on addressingthe very same integrity challenges that you face. Senior representative Andre du Plessis The Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH), Head - Risk Consulting, Singapore Ministry of Human Resources ABS Consulting To be updated shortly. He has over 33 year’s experience with the oil & gas, and chemical sectors, and more Joey Poret recently the hazardous waste sector, covering work across Australia, Japan, Saudi Reliability & Integrity Supervisor Arabia, Canada and USA. He has excellent working knowledge of the technical, operational, and business considerations involved with managing safety and Chevron environment within highly sensitive industries. He is an expert in the area of HAZOP/ HAZID and has facilitated over 100 risk assessments for on-shore and off-shore facilities around the world. In addition he has projected managed three major Safety Cases for offshore facilities during the same period.• Currently the Reliability & Integrity Supervisor for the Chuandongbei Gas Project in Sichuan, China• Over 15 years experience in Nondestructive Testing and Inspection• Over 10 years experience in the development of Risk Based Inspection and Mechanical Integrity Programs Saidi Oemar• Certified API 510 and 570 Inspector. Also holds ASNT Level III certification Optimisation Engineering Leader• Co-developer of the Chevron Upstream Asset Integrity Management process ConocoPhillips Dietrich Roeben Operations and Reliability Manager Saidi is a Chemical Engineering with 20 years experience in Process/Facilities for Multi National Oil and Gas Industries (Upstream Technology) and Engineering Companies - Sinopec / Addax Petroleum Tri Patra Engineering and Construction, Mobil Oil, Atlantic Rich Field Indonesia, Expan Nusantara and ConocoPhillips.Dietrich Roeben is the Operations & Reliability Manager of Sinopec Addax Petroleum.He is overlooking global operations with special responsibilities for asset integrity /process safety, ops improvement, OR&A, acquisition and integration of new ventures. Hilman SallehIn this position he transitions the various (acquired) operating companies into a Corrosion & Integrity Engineercommon operations management system. BW Offshore Abdel Aziz M. Salah Eldin Integrity & Quality Management Advisor, Hudson Graduated with BEng Mechanical Engineering from Curtin University, Australia in 2002. Hilman has been in the Oil and Gas Industry for about 10 years mainly dealing Technology & Strategic Studies, co Marathon with Inspection, Corrosion and Integrity. During his career, he has had the opportunity Oil Company to travel and work with good people from the South-west Pacific to South America. Currently involved in the implementation of Asset Integrity Management system,Abdelaziz has 30 years of experience in upstream & downstream oil and gas projects maintaining and setting up Corrosion and Inspection Management system for existingmanagement and operation interface. His experience includes integrity management FPSOs and new conversions for BW Offshore.of pipelines, topside facilities and subsurface equipment. He is a well-known speakerin international conferences and has presented 48 technical papers, developed over85 specifications and manuals in the field of Integrity management, corrosion and non-metallic minerals. Nasrul Salman Corrosion Specialist Mohamed Daoud Bumi Armada Manager (Projects Quality), Engineering and Projects Abu Dhabi Company for onshore oil operations (ADCO) Nasrul range of experience includes corrosion, maintenance, repair and inspection management. His background includes Asset Integrity management systems, working standards, implementation, procedures and coaching, with experience working in Asia,Mohamed has extensive experience within the oil & gas industry working with Africa, Middle East and Australia.recognised international oil companies and quality Certification Bodies. He specialisesin project management, quality assurance, integrity management, equipment inspection& certification, for on-shore & off-shore oil industry. Dr. Narayanan Sambu Potty Associate Professor, Mustafa Abdullah Universiti Teknologi Petronas General Manager Sui Southern Gas Narayanan S.P. acquired PhD in Civil Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India in 1998 for the work titled “Improving Cyclone Resistant Characteristics ofMustafa Abdulla is a native of Karachi, Pakistan, where he received his Bachelor’s Roof Cladding of Industrial Sheds”. His research is in the areas of steel and compositeDegree in Metallurgy and Materials Science in 1975, followed by Master’s Degree from structures, and construction management. He worked as SENIOR LECTURER in TKMUniversity of Manchester, Institute of Science & Technology, Manchester, is responsible College of Engineering (1990-2004), ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR in Universiti Malaysiafor maintenance of pipeline integrity for the 4000 Km of transmission pipelines and Sabah (2004-2007) and in Universiti Teknologi Petronas (2007-till date), Perak, Malaysiaover 30,000 Km of distribution pipeline network supplying gas to 2.5 million customers. and published over 70 papers in conferences and journals and three books.Presently working as General Manager, Distribution Karachi Rafles Parada Gultom Yaseen M. Al-Lawati Asset Integrity Management Process Safety Engineer British Petroleum Petroleum Development OmanRafles Gultom has worked for BP for 5 years with various positions. His first experience He is currently responsible for coaching, training and auditing project teams on Assetat BP was spent as QA/QC & Inspection engineer of BP Offshore North West Java Integrity-Process Safety Management. He has also worked with various operatingPresently, he is one of Integrity Management Experts in Tangguh LNG Operations, assets in the area of achieving improved and sustained AI-PSM Compliance.working on rotational schedule to Tangguh LNG site, located in West Papua, Indonesia. Ahmed Mohammed Prijo Hutomo Surface Facilities Integrity Team Leader Safety, Health and Environment Sr. Manager ADCO Star Energy Group of Companies T: +65 6722 9388 n F: +65 6720 3804 n E: n W:
  7. 7. n PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIESEach oil & gas operator strives to ensure consistent performance BRANDING EXPOSUREof their assets throughout its design life while achieving business n Online advertisements, event website, e-brochures, emailobjectives and zero incidents. How can YOUR services andproducts help to achieve their goal? Come and partner with us. campaigns to targeted executives worldwideYOU need to be at this event- n Save your advertisement expenses and benefit from our marketing campaign!n Asia’s assets are ageing! Asian operators are searching for effective strategies to cope n On-site branding – position your brand as an industry leader with ageing assets. We are providing a solution for them - a where you will meet your key clients face to face! dedicated asset integrity management summit! But, we cannot n Branding on lanyards – one of the best branding you could do it alone. If you provide products or services in asset integrity get while all delegates and speakers are wearing it for the management for the oil & gas industry, you need to sponsor entire two days this event to establish new relationships and do business with your clients. PR EXPOSUREn Demonstrate thought leadership n Your press releases will be uploaded on our event website Asset Integrity Management Summit Asia is the platform for industry executives to download for you to share your new ideas in front of your key clients in n Many of our sponsor speakers received good press the oil & gas industry. Enquire today. exposure after the eventn Fresh agenda! 2012 conference agenda will be equipped with more case studies, a wider range of topics and issues. Get involved! Tailored Business Developmentn Make the business case! Arrangements: Educate operators on your company’s capabilities and how you a) Targeted lead research and invitation on your behalf Simply can solve some of their asset integrity frustrations and challenges. let us know which organisations and job titles you are targetingn Heighten brand visibility and our experienced professionals will help you to research, Whether you would like to enhance your competitive edge, qualify and invite specific prospects you are targeting to attend consolidate your brand message or strengthen your positioning the conference in the oil & gas industry, Asset Integrity Management Summit Asia 2012’s pre- event marketing and onsite visibility will help b) One-to-one pre-arranged meetings: you maximize your company’s image and brand exposure. n work with you to identify your key prospectsLeverage on this partnership opportunity to demonstrate your n qualify these prospects through phone interview tothought leadership, raise your brand exposure, showcase your understand if there’s a business matchproducts and solutions and do business with key decision makers n pre-arrange these meetings and provide you with a meetingfrom oil & gas industry. schedule before the event n coordinate and facilitate these meetings on-site for you –Make Asset Integrity Management Summit Asia 2012 a partof your marketing plan. Call us at tel +65 6722 9388 or email private lunch or dinner How can you fully utilize this conference 2011 ATTENDEE PROFILE as an effective sales and marketing channel? Industry Breakdown: n Integrity Engineers Joint-Presentation: (Topsides / Pipelines / Inspection) Bring along your customer and present with you on the latest n Managers successful case study to gain credibility as a market leader (Asset Integrity / Maintenance / Inspection) Workshop: n HSE Show case your ability to solve the challenges faced by retail banks by leading an in-depth discussion on the topic of your n Corrosion choice n Business Development Cocktail Reception: Your logo will be prominently displayed at the cocktail reception. You will also be given the chance to deliver an opening address Geographical Breakdown: in front of your senior level audiences n Malaysia n Timor-leste n Indonesia n Oman Solution Innovation Marketplace sessions on the agenda will n Vietnam n Pakistan give you the opportunity to showcase your latest technologies n Thailand n Poland and products n Trinidad & Tobago n United Kingdom n Egypt The event gave good information on asset n Saudi Arabiaintegrity. It met the target and also it gave a lot of n Australia n Kuwaitopportunities for my company to expand. Brunei n n NorwayJ Iskandar ShahOperation Director, VOSS Engineering T: +65 6722 9388 n F: +65 6720 3804 n E: n W:
  8. 8. 5 WAYS TO REGISTER 25th – 28th September 2012 +65 6722 9388 +65 6720 3804 Double Tree by Hilton Hotel The Intermark, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia IQPC Worldwide Pte Ltd, 61 Robinson Road, #14-01 Robinson Centre, Singapore 068893 Please complete in BLOCK CAPITALS as information is used to produce delegate badges. Please photocopy for multiple bookings. Your priority registration code is printed below. Please quote it when registering. TEAM DISCOUNTS EVENT CODE: 18072.003 PDFW IQPC recognises the value of learning in teams. Group bookings at the same time BOOK AND PAY BEFORE 13 JULY 2012 AND SAVE $1,398 ON THE CONFERENCE PACKAGE! from the same company receive these discounts: EARLY BIRD PRICE STANDARD PRICE u 3 or more 7% u 5 or more 10% u 8 or more 15% CONFERENCE PACKAGES Payment BEFORE Payment AFTER This offer is exclusive of the early bird discount. Call us for a special discount rate ALL PRICES SHOWN ARE IN US DOLLARS 13 JULY 2012 13 JULY 2012 for teams of 10 and above. PRIMARY PACKAGES Not applicable to workshop(s) only bookings. Conference + 2 Workshops A B 2,999 (SAVE 1398) 3,550 (SAVE 847) VENUE & ACCOMODATION Conference + Workshop A B 2,399 (SAVE 899) 2,850 (SAVE 448) Conference Only 1,849 (SAVE 350) 2,199 Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, The Intermark 348 Jalan Tun Razak Workshop Only A B 1,099 Kuala Lumpur, 50400, Malaysia Tel: 60-3-21727272 VENDOR PACKAGES Web: Conference + 2 Workshops A B 4,099 (SAVE 1398) 4,650 (SAVE 847) Hotel accommodation and travel costs are not included in the registration fee. Conference + Workshop A B 3,499 (SAVE 899) 3,950 (SAVE 448) reduced corporate room rate might be arranged at Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, The Intermark for attendees at this conference. To take advantage of this special Conference Only 2,949 (SAVE 350) 3,299 rate, please process the hotel room reservation form provided upon confirmation of your attendance. Workshop Only A B 1,099• Discounts DO NOT apply to workshop(s)-only bookings• Registrations without immediate payment or credit card details will incur a processing fee of USD99 per registration CONFERENCE DOCUMENTATION DELEGATES REGISTRATION DETAILS I am registering as a delegate, please send me an extra set of Conference Documentation with Audio CD with a USD100 discount: USD699. Title: Mr. Mrs. Ms. Dr. Other I cannot attend the event, please send me the Conference Documentation and First name: Surname: Audio CD at USD799. I cannot attend the event, please send me the Conference Documentation only at Job Title: Department: USD549. Orders without immediate payment or credit card details will incur a processing Email Address: Company: fee of USD99 per order. (N.B. Advance orders will determine whether or not this conference will be recorded - Address: Please enclose payment with your order.) Any custom duties & taxes imposed on the shipment of order/s shall be borne by the recipient. Country: Postcode: IQPC CANCELLATION, POSTPONEMENT AND SUBSTITUTION POLICY • You may substitute delegates at any time by providing reasonable advance notice to IQPC. Telephone: OFFICE MOBILE Fax: • For any cancellations received in writing not less than eight (8) days prior to the conference, you will receive a 90% credit to be used at another IQPC conference Approving Managers Name: which must occur within one year from the date of issuance of such credit. An administration fee of 10% of the contract fee will be retained by IQPC for all permitted Email Address: cancellations. No credit will be issued for any cancellations occurring within seven (7) days (inclusive) of the conference. • In the event that IQPC postpones an event for any reason and the delegate is unable or unwilling to attend in on the rescheduled date, you will Approving Date: DD / MM / YYYY receive a credit for 100% of the contract fee paid. You may use this credit for another IQPC Delegates event to be mutually agreed with IQPC, which must occur within one year from the date of Managers Signature: o I agree to IQPC’s postponement. • Except as specified above, no credits will be issued for cancellations. There Signature: payment terms. are no refunds given under any circumstances. • IQPC is not responsible for any loss or damage as a result of a substitution, alteration or cancellation/postponement of an event. IQPCIf the invoice is to be addressed for the attention of a different person than the delegate, please complete the details below: shall assume no liability whatsoever in the event this conference is cancelled, rescheduled or First name: Surname: postponed due to a fortuitous event, Act of God, unforeseen occurrence or any other event that renders performance of this conference impracticable, illegal or impossible. For purposes of this clause, a fortuitous event shall include, but not be limited to: war, fire, labor strike, Email Address: Telephone: OFFICE extreme weather or other emergency. • Please note that while speakers and topics were confirmed at the time of publishing, circumstances beyond the control of the organizers mayIf you have not received an acknowledgement before the conference please call us on +65 6722 9388 to confirm your booking. necessitate substitutions, alterations or cancellations of the speakers and/or topics. As such, IQPC reserves the right to alter or modify the advertised speakers and/or topics if necessary PAYMENT METHOD without any liability to you whatsoever. Any substitutions or alterations will be updated on our web page as soon as possible. o I WISH TO PAY BY CHECK / BANK DRAFT: MADE PAYABLE TO IQPC WORLDWIDE PTE LTD DISCOUNTS: All ‘Early Bird’ Discounts require payment at time of registration and before the cut-off date o I WISH TO PAY BY CREDIT CARD: PLEASE DEBIT MY CREDIT CARD in order to receive any discount. Any discounts offered whether by IQPC (including team discounts) must also require payment at the time of registration. All discount offers cannot be Card Type: Visa MasterCard American Express Expiry Date: M M / Y Y Y Y combined with any other offer. YOUR DETAILS: Card Number: / / / Please email our Database Manager at and inform them of any incorrect details which will be amended accordingly. Name Printed on the Card: DATA PROTECTION: Personal data is gathered in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1984. Your data may be passed to other companies who wish to communicate with you offers related to your business Signature: Date: DD / MM / YYYY activities. If you do not wish to receive these offers, please tick the box below. Please do not pass my information to any third party. PAYMENT TERMS o BY DIRECT TRANSFER Please quote 18072.003 with remittance advice Registrations/orders received without immediate payment or credit card details will incur aIQPC Bank Details: Account Name: IQPC Worldwide Pte Ltd Bank Number: 7232 processing fee of USD99 per registration/order. Payment is due in full upon receipt of invoice. Full payment prior to the event is mandatory for attendance. Account Number: 260-085824-690 Swift Code: HSBCSGSG Bank Address: The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Coporation, 21 Collyer Quay, IQPC WORLDWIDE PTE. LTD. #08-01 HSBC Building, Singapore 049320 Company Registration No: 199702288Z Correspondent Bank: HSBC Bank USA, New York ©Copyright 2012 IQPC Worldwide Pte. Ltd. All rights reserved. This brochure may not be copied, photocopied, reproduced, translated, Swift Code for Correspondent Bank: MRMDUS33 or converted to any electronic or machine-readable form in wholeAll bank charges to be borne by the payer. Please ensure that IQPC receives the full invoiced amount. or in part without prior written approval of IQPC Worldwide Pte. Ltd