The Truth About China


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This quarter's AsiaInspection Barometer dives deep into the the current state of affairs in manufacturing and trade across the globe, with a special focus on the US and China.

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The Truth About China

  1. 1. The Truth About China AsiaInspection Barometer - Q1 2013
  2. 2. Of the world’s goods now come from
  3. 3. In 2012 their manufacturing output reached $2.9 Trillion
  4. 4. That’s… 20% more than the US ($2.43 Trillion)
  5. 5. If you were to fly that moneyto the US in $100 bills you’d need 45 Airbuses
  6. 6. There are talks ofmanufacturing returning to the West, but…
  7. 7. US manufacturing output dropped in Jan 2013 -0.4%Source:
  8. 8. US imports from Asia increased in Jan 2013 +23%Source:
  9. 9. And the EU also saw a big decline inmanufacturing output in Jan 2013 -1.7%Source:
  10. 10. Western brands say that they want to bringmanufacturing "back home"
  11. 11. committed to invest US$50 billion in “Made in America” products over the next 10 years
  12. 12. But this only amounts to 0.93% of their total sales
  13. 13. So can the West really compete?
  14. 14. China is predicted to be the worlds BIGGEST economy by 2016Source:
  15. 15. but…quality & safety can be hit and miss
  16. 16. 16,000 diseased pigs were dumped in Shanghai’s drinking water in MarchSource:
  17. 17. It’s hard to visualize that many pigs…HHHH But if they were to line up, they’d cover 28.8km
  18. 18. The scariest part is…HHHH $ Underground traders buy pigs thathave died from disease and sell themSource:
  19. 19. There is a silver lining though… In Q1 2013 Inspections of Food and Food Packaging items surged +212%Source: AsiaInspection Internal Figures
  20. 20. And overall inspections performed in China increased +27%Source: AsiaInspection Internal Figures
  21. 21. But is it enough?
  22. 22. Factory Fires in Asia killed HUNDREDS in the past few monthsSource:
  23. 23. Usually because the windows were barred and people couldn’t escapeSource:
  24. 24. “The only safeguard for workers and brands is to ensure business isconducted only with factories that meet or exceed safety standards” Sebastien Breteau, CEO of AsiaInspection
  25. 25. Source: AsiaInspection Internal FiguresManufacturing growth in Asia is booming despite these challenges and China is branching into new areas Industrial & Food Body CareMechanical Items Products Products+42% +212% +36%
  26. 26. The Truth about China? It’s going to be hard to catch…
  27. 27. AsiaFoodInspection is powered by Silliker andAsiaInspection, as the leading provider for food safety andquality control services in Asia.400+ experts on the ground and 3 accredited labs in Chinaallow AsiaFoodInspection to address all food safety needsat the source.Contact Us: press@asiainspection.comVisit Us: