The Truth About China


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This quarter's AsiaInspection Barometer dives deep into the the current state of affairs in manufacturing and trade across the globe, with a special focus on the US and China. Visit to find out more.

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  • Tie it back ot the business (see barometer)
  • The Truth About China

    1. The Truth About China AsiaInspection Barometer - Q1 2013
    2. Of the world’s goods now come from ChinaSource:
    3. In 2012 their manufacturing output reached $2.9 Trillion USDSource:
    4. That’s… 20% more than the US ($2.43 Trillion)Source:
    5. If you were to fly that moneyto the US in $100 bills you’d need 45 Airbuses
    6. There are talks ofmanufacturing returning to the West, but…
    7. US manufacturing output dropped in Jan 2013 -0.4%Source:
    8. US imports from Asia increased in Jan 2013 +23%Source:
    9. And the EU also saw a big decline inmanufacturing output in Jan 2013 -1.7%Source:
    10. Western brands say that they want to bringmanufacturing "back home"
    11. committed to invest US$50 billion in “Made in America” products over the next 10 yearsSource:
    12. But this only amounts to 0.93% of their total sales
    13. So can the West really compete?
    14. China is predicted to be the world’s BIGGEST economy by 2016Source:
    15. but…quality & safety can be hit and miss
    16. 16,000 diseased pigs were dumped in Shanghai’s drinking water in MarchSource:
    17. It’s hard to visualize that many pigs…HHHH But if they were to line up, they’d cover 28.8km
    18. The scariest part is…HHHH $ Underground traders buy pigs thathave died from disease and sell themSource:
    19. There is a silver lining though… In Q1 2013 Inspections of Food and Food Packaging items surged +212%Source: AsiaInspection Internal Figures
    20. And overall inspections performed in China increased +27%Source: AsiaInspection Internal Figures
    21. But is it enough?
    22. Factory Fires in Asia killed HUNDREDS in the past few monthsSource:
    23. Usually because the windows were barred and people couldn’t escapeSource:
    24. “The only safeguard for workers and brands is to ensure business isconducted only with factories that meet or exceed safety standards” Sebastien Breteau, CEO of AsiaInspection
    25. Source: AsiaInspection Internal FiguresManufacturing growth in Asia is booming despite these challenges and China is branching into new areas Industrial & Food Body CareMechanical Items Products Products+42% +212% +36%
    26. The Truth about China? It’s going to be hard to catch…
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