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Asia Expat Guides: Secret tips to deal with traffic jam in Jakarta, Indonesia


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Moving to a new, foreign country is a daunting task which many expats find very overwhelming. At Asia Expat Guides, we understand your concerns and your specific needs as an expat. We routinely share articles and expat tips about moving to Asia at
In this particular slide, we share some insider's tricks to deal with traffic jams in Jakarta, Indonesia, one of the cities with the worst traffic jam.

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Asia Expat Guides: Secret tips to deal with traffic jam in Jakarta, Indonesia

  1. 1. Secret Tips to Deal with Traffic Jam in Jakarta A Guide for Expats in Jakarta, Indonesia By: Asia Expat Guides
  2. 2. • Jakarta, Indonesia, has been infamous among its Southeast Asian neighbors for the terrible traffic jams and gridlocks. The locals even have a saying that they “get old on the road”, since they spend so much time traveling in the city and the outer city areas. The word “macet”, which means “jammed” in Bahasa Indonesia, is one of the few Indonesian words that expats in Jakarta will quickly learn. • Traffic in Jakarta is a complex problem that the government still has troubles to handle, and there‟s nothing the residents can do besides moaning and finding creative ways to make traveling in Jakarta more bearable. • If you are visiting Jakarta or relocating to this vibrant city soon, here are some insider‟s tricks to deal with traffic jam in Jakarta!
  3. 3. The normal working hours in Jakarta is 08.00-17.00, so the worst traffic jams usually happen before and after that, around 06.30-08.30 and 17.3020.00. To minimize the time you have to spend in the traffic, choose the best time to go out. For example, many office workers choose to have an early start (leave home at 06.00) or go home late (leave office after 20.00). If you need to have meetings outside the office, schedule your appointments wisely, if possible.
  4. 4. One key to avoiding traffic is to have a knowledgeable driver. There are unlimited short cuts and „secret‟ alley ways in Jakarta as alternatives for the crowded main roads. If your driver knows such secrets, you will be able to save a lot of time stuck in traffic. Also, encourage your driver to talk to other drivers about which routes and shortcuts they take to avoid traffic.
  5. 5. Consider the time you spend caught in traffic as an opportunity to make some phone calls from your mobile phone or even do some work on your laptop or tablet. Be aware, however, that mobile phone theft from cars stopped at traffic lights does occur, so it's best to only use your phone while the car is moving.
  6. 6. Make your car as comfortable as you can with extra cushions, a light blanket or a reading light in the back seat. Keep some CDs of your favorite music in the car, books, magazines, newspapers, anything you like! You may even be able to watch a DVD in your car. Having a supply of drinks and snacks in your car may also be handy.
  7. 7. In case of emergency, such as when you‟re running late for an important meeting, you can always ride an “ojek” or motorbike taxi which is widely available in Jakarta. As trains and other „traffic-free‟ modes of transport in Jakarta are not so convenient and fast, such ojeks become a favorite alternative to beat the traffic in Jakarta. Just prepare to hold on tight and beware of the pollution as your driver moves closely between other vehicles and often take tiny alley ways as shortcuts.
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