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  1. 1. Unit 2 project By: Asia brooks
  2. 2. • y_id=4958• A girl who was forced to move to California with her parents and desperate to make friends she sneaks off to a party and when she leaves her water unattended to get some fresh air she gets drugged
  3. 3. Emotional response• Because instead of yelling at her they hugged her and explained what happened.• “she waited for her parents to yell at her but instead they hugged her.”
  4. 4. Characters• Both hate moving because have a hard time making friends and starting over.
  5. 5. Point of view• 3rd person• When they said “why not” “Hayley said”
  6. 6. Cultural characteristics• There really isn’t antthing explaining the culture.
  7. 7. Compare/Contrast• This story doesn’t really say anything about culture.
  8. 8. Also…TheEnd