Informatica Cloud TechTuesdays Session 5: SOAP Web Services Made Simple


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Many integration scenarios require you to use SOAP web services to accomplish your objective. Learn how you can automate these with a cloud integration service, and update any application with a web service, be it cloud, or on-premise.

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  • Reason that XML and JSON are used as a payload is because the data is “self-describing”You can thus send the whole payload to the target system and it would understand the request you’re looking for.
  • Document-style is more complicated than Procedural (which is why the majority of SOAP WS calls are Procedural). The reason it’s more complicated is because they are not self-describing by the WSDL alone – you would need the WSDL and the XSD Schema
  • Informatica Cloud TechTuesdays Session 5: SOAP Web Services Made Simple

    1. 1. #TechTuesdays @infacloud Cloud Application Integration: SOAP Web Services Made Simple Bryan Plaster, Cloud Labs Ashwin Viswanath, Cloud Product Marketing
    2. 2. Agenda • Web Services – A Brief Primer • Exploring SOAP Web Services • Demo • Using a web service to update a cloud application • Summary • Q & A • Next #TechTuesdays Session 2
    3. 3. Where Web Services Fits In 3 SOAP REST HTTP, SMTP, POP3, IMA P, FTP, Telnet, Gopher Transport Protocol XML JSON Message Format Payload Most common for SOAP Used by Web Services – optimized for data Used only for REST web services
    4. 4. Exploring SOAP Web Services • SOAP can be of two types: Procedural or Document Style • Procedural is: • RPC (Remote Procedure Call) Encoded • Calls data by name of procedure • Asks for certain datatypes • Document Style • Creates XML message with required information • Sends request in “envelope”, gets back information in XML • Needs XSD Schema • All SOAP web services require a WSDL: • Web Services Description Language • WSDL generates required code automatically 4
    5. 5. #TechTuesdays @infacloud SOAP Web Services Demonstration Bryan Plaster, Cloud Labs
    6. 6. #TechTuesday Tips for Success 1. Fill in all relevant fields: Endpoint URL, Header CSV Path, Body CSV Path, WSDL URL, Download Path for Attachment, Authentication type 2. Use Auto CSV File Creation to create initial filter files, and then change it back to Manual so that data inputs are not overwritten 3. Pass parameters into SOAP web service using the “Filter” feature to handle multiple requests in one task 6 SOAP Web Services documentation can be found at:
    7. 7. Q & A #TechTuesdays @infacloud
    8. 8. Next Steps • Download the SOAP Web Services connector into your Informatica Cloud account • Join the Informatica Cloud Community: ormatica_cloud • Next #TechTuesdays Session 6 on September 10th: Reusable Integration: The Power of Cloud Integration Templates #TechTuesdays @infacloud