Cloud Computing – Hype or Reality


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An IT whitepaper or the brochure of a software product these days invariably mentions the name of "Cloud Computing". A great deal of hype is associated, and an increasing number of business units are adopting it every passing day. This trend has resulted in a number of opportunities and also challenges in terms of technology and business. The talk will discuss cloud computing from technology and business perspectives apart from evaluating the opportunities and challenges involved.

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Cloud Computing – Hype or Reality

  1. 1. Cloud Computing – Hype or Reality? Ashwini Kumar Rath Founder Director & CEOADII Research & Applications (P) Limited
  2. 2. Cloud EverywhereGoogle search on “cloud computing” returns about 129,000,000 results Scale is based on the average worldwide traffic of “cloud computing” in all years (Source: Google)
  3. 3. What is Cloud Computing? IT consumed as service and we do not own it! Similarities
  4. 4. User Demands & Innovations • Technology • Standards Compliant• Economics • Agility• Usability• Availability
  5. 5. A Century-old Phenomenon Automobile Industry 1900 1914 Today• Production Automation• Standards Compliant
  6. 6. Phenomenon Repeats. Computing IndustryLAN S/W Web & Mobile App Web Desktop Services Cloud Apps and Data S/W Interoperability across Devices <1990 1990 2000 2005 Today User demands vs. Innovations
  7. 7. Understanding Our Needs Economics Agility Usability Computing Solution Standards Availability Compliant Technology
  8. 8. Defining Cloud ComputingCloud computing is a model forenabling convenient, on-demandnetwork access to a shared pool ofconfigurable computing resources(e.g., networks, servers, storage, Deployment Modelsapplications, and services) that canbe rapidly provisioned and releasedwith minimal management effort orservice provider interaction. This Servicecloud model promotes availability Modelsand is composed of five essentialcharacteristics, three service Essentialmodels, and four deployment Characteristicsmodels.- Definition of Cloud Computing(
  9. 9. Cloud Computing Essential CharacteristicsOn-demand Self-service Broad Network Access Resource Pooling Rapid ElasticityMeasured Service
  10. 10. Cloud Computing Service Models Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  11. 11. Cloud Computing Deployment ModelsPrivate Community Public HybridCloud Cloud Cloud Cloud
  12. 12. As We Stand Today. Time to Go Cloud
  13. 13. Growth in Adoption Continues. Time to Go Cloud
  14. 14. Opportunities:Cloud-based Business Models Cloud Infrastructure Service Provider (CISP) Cloud-enabled Cloud Platform Solution Providers Service Provider (CESP) (CPSP) Cloud Solution Cloud Technology Provider (CSP) Provider (CTP)
  15. 15. Products in IaaS CloudTechnology Stack SaaS PaaS
  16. 16. Major Brands Cloud OS OS in Cloud ReST SOAPMobile OS Cloud Technology Cloud Computing Landscape
  17. 17. Cloud End User’s BandwidthComputing Evolution of Cloud OS Disaster ManagementChallenges Cloud Computing Evolution of Accessing Security Devices and S/W Interoperability
  18. 18. www.batoi.comBATOI Cloud is auser-created VirtualPrivate Cloud BATOI(VPC) where you APP BATOIcan use pre-built APP BATOI CLOUDsoftware (VPC)applications (BATOIApps), or can buildyour own customsoftwareapplication inminutes!
  19. 19. Thank You