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Gis and-sap-realestate-mgmt

  1. 1. Agenda• What is GIS?• GIS and SAP• Real Examples
  2. 2. Life Without GISMy Stuff My Paper Maps
  3. 3. Three Elements of a GIS Features Attributes Feature Characteristics Building type Appraised Value Parcel owner Behavior Display Unimproved lots are displayed in blueWhat parcels areadjacent to Main QueryStreet? What parcels Analysis adjacent to Main St. are also zoned mixed use?
  4. 4. Features • A GIS models reality digitally Buildings • Abstraction of real-world features real- • Communicates locational & descriptive info Topography • Portrays spatial relationships Road Centerlines Parcels Utility Services GIS Pump ID 1 2 3
  5. 5. Features: Facility Data -NASA~100 Layers
  6. 6. Features: Buildings/Equip
  7. 7. Attributes• Attributes are information about a feature • Feature characteristics • Display and label characteristics Attributes Feature Characteristics Building type Appraised Value Display and Label Parcel owner Characteristics
  8. 8. Attributes
  9. 9. Behavior
  10. 10. Behavior
  11. 11. Spatial Data Management• Organization and management Networks Surveys Addresses of spatial information Vectors • Accommodate all spatial data Annotation types • Integrate all spatial data types • Manage all spatial data types 3D Objects • Data Creation Attribute • Rules and Behavior • Metadata • Data Maintenance Topology • Editing tools Dimensions • GIS • CAD Terrain • Etc .. Cadastral • Editing workflows • Model Builder CAD • PLTS Cartography Images • Data sharing and distribution • Spatial data repositories • Replication, Versioning, Geodatabase: Object-relational Check in/out information model responsible for • Persist all spatial types managing all geographic data types and • Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Access, Files their associative rules and behaviors.
  12. 12. Spatial Data Management : CAD Data Type CAD Editing CAD Conversion•CAD Rendering
  13. 13. Spatial Data Management : Workflow
  14. 14. GIS and SAP Integrated Platforms Ad-hoc Attributes Analysis SAP Equipment ID Updates &Transactions 1 Reporting 2 3 Sales Forecast Integration + Modeling Features GIS Transformer Updates & ID Operations 1Transactions 2 3
  15. 15. Linking Geospatial Features and SAP Attributes Each geographic feature has a record in an associated attribute table within SAP Buildings Buildings Roads Linkage Administrative Areas Administrative Areas Roads Water ServicesSpatial Data Features SAP Attribute Data
  16. 16. Integration Scenarios Asset Management Real Property Equipment ID Maintenance Parcel Account depreciation Work order Building Spatial Reference Utilization Equipment history Spatial Reference Spatial ReferenceEnvironmental HealthAnd Safety Logistics Source Inventory ID Material Type Reporting Routing Spatial Tabular Information Spatial Reference ReferenceProjectsWBS # IncidentNetwork Management Spatial Incident # Reference Incident Type Spatial Reference Mobile
  17. 17. SAP NetWeaver Integration Points SAP NetWeaver™ INTEGRATION OF PEOPLE Multichannel access Portal Collaboration Composite Application Framework INTEGRATION OF INFORMATION Life Cycle Management Bus. Intelligence Knowledge Mgmt Master Data Management INTEGRATION OF PROCESSES Integration Business Broker Process Mgmt APPLICATION PLATFORM ABAP J2EE
  18. 18. Three Different Types of UsersSAP User Composite User GIS UserSAP FunctionalitiesSAP Functionalities Composite Business Composite Business GIS Functionalities GIS Functionalities and Connections and Connections Processes and Services Processes and Services and Connections and Connections Data Synchronization Data Synchronization SAP SAP and Distribution and Distribution GIS GIS
  19. 19. NESA, Denmark
  20. 20. Real Estate Example
  21. 21. PSE&GSelected Circuit From GISSelected Circuit From GIS In Blue In Blue Selected Transformer Selected Transformer Related Data From SAP Related Data From SAP
  22. 22. Real Estate Example
  23. 23. San Diego SAP List of all Functional Locations, Streetlight Streetlight attached Equipment, and Bill of Material DrainageDrainage Inlet Inlet Drainage Inlet
  24. 24. Real Estate Example
  25. 25. Real Estate Example Call GIS from SAP SAP ArcGIS
  26. 26. New Possibilities: Netweaver XI SAP Data Within Map
  27. 27. New Possibilities: Vehicle Tracking Composite
  28. 28. Typical Project Management : Schedule for eachelement in the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  29. 29. GIS Enhanced Project ManagementPotential problem areas (orange on this map)
  30. 30. Managing ProblemsRequest for Information Log RFIs Mapped to ProjectProblem Hotspots
  31. 31. An Improved Way to Visualize Projects