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Outbreak Investigation Modified


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By Dr.Nithin on 14th July 09

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Outbreak Investigation Modified

  2. 2. On 29th September 2004,48 people enjoyed a feast in a village in Udupi district. The feast was a lunch served at 13:00 hrs. At varying times subsequently,24 of the 48 people developed G.I.symtoms which required treatment. 7 of the cases were reported on 29th 13 on the 30th and 4 on the 1st of October. 47 out of 48 villagers who attended the feast were traced. If you were the part of out break investigation team ( cont’d)
  3. 3. What will you do at this point? List the steps in order of priority ►A plan for conducting an outbreak investigation will be designed ► Itwill be conducted according to the following steps.
  4. 4. Clinical cases + surv+ Comm.representatives Information regarding possible epidemic Records & seasonal Establish presence of epidemic incidence EPIDEMIC ? Investigation Control component Confirm diagnosis Isolate & treat cases component Conduct case finding Attack source & transmission Trace contact prevention Conduct environmental Continue Compile information Assessment surveillance Process & analyse data Communicate findings Health plans for prevention of recurrence
  5. 5. b.Construct a proforma / questionnaire with which you can collect data .
  6. 6. C. Comment on the response rate of the survey. Why is it important? ► Response rate = It is the percentage of total number of people traced divided by the total no of people exposed. ► Response rate = 47/48 x 100 = 97.91% ► Goodresponse rate ensures better description of the magnitude and geographic extent of the outbreak
  7. 7. d. Construct an epidemic curve using the relevant data provided. comment on the shape of the curve and the type of epidemic 50 45 40 35 No.of.people 30 epidemic 25 curve 20 15 10 5 0 29th 30th 1st
  8. 8. ► Thecurve rises and falls steep with peak during the second day. ► Theepidemic curve shows it’s a point source epidemic ► Because all the cases occur within one incubation period of the disease